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Hello everyone,

I am scheduled for a hemorrhoidectomy next Tuesday 3/27/07 on the advice from my surgeon. I am a 35 yr. old male in good health but the hemorrhoids have turned me upside down at times. I have 3 internal and one external hemorrhoids that are being removed.

Just like most people who have posted on here I too have gone through extreme pain, lots of bleeding, itching and one band ligation procedure! :shock: Nothing like always wondering if the blood is showing up on pants or shorts (which has happened MANY times for me) I sometimes wear womens pantyliners or 2 pair of underwear and try to stick with dark colored clothing... :oops:

The bleeding slowed down cosiderably with the ligation which was done in Dec. 06 but the pain during and after BM's is still there along with the itching and occasional "popping out to say HI" from my lil' buddy. I get some blood when I wipe (wet wipes ONLY!!) and have to stand and shake to get past the pain at times. The doc said last week that they are back and now it's time to take care of this once and for all.

I knew this surgery would be a very painful experience but after finding this forum I am now extremely nervous and wondering if I am doing the right thing. I keep reading and it seems like most people regret the surgery or they are in so much pain and not getting any positive results from the surgery.

I guess what I am looking for is someone who has benefited from the surgery...I am not looking for "sugar coated" stories about unicorns and happy fields of rainbows, just something positive and some hope that this may get better. To be frank, I am scared...I can handle my share of pain but some of the stories are down right frightning.

I am taking medical leave from work for 4 weeks after the surgery and have support from family...but I am hoping to hear that some one out there is making progress and happy that they made the decision to go through with it.

Thanks to each and everyone of you for sharing your stories no matter how good or is supportive as well as informative and no matter what we are never ALONE in this. God bless you all and have a great day.

John- Chandler, AZ.


Well, I can't answer your question. But I'm interested in suggestions on the best way to deal with bleeding hemorrhoids. There's nothing quite like realizing, in a crowded room, that you have them and then backing out of the room with a feeling of panic while making excuses about why you're leaving.

What works best? What to do? What's effective? Wear adult diapers? Female pads? Eighteen pairs of underwear? Surely someone must have some wisdom on this subject....advice I could sit easy with...uhhh, advice I could count on...yeah...I like advice I could count on better. My doctor says surgery is not a good idea for me.


I had Stapled Hemorroidopexy surgery and had very little pain. Mostly uncomfortable for 7-10 days but no real pain. You might try it if you need surgery again. I used Dr Martin in Meridian, Idaho. He did a great job and I would reccomend him any time!


had surgery last wednesday -
2 grade 4 removed one tied off
went to operating room (no office hack procedure) with local and something to knock me out (not general - i was not intebated)
sent home with vicadin and antiinflammatory
day 1 - felt like sh*t - threw up X2 - and several sitz baths
day 2 - first bm - watery no pain
day 3 - felt much better - bm soft little pain
day 4 - felt good - bm harder with some pain
day 5 - felt good - bm hard with lots of pain
day 6 - feel good - bm soft - some pain not too bad
will go to work on We -
still taking metamucil x2 / day - sitz 3 X /day - eat normally - keep up with pain meds - homefully will be much better this time next week


John are you out there still? I want to find out what happened to you. Ive been putting it off and am miserable. I was scheduled for the same surgery and the day before I was supposed to go, I canceled it after reading peoples horros stories. I hope to make contact with you. Thanks, Dennis