I have lost one and a half inches in height inthe past year,one morning in february this year I got out of bed and had to"climb slowly upright from a bet over position,this had never happened before in my whole life....My back muscles may be weakened due to extensive computer use,but this was so sudden.I saw an osteopath, an he did some stretching of my spine which helped for a week or so, but soon relapsed even though I have tried not to slump when I sit.My osteo thinks I have someT1 compression on the nerves which affect my hands(they are getting weaker) and I have breathing problems too,also an excess of what seems like catarrh at the back of my throat most of the time which is impossible to clear.My GP gave me antibiotics for sinusitis which made no difference, neither did a sinus rinse.Im becoming slightly unsteady walking too,which my osteo also says could be due to the nerve compression ,and says I must insist on an xray of my spine.the doctors at my local surgery dont seem to be unduly concerned even at the height loss! although put that in a search engine and itll tell you to go straight to A&E! Which I think im going to have to do.Has anyone else suffered with this?