Starting at age 12 or 13 i had problems with lower pelvic pain, dizzyness, chest palpitations and pain, and headaches. Around that time I was diagnossed with a pineal brain cyst, a little larger than the size of a "man's thumb nail". Then i was diagnossed with multiple heart problems. mitral valve prolaps, a heart murmor, SVT, and frequent PVC's. Then also at the same time i was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and had 40 cysts on my ovarys. I don't produce any progestrogen, or estrogen, only testostrome (i'm female). I always have had problems with vomiting and nausia. Then a few years later i had several kidney stones. Then i was also diagnosed with Irritable bowel syndrome, and my stomach doesn't empty fast enough. Then at 15 a new problem showed up on my EKG of my heart. I have a Right Bundle branch block. I have been recieving treatment at Mayo Clinic in Rodchester, MN. But my doctor in town refered me back up there to a Electrophysiologist to do a heart cath. but it would of been to dangerous and wouldn't of produced any results the doc wanted. then at 17 yrs old i compleatly lost my WHOLE appitite with daily vomiting, and lost 35 pounds in a short while. Then i was admitted to the hospital, had a scope and i had a irritated and inflamed stomach lining, gastritus, inflamed where stomach conects to intestant, and pelvic inflamitory disease. Sorry for it being so long, but now i'm 17, and wondering if this all fits together into a bigger diagnosis, i'm confused on why i would have all this happen to my body. thanks a lot!