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So im going to start eating the right amount of calories, and burning off the right amount so that I can loose a few lbs...but I dont know how much!

If anyone can help, then thanks. Im 15 years old, i weigh around 125 lbs.

Also, if theirs any sites that you know of that can help me keep track of my calories each day, if not i'll just make a chart.



You are only 15 years old so you shouldn't overreact. Your body is still developing so the way you look now is not final and you will go trough changes at least three more years. The normal amount of calories you should intake every day is 1200 but it would be insane to count every bite so just relax and eat normal. If you can eat few times a day but smaller amounts. Don't eat three hours before you go to bed and if you can avoid junk food. But since you are so young if you are not gonna eat chips and chocolate now than when will you?   

It would be wiser to join gym or to start with any sports activity. This will help you to get in shape and you will feel better and more confident. And this is great way to socialize with your peers.