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Now 6 weeks after my hemorrhoidectomy, by and large I've healed nicely after the incredible post op pain I endured.

I can pass stools without pain now.

It's the post passing stool process that's the killer.

I wait for the slithers of faces to detach itself after my main BM/s which irritates my anus. I won't force the issue.

I've stop using soap, that irritates the bejesus out of my anus, just water, powerful jet sprays of and cotton buds to get the remaining bits out.

A sitz bath follows and then baby wipes and a cotton pad afterwards between my butt cheeks to soak up the open wound that slowly but surely is closing.

How do I eradicate the irritation? A burning sensation so I know something is sensitive in my rectum.

That will make the 90% become 100% or is this part of the healing process?

Any help would be much appreciated.



Lots of painkillers and relaxing cream. I'm 3months with it!