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hi people, i stopped smoking cigerettes over a year ago but i carried on smoking spliffs i smoke everyday, i dont normally smoke till dinner time then i feel i need one, but i dont know if thats the bud or the cigerette in the spliff that im craving.
i love smoking bud, more as a social thing as i dont drink. i want to detox my body and lose weight but im scared that if i stop smoking i'll pile the weight on, can anyone give me any helpful hints or advice as to how approach this.


Your problem is very normal, how to quit something that makes you feel good !

It is probably both the cigarette and the weed that are both making you crave them. It takes a good one year to get the cigarettes out of your system. As for the weed, well it takes you away from all problems, when being high, so that is harder to give up . Takes 28 days to get out of your system when you quit, but the phsycoligal addiction is the battle.

Try not putting yourself in the same situation that you are normally in, keeping yourself busy, doing other things as a distraction. It would be a shame to look back on what you are doing, and think that all you did was get wasted.

I speak from experience here, fighting the same problem, but doing it :-D