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It has been one week since my hemorrhoidectomy. I was told three days recovery. I ended up in the ER on day five with uncontrolled pain, swelling and bleeding. I am still in pain but found sitz baths as many as ten day works wonders as well as stool softeners and a light diet. I was given limited Vicodin as it is constipating and that is the last thing I want to happen. I would not wish this surgery on my worst enemy. I feel three weeks recovery is more practical. I haven't seen the surgeon yet, but I will be sure and let him know my feeling of not being appropriately educated on this very traumatic surgical procedure.


Ah, suck it up. No pain no gain. I am post op since 20091216. For the first time in years I can take a dump with out pain, swelling, bleeding rhoids. Thus far I have a small tag, but I guess I'm still healing. I'm on Alli for weight lose which produces oiling stools from the greasy meal I ate the day before which eases BM; and on ducolox. I include fiber with my diet. Like you I was in great pain 1 week after but I found out all I need was a higher dose of hydro. My doctor, she started me out on a measly 5mg. When I went back it was increased to 10 and I was ok after that. Sitz Baths! There Great. With a sitz bath after a BM you will experience pain and pleasure. The pleasure will prevail eventually.

I highly recommend you purchase the "Hygenique Sitz Bath". This is the Cadillac of sitz baths and will pay for it self the first day you use. It gets the job done. So it has been 6 weeks and 3 days since my surgery. I stop having serious pain around the 1st of the year. My only complaint now is that I can't fart as loud as I use to. I guess you can't have everything. So my recommendations for those who have been dealing with H pain for years (me earl 50s; my personal md told me that the older you are when you have this surgery the better the outcome) and considering this surgery is to make sure your doctor doesn't start you out on the minimal dose of hydrocodone. But you also have to consider that narcs causes constipation, so a lower dose may be better to start, to get your colon working right away, then maybe after one week increase the dose, your body will tell you what to do. Don't even think about getting a drip sitz bath for this type of case, spend the extra dough and get the Hygenique. And you will be find.

P.S. Use the Milk of Mg. Full dose at first then small doses after, if you know what I mean. Keeps things soft.