I quit smoking using Chantix on May 5, 2012. I was a smoker for 45 years, since I was 13. At "quit time" I smoked 1 1/2 packs per day. Within 1 week I felt immensely better - I was breathing easier, felt clear headed (sometimes I felt light headed when smoking). I stopped hacking and coughing for 30 minutes each morning while shaving. My skin was "brighter" and my outlook was improved (smoking made me feel "weak" and I am not weaker than a paper tube of tobacco).

My down sides: I gained ~40# and my clothes are now embarassingly tight. And my lung capacity hasn't bounced back to any noticeable degree. My MD says that various body systems recover from smoking at different rates, and my lungs will take ~2 years to recover from the smoking inflammation. but he did say they WILL recover (he doesn't know how much, and he DID state that I did suffer permanent damage).

Sometimes walking uphill or at a quickened pace causes me to stop and catch my breath. Other times I am just plugging along without any difficulty.

My greatest problem, though, is unexplained lack of stamina. I tire easily in the evening and cannot keep pace.

Has anyone else similar smoking history? if so, what's been your experiences since quitting?