I been getting boils for months now and I been to the doctors twenty times atleast used every kinda steroid cream and antibiotics for months now I'm a clean person so it really bothers me I'll be honest I get them on my penis,bum the inside of my legs on my heal my had one between two toes it sucks I feel like I can't date cuz no girl will understand znd I've tried everything apple cider vinegar I shredded garlic and onion made pastes will this haunt me and be with me forever it's scary and it makes me not like my self. You no that phyto shatter I think I could be aleregic to the distilled butane in it my boils stared going away but then I smoke shatter one night I blew up with them but I've been getting them so long idk what it is I hope it's just the shatter I quit it just stick with weed now idk what else to do