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I just had a hemorrhoidectomy 5 days ago. No stitches were placed and I have a huge hole that seeps discharge and smells. How long will it take for the hole to heal, and will I get a skin tag from this procedure or should everything go back to normal after everything is healed. I don't have a bathtub Is it bad that I am not soaking in a bath. Will this delay my healing time?



I too discovered a hole like that, and was concerned about it i thought i had torn my stitches, and yes it smelled horrible.  It healed up in 3 weeks for me with no skin tag.  Ultimately it takes 8 weeks to be fully healed though.  Don't worry about it, its normal.  Sitting in hot water is good a few times a day, it helps with healing, but buy a sitz bath from the local pharmacy, or order online.  I sat in mine 10 15 times a day the first week, to ease pain.  Buy a hot water bottle from Walmart $5.00, sit on that, nice and hot while watching tv or lying down it helps. 
Good luck!