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I'm 18. I started the pill last year at the beginning of January, I was on sprintec. In February I had unprotected sex and I realized I missed 2 days of bc so I bought the morning after emergency contraceptive.. Literally 4 days later I felt HORRIBLE I felt so depressed and angry and I didn't care about anything. Since then I've had multiple suicide attempts but I've been off the pill since last march. I've become extremely homicidal which I have never been before. I get images of brutally hurting someone including my girlfriend.. And I can't connect with anyone.. I have no empathy. I just hate life. I'm irritable and angry and I've never ever ever felt like this.. I've always been a sweet person. I've been to 10 psychiatric facility's so far I've been on 9 antidepressants which didn't work and I've also had electro convulsive therapy which didn't work either.. What's going on wtih me?! Is it my hormones?!


Have you been diagnosed with a medical illness?  I'm thinking bipolar from the symptoms you gave. I could be wrong.