Hi I'm 33 years old, I decided to go get a pap smear after not having one since my sons birth 8 years ago, I have been having some bleeding in between periods, and very heavy discharge enough to cause me to have to wear tampons on a constant basis for about 7-9 months, I was nervous to have a pap smear but decided that I had to so while I was ready to get the pap smear as soon as the doctor started the exam I began to bleed heavily she looked amazed, mentioning several times that she is having a hard time locating my cervix? Finally she said there was no use to do a pap smear she knew there was definately something wrong and had to do a biopsy, after collecting several tissue samples she indicated that all my tissue is just falling off, she said she was certain I had advanced cervical cancer, so she did a STAT biopsy, can she diagnose me with cancer just by a visual exam? The next day she called me with the results and said that I definately had cervical cancer and told me that the pathologist said the cells were poorly differentiated, whatever that means? Could she be wrong? Can you get an accurate biopsy report while there is bleeding? Could something else mimic cervical cancer? Can a Gyn diagnose you with cancer? Please help with some answers too much reading is just confusing.