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I had my surgery 2 days ago, and frankly I think everybody who wrote in saying it was the worst thing ever are just babies because I am 17 years old and had this surgery as a last resort type thing because no way would I live the rest of my life with those f@#$^&* hemorrhoid's. I'm not even on pain killers and I had a pretty bad 2 big clusters cut out. I wish I could take pain killers to pass the time but I'm allergic to them. Since the minute the anasthetic wore off i have been so suprised about how little pain im in. Maybe I just have a high tolerance for pain but reading all these entrees before my surgery scared me sh*tless because I thought it would be the death of me. However, I feel great. I peed for the first time 8 hours after surgery and had a BM last night. Wasn't the best feeling but definately not worth bitching about. I mean would you rather have this pain for 4 weeks or have these hemmoroids for the rest of your life? If you agreed to the surgery why sit here on a site bitching and complaining about the pain! Suck it up and im sure alot of worse things could have happened. Its seriously all mental. Get a grip of the pain, come to terms with it (yes it's going to be here for at least 2 weeks) and make the best of your vacation.

What many people are failing to add in their posts are:

1. What kinds of hemorrhoids do you suffer from.
2. What kinds of hemorrhoids did you get surgically removed.
3. What kind of hemorrhoidectomy was preformed? (traditional, laser..)

A hemorrhoidectomy can be looked at as a "brief" description of surgery.

Now depending on what type of hemorrhoidectomy was preformed, and what kinds of hemorrhoids where removed, all depends on what type of outcome you will experience as far as pain is concerned.

Internal hemorrhoids are less painful to be removed versus external hemorrhoids. From what I read though, internal hemorrhoids still hurt a great deal for some, but overall you will recover faster and not experience as much pain versus having an external hemorrhoid being removed.

I have been reading these boards, along with many other boards preparing myself for the removal of 1 or 2 external hemorrhoids by traditional surgery. I have easily concluded that the findings I explained above to be completely true.

From what I easily gather from the quoted post above, is that you had an internal hemorrhoid removed. You got off lucky... If I where you, eat your vegetables, get exercise, don't sit for lengthy periods of time, keep your stools soft, don't push and you will live a hemorrhoid free life. Once you have an internal hemorrhoid, remember, you could be accessible to more internal hemorrhoids and even external hemorrhoids. You do not want an external, trust me, it hurts extremely bad.

One other thing I would like to say that I hear people talking little about.. I want to discuss "vein strengtheners." People weaken their veins in many ways. One being that you sit too much. This can happen over the course of you life and lead up to weak veins that lead to hemorrhoids. If you have experienced a hemorhoidectomy at the worst level of pain possible.. I feel for you. It is a hard thing to go through but knowing how hard it is, you need to take precautions and do what ever it takes to prevent them from reoccurring.

HORSE CHESTNUT has great vein strengthening properties. You can sometimes find this in pill form, or in products called Hem-relief or vanapro. You can use these products as a prevention if you work a desk job, or are in fear of ever having to go through a hemorrhoidectomy again. There are many other pills out their that work just as good, maybe even better that are more cheap. You can even find them at your local grocery store or pharmacy. The key is of course to research what medications have vein strengthening properties. Many of these meds are also used for varacose veins. Research online like you did when finding support for this forum. Take them daily for the rest of your life to prevent reocurrences. Make sure that when you sit too much, to stand and stretch every hour as well as lifting your bottom off the chair. Use pillows if possible if you sit on a hard chair all day long. You can easily go to Target or Walmart and find a sofa pillow to use. Doing so creates less pressure on your bottom resulting in more blood circulation and less constriction on the veins. It is vital do take whatever precautions you find and use them to their full extent.

Good luck everyone.


Guest wrote:

I had my surgery 2 days ago, and frankly I think everybody who wrote in saying it was the worst thing ever are just babies because I am 17 years old and had this surgery as a last resort type thing because no way would I live the rest of my life with those f@#$^&* hemmoroids. I'm not even on pain killers and I had a pretty bad 2 big clusters cut out. I wish I could take pain killers to pass the time but I'm allergic to them. Since the minute the anasthetic wore off i have been so suprised about how little pain im in. Maybe I just have a high tolerance for pain but reading all these entrees before my surgery scared me sh*tless because I thought it would be the death of me. However, I feel great. I peed for the first time 8 hours after surgery and had a BM last night. Wasn't the best feeling but definately not worth bitching about. I mean would you rather have this pain for 4 weeks or have these hemmoroids for the rest of your life? If you agreed to the surgery why sit here on a site bitching and complaining about the pain! Suck it up and im sure alot of worse things could have happened. Its seriously all mental. Get a grip of the pain, come to terms with it (yes it's going to be here for at least 2 weeks) and make the best of your vacation.

"Frankly" my dear being only 17 you have a lot of nerve going on a site that people are going on to VENT and ask for help to call us babies. Considering you are only 17 I will atttribute that to immaturity. As for "sucking it up, get a grip..." you have no idea what type of surgery or pain I've been in. I am on here to vent and tell people MY experience. If you were lucky enough to be one of the people that are having little to no pain good for YOU!!


OK, I had my surgery a week ago today. The reason I am here is because I searched for HELP on how much longer I can expect this pain to last. As I read through the posts I found one comforting thought, I am not alone and apparently what I am experiencing is normal. Misery loves company and I have come to the right place. I have not had any pain medication since I came home from the hospital. The surgery was on July 16, 2008 and I was released from the hospital on July 20, 2008. I have the most horrible pain imaginable. On my scale of 1-10 and one being hardly no pain, mine is about 210 or more. The BM's are like passing a house, only to accomplish very little. Although the pain is severe my biggest problem is I have no control over when my BM's are coming and have messed on everything in the house on my quest to run to the bathroom. When my husband leaves the toilet seat up and I have to race to put it down before I can sit down that is a real problem as I always end up pooping on the floor. I am using the Lidocaine Ointment prescribed by my doctor and it helps very little but better than nothing. He also gave me some Hemorrhoidal HC 25 MG Suppositories (Hydrocortisone Acetate) but I can't get those in with a crow bar. So those are useless to me. I have had some very good relief with powdered BC. It seems to work pretty well but only for short term until another BM rolls around which is about 8 times a day yuk. I am not a drinker but I had my husband to buy me a ready mixed Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix in a jug and after one small drink last night I had the best sleep I have had since I got home from the hospital. I don't recommend this to anyone but it worked for me. One other thing is my doctor has me taking mineral oil in a very small dose-2 T once a day. I did without it for 2 days to see if I could control my bowels and it did not help it only made the passing of a BM more painful, so I am back on the mineral oil. I could not do without my sitz baths, I take 2 of them after each BM. I use warm salt water for a few minutes then dump it and use fresh warm water without the salt. I just feel the salt has a healing effect and it seems to be soothing to me. And before I forget I had an anal fissure and external and internal hemorrhoids. If you are experiencing a lot of moisture between your buttocks I suggest you use Calmoseptine Ointment or any form of Zinc Oxide. It helps to reduce the moisture and chapping. Good Luck to all.


Having read this thread before my op 19 days ago, i was expecting months of hell, but I wish to post something for those who are about to have their op to say, some have it rough and some don't. I had two large internals cut out and 2 small internals banded. In the first three days all i experienced as extreme discomfort after BMs which went pretty smoothly as i followed all instructions to the letter, including drinking a lot. after three days i began to know what to expect and in addition the discomfort reduced over the following week. After a week and a half i played a 90 minute game of football with no discomfort. I knew then that I had seen the worst. Now 19 days after op, i am approx 90% recovered and suffer very slight discomfort after BMs. I feel lucky but think it is important for people to know that extreme pain is not guaranteed and as the doctor said to me you 'might' be fine after 1-2 weeks.


Update: It has now been 23 days since my surgery and I am no closer to being pain free than I was on the day of my surgery. This has been a nightmare for me and my poor husband. I don't know what to do with myself and he doesn't know how to help me. I pray each day for just one day of relief from this horrible pain. The Dr. gave me sleeping pills and I can't even sleep through the pain with the help of sleeping pills. He prescribed a new med Desoximetasone 0.25 % (Topicort) that he said would help reduce the swelling----NOT. Nothing seems to work, the powdered BC's helped more than anything but I started to get nose bleeds and had to stop using it. He also prescribed Hydroco/APAP but everyone knows pain pills cause constipation so I will not be taking those. I hope to be back next week to say I am finally pain free.


so i had this done on an internal and 2 external hemorrhoids. man, it was like nothin after the surgery, it didnt even feel like i had anything done. i guess this was due to the anesthetics used. but, i actually went relatively pain free for the next two days.

here comes the first bm was a horrific experience. easily the strangest feeling i had ever encountered. i first passed a little tiny one, that wasnt so bad. i was really gassy leading up to this, walked around for a bit and smoked a cigarette as i know that will make me go bm. so i finally know i'm going to have a decent bm and i almost fainted. i was sweating profusely and felt like vomitting, asked my mom to rush me a bucket. man, i hope that was the worst of it. i have been eating 1/2 oat meal packet, 1/2 a pear, 1/2 rice and chicken porridge. the stool was maybe a little too soft so i am going to cut back on the kendremul im on.

oh, and to the poster above. i dont know what u r eating or what meds u r on, but u r having far too frequent bms. at this point im going to try to have 1 every other day as i cant take that trauma daily. sorry for u.


I just had this procedure done on Monday. 3 internal hemerrhoids on the right side were stapled. When I first woke up, I had the feeling of needing to relieve myself. I got up, shuffled to the toliet and sat there for 15-20 minutes, unable to void from either end.

The pain was pretty bad the first three days. I had become constipated and was only able to squeeze out small bits around the packing. Essentially, it was diarrhea.. but man, it sure looked like burgandy lipstick on the wipes. Tiring of this constant feeling of needing to have a BM, I gave myself an enema on the 2nd day, which got rid of the packing and gave me a little room. I was still constipated, however, and on the 3rd day decided to take a full serving of milk of magnesia. It took about 5 hours, but BOY, what a relief it was! I ended up using the sitz bath to get 3 decent sized BMs out throughout the day, 1 solid, 1 semi-solid and 1 tear-shaped (essentially diarrhea).

Since that point, I can't even stand up without needing to run to the bathroom. I've lost count of how many tiny BM's I've had in the past couple of days.. and I mean tiny. Basically they're a couple of fluffy pieces that add up to about an inch long and they hurt most of all. I'm kind of concerned that I may have caught a stomach flu, and I'm unsure as to whether I can return to work on Monday or not.

Most concerning, however, is the smell. I can smell this foul odor on myself, even after I've taken a shower. I don't know if anyone else can smell it, but a grocery clerk made a comment to a co-worker (I'm convinved it was about me) yesterday and then followed me out to the parking lot, watching me put groceries into my car before he turned and went back into the store. The smell is actually what prompted me to get the surgery done, as my hemorrhoids were prolapsing and occasionally leaking mucus onto my underwear. I was convinced that not only could people see drip marks, but also could smell it and that were making comments about it. Now the smell is 10 times worse and if it doesn't go away, I have no idea what I'm going to do...


I'm back, today is August 18th and August 16th was a month since I've had surgery. 2 days ago, on Aug 16th I was pain free for the first time in a month since the surgery. So there is life after surgery. I was beginning to wonder. I really had lost all hope. My husband of 42 yrs has been through many surgeries with me and he said by far this was the worst one.

The frequent bowel movements have cut down to about 2-3 a day. And I don't lose them like I did, I do have control of my bowels now. I'll be glad when I'm back to my old normal of one a day. I still take the sitz baths, the Dr told me to take 3 a day until he says stop which according to him it will take me a full 6 weeks to fully recover--so I have 2 more weeks to go.

My main problem now is the itching. Most of the day it does not itch, but as soon as I lie down to sleep it begins non stop. To me this is almost as bad as the pain I was having. I can't find anything to relieve the itching and I've tried everything. I did read on the internet just a minute ago to use Vinegar on the area. That is one thing I have not tried but it will be next.

I am tired and worn out from lack of sleep, first it was the pain keeping me awake now it's the itching. As soon as I lie down it begins. I have lost a lot of weight. When I went to church yesterday for the first time in a month everyone was amazed at how much weight I had lost.

My diet is simple, I drink 1/2 of a bottle of Ensure for breakfast or eat a bowl of bran flakes, for lunch vegetable soup, supper I usually eat a piece of fish or chicken, spinach or mustard greens, green beans and tomato slices with a glass of tea. I eat a helping of sugar free jello once or twice a day for a snack and every couple of days I will eat either one sugar free vanilla pudding that comes in a snack pack or I might eat one sugar free Nutty Buddy for a snack. My Dr still has me taking 2 Teaspoons of Mineral Oil every day. He tells me I will be doing this for the rest of my life. He says I cannot go through this surgery again and must avoid it at all cost.

I hope no one has to endure the pain for as long as I have, after suffering for 4 weeks with pain I was about ready to meet my maker. Now if I could get the itching to stop so I can get some sleep I think I'll live through this. My Dr told me that I was not to drive at all for now and to ride in the car only to go see him. I didn't tell him I went to church yesterday. I'll keep that a secret for now. But other than church yesterday that is the only time I have been in a car except to go see my Dr for weekly checkups. I have another appointment this coming Thurs to see what he has to say. I will be so happy when I can come back here and say all is well, no pain and no itching !! These hemorrhoids and anal fissure have had me down since April and I've lost my whole summer, I am ready to go have some fun.


I'm 32 year old female with 2 kids, ages 2 and 4. I had a thrombosed hemorrhoid that started bothering me when I was pg with my first daughter. I am 5'4, 103 lbs and gained over 50 lbs with each pregnancy. All of that weight, placed directly in my stomach, put tremendous pressure on my intestines causing lots of 'roids. Pushing for over 2 1/2 hours during labor didn't help. After the second baby I've had this one internal hemorrhoid coming way out a few times a year. Not incredibly painful, but incredibly annoying (and gross.) So I finally sucked it up and went to a colorectal surgeon who said he could take of just that one or go in and get rid of all of the internal ones as well. I'm an end results kind of person so I told him to just go for it all.
So I had 3 large internal ones removed (harmonic scalpel) and have stitches coming out of my rectum 1-2 inches in 3 different places.
My surgery was one week ago, Aug 11. I had breast augmentation surgery exactly one month prior to that to refill the deflated skin on my chest from nursing for 13 and 14 months.

So on to my experience thus far. Yes, it hurts. A lot. But not as badly as labor pains. I see some older women posting about the excruciating pain and I know that some of you have forgotten how painful the active stages of labor can be. It's only been 2 years for me and I remember being in agony but not the exact feeling of the pain. I do remember screaming my head off in the delivery room while I was waiting to dilate past a 3.
This pain doesn't touch that. However, I am taking the Vicodin regularly. I know that it's constipating because I found that out the hard way (pardon the pun) last month when I had the last surgery. So this time, I take a Dulcolax or a Senakot-S along with the Vicodin. I also use Fiber Sure powder and put in everything. I made scrambled eggs... poured a couple of teaspoons right in. I open my water bottles and pour some in. It dissolves completely and is tasteless. I use it on my baby when she gets constipated so I know how well it works.
Be careful of the Advil because it's a blood thinner and can make you bleed more.
Although I had IV antibiotics as well as a Z-Pak, I still developed a UTI which I was diagnosed with at urgent care this morning when I took my 4 year old where SHE was diagnosed with strep throat and a sinus infection. This comes on the heels of my 2 year old's check up 3 days ago where she was diagnosed with a nasty ear infection.
I know my UTI is from taking the sitz baths. I do not poo in the little tub, but just having the tiny bits of fecal matter floating in there even after I wiped with prep h wipes was still enough to cause an infection.

I will say this... I understand why men think this procedure is so terrible. The pain from trying to pass a bm is similar to trying to pass a bm after having a baby. Especially because I had 2nd degree tears and needed about 7 or 8 stitches. I know that was not in my rectum, but the pushing was extremely painful and trying to push out poo through so many hemorrhoids I looked like a baboon was painful as well.

So the pain is about the same now as it was in the couple of days following surgery (which is a lot.) I'm just sick and tired of even going pee is a big ordeal to have to change out the pad and wipe ever so carefully with a prep h wipe. By the way, I've always used the prep h wipes to wipe my bottom after every bm. I cannot stand tp as it feels like sandpaper. The cooling wipes are so much better. Do not use baby wipes! They have soap and lanolin in them which can be extremely irritating to the stitched wounds.
And the fact that I'm still bleeding small amounts of bright red blood all the time is really annoying, but not as bad as having a heavy period. So again, I can see why a man would be so freaked out by it. After having a baby, a woman bleeds heavily for 5-7 weeks straight right over those stitches.
So my whole reason for doing this now instead of waiting until my girls are older and more self-sufficient is that I'm 32 years old and can heal better and faster than I will be able to in 5 or 10 years. So of course the 17 year old thought it was no big deal. He/she has no responsibilities. Still lives at home with mom, no bills to pay, no household to run, no kids to take care of... sounds good to me!
Unfortunately for me, when my 4 year old wants my attention, she comes up to me and pats my bottom (right at eye level for her.) I've had to bite my lip so hard not to scream at her.
Okay, if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.


Update: Forget the Vinegar, it did not relieve the itching. I've been awake now after trying to sleep for 2 hrs itching my butt off. I've not had any sleep tonight and it is now 6:44 am. I'm not itching as I sit here but as soon as I lie down it begins.

Re: the poster above and labor pains, I'd trade 6-10 hrs of labor pains any day over a month of constant pain of a hemorrhoidectomy. I've had 2 kids. I guess we all have our limit of how much pain we can stand, but with labor pains it was over within 6 hrs on the first child, and 10 hrs on the second. 4 weeks of constant pain of my hemorrhoidectomy is a bit much for me. I'm glad the above poster didn't have as much pain with the hemorrhoidectomy as she did with labor pains. I wish I could have said the same.

I'm so exhausted from a month of pain and now the itching. If I could get some sleep I might could get well faster and get some strength back. I'm so weak and tired I can't even think straight.

I was told of an anti itch lotion last night called Sarna. I did some research and found out that it comes highly recommended but it also can mega burn if there are any open wounds. I am so sensitive down there and the vinegar put me on fire enough that I think I won't be trying the Sarna.

I've tried zinc oxide and it didn't help either. So now I don't know what to try next. All I know is I'm tired, I'm sleepy and even a Soma won't let me sleep through all the itching. It only starts when I lie down, never when I am awake. Any reliable suggestions to relieve the itching would be greatly appreciated.

I tried a baking soda paste, witch hazel, sea breeze, Lidocaine ointment and Lidocaine Jell, Benadryl Jell, zinc oxide, Aloe Jell and lotion, Calamine Lotion, Neosporin ointment, Topicart, Anusol HC, Hydrocortisone Acetate, Prep H, Vinegar and now I am at my wits end. Don't know where to go from here. I even tried Monistat Cream. I got a horrible yeast infection from all of the antibiotics I had taken after my Hemorrhoid surgery and since I had plenty of Monistat around I thought it might stop the itching--NOT.

I wonder how many have gone through the itching stage, I searched on this site and couldn't find a post anywhere re: the itching.


Oh, goodness! PainBeGone2, I am so sorry that you've been in such agony! I wasn't implying that labor pains are better or worse for you... just for me. And I did say that the reason I decided to go through with this surgery now rather than later is that I'm still fairly young and my body can recover more quickly than it would years from now.
And I must say that I'm quite jealous of your extremely short labors. Mine were 3 days for the first and 2 for the second. Although the 3 days weren't all filled with active labor, I didn't sleep for 3 nights because the contractions would come 3 minutes apart, then 15 minutes apart, then 9 minutes apart... and on and on. That went on for a couple of days (which were 6 days past my due date after moving into a new house 4 days before my due date) and I finally went into the hospital. I was dilated to a 1! The epidural didn't drain right so I still felt all of the contractions and even when I was dilated to a 10 the next day, they made me wait an hour to start pushing because the baby wasn't down far enough into the birth canal. Then I pushed for 2 1/2 hours. She was born early in the morning, slept all day, and was up all night so I still didn't get to sleep!
Sorry to post my long birth story, but I couldn't take anything to help me sleep then or for the pain because I was nursing. Since that was only 4 years ago for me, it's still painfully fresh in my mind.
Also, since I do have the 2 and 4 year old, my mind is kept off of the pain (and now incredible itching). The day my mom took them all day I was lying on the couch literally crying out to God to take away my pain.
So although I thought it was worse having them to take care of, being a young mom sometimes means that our discomfort gets put on the backburner. You remember how moms aren't "allowed" to get sick. My husband gets sick every single time one of my girls gets a sniffle. I share water bottles with them when they have the stomach bug and the flu (and now strep throat) and sleep with them breathing and hacking into my face all night and I never get what they have.
Right now my 4 year old is asking me what color to color every inch of the page she's coloring and my 2 year old is tugging at my pajama pants at the top of her lungs, "MOMMY! MOMMY!"
Again, I am SO sorry about the agony you've had to endure. My 4 year old has never slept through the night. She wakes up screaming at least 5-6 times every night. (We're seeing doctors about it as it may be GERD although the prevacid isn't really working so she may have to go on a sleep aid.) So I have gotten by with 4-5 hours of broken sleep every night for the last 4 years. My sleep system may just be used to this. And the Valium I've been taking since the surgery to help me sleep has been wonderful. Soma is quite strong so I'm really sorry it's not helping. Is that a muscle relaxer? Have you tried 10mg of Valium? I can only take the brand because the bonding agent they put in most generic drugs give me hives. I've also been suffering for years with itchy legs to the point where I break blood vessels from scratching so much. People tell me to try Benadryl but I can't take it because it makes me loopy and gives me a hangover and I can't afford to be that way taking care of 2 kids.
Can you tell me your name and I will include you in my prayers?
May God send his precious Holy Spirit, the Great Comforter, to fill you with peace and comfort. May He cry out on your behalf to God to take away your pain when you're too weak to do so. May the Spirit of God weep with you and may God give your husband the strength and patience to continue to care for you.
I know that God doesn't make bad things happen, but He can work all things for good and when this is all over and done with, from what you've talked about in your posts, you will have a stronger relationship with your husband. I told my husband that in the 7 years we've been married, his going to 4 different drugstores getting me enemas, laxatives, stool softeners, a sitz bath, and every other embarrassing thing an introverted man can possibly get... as well as having to ask the pharmacist embarrassing questions for me... all of that was the most romantic thing he's ever done. And this man brings me flowers all the time, cards for no reason, stops on his way home to get my favorite candy bar, sends me to the mall while he stays with the kids just to go get a new outfit when I'm frazzled. Yet this stuff was more romantic to me because I knew how uncomfortable it made him and he did it anyway because he loves me.

I'm sorry to post for so long but I truly empathize with you. You wonder if it will ever end and question your decision to have the surgery in the first place. I wish doctors would tell people that it will take 3 months to recover so that when it takes 1 or 2, it's a nice surprise. Instead of my surgeon who told me, "Some of my patients are feeling fine after a day or 2 and some it takes longer like 5 to 7 days." I could wring his neck!!!

It sounds like you've tried everything possible for the itching, but someone suggested Gelclair which is for the mouth but said it was a lifesaver. I personally went and bought some Orajel maximum strength gel, which is 20% benzocaine but has no alcohol listed as an inactive ingredient. That's the key. My doctor's office suggested Americaine, which is the same thing but made for hemorrhoids and my Rite Aid didn't carry it.
It does help a bit but the only thing that helps is to wipe with the preparation H wipes every single time I even pee.
And I put a new sterile pad right against my rectum after every time I pee or have a bm.
I will pray for your quick healing. The itching is an indication of healing, but I know that's of little consolation when you're suffering so much. Sometimes the pain is better than itching because with pain you don't want anything to touch it but with itching all you want to do is scratch it!


Sorry to post again, but I had to add one more thing. Original Desitin was the only thing that worked on my first daughter's severe diaper rashes. With my second baby, she gets terrible diaper rashes and yeast infections combined and the Desitin didn't touch the discomfort for her. The only thing that works for her is a cream called Triple Paste. The combination of what's in it kills her diaper rashes and instantly calms her discomfort (even when her skin is broken and I put it right inside of her labia). It was recommended on Dr. Sears' website so I tried it. You can get it at Target, Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, and most other drugstores. It's $7-$9 for a 2 ounce tube, which is PRICEY especially when I use so much of it (I just bought 3 more tubes yesterday) but it's the only thing that stops her screaming. This child gets a yeast infection if I don't change her wet diaper within 5 minutes of her peeing in it. She just turned 2 last week and she does poo in the potty and occasionally pees, but since I've had this procedure and the breast augmentation last month, I need several days in a row to dedicate to training her and haven't had the time.

Anyway, don't get the Triple Cream because it's just a lotion made by the same company. It needs to be the Triple Paste.
I may actually start trying it myself as the itching has started getting worse last night and today.
You can get it in a 10 or 24 ounce jar for about $30 but I don't like dipping my fingers into it. I guess I could use a spoon. But I like the convenience of the small tube to throw into my purse.
I hope that helps a tiny bit. I was skeptical about it but the last time my baby had an ear infection and was given amoxacillin and I couldn't get a handle on her diarrhea and yeast infection, that was suggested and was the only thing that worked.


Hi, I'm 3 weeks and 6 days into recovery of a hemorrhoidectomy, surgical 3 vein internal and external. At my 3 week surgeon visit the doc said I was healing well but had something he called a "rank" or something like that which he explained was a small area of infection encapsulated. It presents itself like a lump protruding from the anus. I wish I could remember what he called it but anyhow he lanced it right in the office and said we'll look at it in a month and if it hasn't healed after the lancing and a month of time he could take care of it in the office, no general anethesia needed. What he would do is slice it open and irrigate it to flush out the infection. I asked do you get an anesthetic for that and he joked we don't make you bite a bullet, this isn't the 1900s. But my question is does anyone know what this lump thing is called and has anybody had it irrigated in an office setting? I'm apprehensive about somebody slicing on my while I'm awake, I know it's like 4 weeks away and I should be far along the way of healing up from the surgery pain but just not sure how concerned I should be. I've heard people talke of tags, I don't know what those are. Probably not the same thing I'm experiencing. Any encouragement and advice and knowledge gladly accepted, Ken


Hi, Ken...
When I went to my GP last year when one of my internal hemorrhoids was severely thrombosed, he said it had a hard blood clot in it and if I'd gone in a week earlier he could have lanceted it and given me immediate relief right there in his office. I'm sure he would have given me an injection of lidocaine which numbs the immediate area. It's no different than getting dental work done while you're awake. They just numb the general area without affecting your mental state.
And it takes awhile for it to wear off.
I hope this helps.
If I were you, I would have asked my surgeon to do it right then and there to get it over with.


Hi, thanks for the reply. The doc did lance it right there in the office but said he wouldn't know for a month whether that would clear up the infection and if it didn't then he'd have to numb it, open it and clean it out with antibiotic solution. Thanks for the encouragement that it's not that much different than dental work, numb it and just trust the fellow. Only been just short of 4 weeks and my healing from the hemorrhoidectomy is still very sore so it's just a mind thing knowing about 4 weeks from now that area is going to get some more work done but a lot of healing can happen in 4 weeks so I'm not going to sweat it. Thanks again,