Media is putting more and more pressure not just on women but on men too to achieve the thin, muscular ideals. In the last couple of years, there has been a huge increase in the objectification of men. This pressure often leads to unhealthy behaviors and eating disorders in men, pressure to use steroids, and overdoing with weightlifting.

Researchers decide to question 285 college men by asking them about the pressure to be muscular they felt from their family, friends, romantic partners and the media.

The more pressure they felt, the less were they satisfied with their figures. This dissatisfaction and a need to live up to the muscular ideals led them to unhealthy behaviors and many men in the study reported that their weight-training schedule interfered with other parts of their life, that they used protein supplements, and even thought about using steroids. Not a small number of men had eating disorders and were terrified about being overweight and obsessed with losing weights.

Eating well and exercising is good for general health and looks but stressing too much about gaining muscle mass and engaging in unhealthy behaviours is not and will probably lead to another road.