I have found this site to be very useful in reading other folks' experiences with this procedure. I thought I would write about my own experience as well. I am a 34 year old male.

I had my surgery (scapel, silver nitrate cauterizing) about a week and a half ago. Initially, I had all the "standard issue" problems: severe pain when going to the bathroom, difficult to go in the first place (what does this do to your system???) and just general overall pain period. Day 4 after surgery i went for a brisk 1 mile walk. Day 5, walk/run. Day 6, 1 mile run, and I did some light weight work. I was for the most part off of pain meds.

Day 6 I developed a new hemorrhoid which the Doctor cut out again on Day 8 (15 minute outpatient in his office). Lesson learned: don't push it and try to come back to fast.

Overall I feel incredibly fortunate. I am again off medicine and don't intend on returning.

I am convinced there are three contributing factors to the recovery:

1. Age
2. Extent of surgery (plus external vs. internal hemorrhoids)
3. General overall health

I feel for a lot of the people that have had a much worse experience than my own. There is hope for others though... while this has been painful, if it does what I think it will (for the last 3 years i haven't gone anywhere without a tube of Preparation H) it will be well worth it.

If you are thinking about this surgery this site is a great way to prepare yourself. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.