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I'm a 39 year old man. I believe I've had a type 2 hemorrhoid for all of my adult life. Three years ago while playing basketball apparently my hemorrhoid got caught in my sphincter and bang, I got type 3, prolapsing that needs to be pushed in after a BM. The doctor I went to only tried to do banding which didn't do anything. I got discouraged that they didn't want to do anything else even after I said how much of a mess it was to clean after a BM. They basically encouraged me to just live with this. Well, this year I got sick of living like this, having to jump in the shower after every BM to clean myself, wanting to lie down for a couple hours after every BM to let the swelling go down, wanting to lie down if I've been upright for a few hours.

I went to a different doctor and after examining me for 5 seconds he said I had a lot of inflammation and we need to cut the hemorrhoid out. I put the surgery off for 6 weeks so that I could take off from work. I was worried that the recovery might be long, but the doctor said it really wasn't that bad, that it would only be painful for 4-5 days, but I didn't believe him, so I delayed the surgery.

I had my surgery 11 days ago. I had a colonoscopy along with the hemorrhoidectomy and some banding of internal hemorrhoids. Before the surgery the surgeon said the first 5 days could be uncomfortable if he had to remove both sides. When I woke up he said he only needed to cut on one side, but the hemorrhoid extended up pretty high. He said my colon looks great.

For pain I was given 6 vicoden and told I could call the next day if I needed more, but I didn't need to take any of the vicoden or other painkillers. After the surgery I ate some eggs and a couple slices of whole wheat bread and a protein drink. I had some baked potatoes later and another protein drink. I did have some discomfort and could have taken the painkillers, but decided not to. Since the surgery was sedation with local anesthesia, the local wore off later in the day and that's when the discomfort started. I had a hard time urinating until I really had to go a lot and it felt like I couldn't completely empty myself out, so it felt like I had to go more but couldn't. This feeling was worse than the pain.

Day 1: I had a BM, but surprisingly it didn't hurt at all. I continued to try to eat a fair amount, but mostly soft foods taken with psyllium to help keep my stool soft.

Day 2-3: The BM started to hurt a little more. I suspected it had something to do with the stitches and/or blood clots/scabs that were forming. I didn't have a problem urinating.

Day 4-5: These days were actually the worst as far as pain during and after BM. My stools were soft, but the pressure on the area where the hemorrhoid was cut remained very sore for several hours afterward. I just wanted to lie down for a few hours. There was the most blood noticeable on the stools on these days. This may have had something to do with the bandings. They also shaved me a little during the surgery and this was causing some itching.

Day 6-7: Part of the stitches fell out after my BM, so I have some thread hanging down, but still attached. I noticed a lot less pain during BM after these stitches came out. This is why I suspect a lot of the pain is from stitches.

Day 8-10: My stitches still haven't fallen out completely and I don't know if I should try to pull them out. I haven't really been sitting upright at all until the last couple days. I can sit pretty comfortably on a sofa, but I have a little drainage and I don't want to make this worse, so I try to lie down most of the time. The itching from the shaving has stopped.

I have been using a guard in my underwear for the drainage, but I also bought some square 4x4in gauze pads and I put one between my butt cheeks. This catches all of the drainage and the pad doesn't get any blood on it. I was getting a combination of a little blood and pink discharge, but this has turned into mostly just a light pink discharge. I suspect when the stitches fall out completely, that there will be less drainage.

I still haven't been wiping after BM, but instead just using the shower right after. There is still a little bit of sensitive skin that I don't want to irritate.

I'm lucky that I don't need to work until I recover, but I think I'd be able to work later this week if I needed to. I'd be able to sit for several hours without being to scared of irritating anything.


This is very encouraging.  Will you let me know which doctor spealize in this procedure?