I had a parathyroid removed and my health is slowing down hill..I live with a feeling of drowning on the upper right side of pharynx and deep pain in the left side of ear and all way down left side pain and gaseous feeling inside my left lung.my throat has a swelling stabbing pain in location of past op with thick furred tounge and constant dryness and will not heal

soo many medications..initial onset was a bubbling sensation worked its way up in my throat and burst!..my windpipe went into spasms and I felt aor escaping..my monthly cycle stopped instantly and low blood pressure/low body temperature ,fits,delirium and bones ache..my nose will not stop running and all blocked on one side (right).. This even makes my heart go irregular Nd the nausea is crippling ...I believe my op went wrong and sent me of to the mental team..bring it on I said.. Happy to try anything and all meds/alternatives ..nothing drains this mucus..I keep swallowing constant and have a bark cough on left hand side that hurts so all left sided except blocked on the right nostril all the way down not my thorax

so I am on a horrible journey with headache every day and weakness .. The drowning is coming more frequent that it disturbs my sleep and please God I hope you are their for me as  

you gave me a terrible journey day in and day out for almost 6yrs but my body is tired now and so is my mind