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hi all, i will post my daily log of my post-hemorrhoidectomy experience for your sake and mine. Please feel free to comment like a blog.
This may be a double post since my login expired while typing all this it seems.

here goes:

I had a grade 3-4 U shaped internal hemorrhoid that kept popping out every time I go to the washroom. It would also keep popping out when I felt excited, exercising and just whenever it feels like it in its later stages. I told my surgeon doctor this and after many visits over the cause of 9 years, we decided it was time to operate on it.

Day 0:

Before I was put to sleep the anesthesiologist injected a needle into arm to find the vein. They immediately gave me an oxygen mask and told me to take deep breathes. I was thinking about life in general and without knowing, I was awake again. It was a second later after that I remember I had an oxygen mask on and i was put to sleep and now I am in the recovery ward and not in the surgery room. It was a strange experience that one knows they have been put to sleep after they wake up. I saw the clock at the time and figured i have been out for 1 hr 15 mins.

My eyes were slowly opening up but I had to fight it to keep it open and I heard nurses speaking around me. One asked my name but before I could answer my body was shaking. They said I had some allergic reaction to the anesthetic while waking up and that another intravenous drug should stabilize me which it did. Another 15 mins passed and they moved me back to the dayward.

I was moved back in the dayward while I was fighting my body to keep my eyes open from time to time. They gave me some water, apple juice and toast with jam to eat since I have not eaten for at least 14 hours. They said they froze my bottom and the freezing will go away in a couple hours and here are three medications to take if needed. They gave me an anti-inflammatory, painkillers and stool softener. I have not taken any yet at the time I typed this. The work benefits gave me 80% off on the medication so I didn't have to pay too much in the end.

So, it was time to go because someone came to pick me up. Immediately when I walked outside, I felt like I wanted to vomit and was extremely dizzy. I tried to open the window to vomit. I vomited but nothing came out, I felt sick and dizzy like someone having motion sickness. The car arrived home and I said I need to hold on to something while walking in. I immediately lay down on the sofa and had a garbage can next to me in case I vomit. My body was slowly calming down from the motion sickness and while it was happening, I felt like some bitter liquid substance was coming out of my saliva duct in my mouth. Once that was all over, my body returned back to normal and I knew I had to rest and not move around.

I drunk probably 8 L bottles of water every hour but not much of a feeling to urinate. When I do urinate, I have this dark greenish urine come out which the doctor told me is just my body removing the anesthetic they put in me before the surgery.

I had several occasions again when I walked around after coming out of bed and I was getting motion sickness but I could walk further those times. However, I couldn't pass stool yet.

My butt is very stiff up to the bottom of my testicles but no pain.

Lastly, I felt like my uvula is longer than usual touching my tongue. I used a flashlight to check and indeed it is longer. It is still V shape but just darker red and touching my tongue.

The surgeon said I should book an appointment to see him in 6 weeks which is what I have done

Day 1:
This morning I am completely fine walking around.

Now my only issue to battle with is when to go to the washroom. I feel like I may want to go but cannot or should not. I fear tearing the tissue down there but the nurses did say to go to the washroom naturally. The only thing I have eaten so far is toast, juice in the hospital. I also have eaten alot of vegetables and oatmeal.

I am contemplating taking some of the medication such as the stool softener. I am trying to avoid the painkillers unless I am really in pain. Right now is just swollen and squeezing but no pain.

I also had a sitz bath but it is just a rubbermaid tub that i can sit in that is 30 cm high. I boiled the water and add cold water to adjust its temperature.

I have also tried reaching into the anus and it felt like a really small hole with some stitches inside. No pain just feel like I reached in but I don't dare to do it again. I also took a picture of the anal opening to keep a record.

I felt a little bit cold so I put a blanket over me and that was all it took to recover from that.

I took the anti-inflammatory and stool softener drug only as I hear side-effects with painkillers. Plus, I do not feel any pain so why take it now.

I also passed some gas which was painful even if it was only a little.

I could also sleep well as well which is a plus but with great swollen squeezing feeling but no pain which I had to distract myself so I wouldn't need to keep thinking about it.

Day 2:

Tried passing stool but could not. I only sat for 2 mins and left. I took my medication as usual without the painkillers and I also kept waking up every 2 hours to urinate going from day 2 to 3. Nothing much different than day 1. just swollen and very frustrated feeling. had to roll out of my bed and sometimes if I put pressure on the anus accidentally, I would moan. had two sitz bath which didn't do much I feel for me but since people say it is a thing to do I am doing it in the mean time.

The urine is not as dark green as day 0 or 1 but still looks slightly green.

I continue to drink 8 L of water everyday and the uvula is still hanging down. The uvula complains whenever some food it deems is too hot touches it. Tried to cool down my food more before eating. I continue to eat fruits, vegetables and oatmeal as my diet.

When I urinate since day 0 and try to extract more urine while standing, I would moan since it moves the anus.

Day 3:

Tried passing stool in the morning but only a pea size soft looking thing came out which was disappointing. There were also blood clots and some fresh blood that kept dripping out. Also passing gas was like a pushing a big block in the anus probably because the area is swollen. I took my medication without the painkillers and also kept waking up every 2 hours to urinate. Problems rolling out of bed with moaning. Things have to be extremely slow.

Late in the afternoon, I drank 4 tablespoons full of milk of magnesia. In 3 hours, I felt a soft general push like gas trying to push something out. First and second try by the body's automated response resulted in nothing. Please note that I had a small towel and with every push I was twisting the towel to help me. The third try, I passed the stool. It was all the vegetables and stuff I had with blood clots and dark red blood. I did not feel good or bad afterward but just relieved that was all over with for now. Again, the passing of stool wasn't painful but just the swollen feeling with great annoyance and like pushing out of a big blockage. The stool was generally soft. I also take a sitz bath after a bowel movement now.

It gets more difficult to move after a bowel movement compare to before a bowel movement. Also there is this swollen pulsing feeling inside. Also stool would be caught between my butt cheeks. Yes, the butt is still stiff but not as much as before. It is like the stiffness has a formed a channel where the stool comes out of the anus.

I ate a little more that night. I had fish and beef liver with oatmeal. Fruits and alot of vegetables as usual. I also taken anti-gas medication starting today so I do not irritate the anus with every gas passing movement.

Kept waking up every 2 hours at night to urinate.

Day 4

The morning of day 4 was alot of swollen and frustration feeling. My anus felt engaged and complaining. I was listening to relaxing music to take my mine off of the annoying feeling. Please remember it wasn't painful but more like after a hemorrhoid banding where you know something is happening in the anus and it doesn't like it. Had a sitz bath but the bowel movement was like a small cup of stool. Better than nothing I suppose.

In the afternoon, I felt all better for some reason with very little moaning while getting up or urinating. I felt great. Gas passing gave very little blood. I felt like all was well.

Kept waking up every 2 hours again to urinate. Take my medication as usual. If I do not mention medication then it is the same everyday without the painkillers with anti-gas medication before eating.

I would sometimes cough since my uvula complains so I tried to brace for the force and try to minimize the coughing so it does not come out with such great force.

More on day 5 tomorrow since it hasn't ended yet. Take care everyone


Day 5

Again, woke up every 2 hours to urinate during bedtime. Urine does not look quite as green but it does look greener

than usual. The outside of my anus is not as green as before. The green on my butt cheeks is because of the

remaining anesthetic. Had a bowel movement in the morning but again half a cup of stool with fresh blood and alot of

blood clots. Didn't feel like frustrated this time in the area but not completely gone. Also had a sitz bath.

Had more fruit in the morning than usual. Also more gas was passed and this time when I pass I got some stool coming

out as well. Had to change pads and clean up which was a nuisance. I say I use around 2-3 pads a day so far.

In the late morning and early afternoon, I had some frustrating swollen feeling again where I would moan. I also

felt cold so I got into bed to warm myself up. Also noticed some red dotted infection on the either side of my hips

in the morning but it went 90% away in the afternoon. Thank goodness. I think the infection may be my inability to

clean my hands properly and passing stool into the affected area. I also was able to pass a half cup of stool with

the usual blood and blood clots.

To be precise, I now eat 3 medium size bowls of vegetables for dinner and chew them all very well. Before I eat

vegetables, I would eat oatmeal and chicken for supper. Meat being probably 20% of your diet. Tonight, after

finishing my supper, I wanted to urinate, and while squeezing out the urine, my body decided to pass stool! It was

uncontrollable and came suddenly with very little effort. Clean up was terrible to say the least, had to go into the

tub to clean up the 10% stool and 90% blood clot mix. Also while cleaning my butt I felt my butt cheeks are less

stiff. The stiffness recedes into the anus area however, my lower testicle sac still feel big but not as hard. I

also examined my uvula and the bottom where it is longer and touching my tongue has a white dot. I think the white

dot is similar to how the body heals a sore in the mouth. Hope I am correct that it is healing. The white dot does

not hurt as well.

Starting this afternoon, I felt slightly colder than usual in the hands and feet while my forehead is a bit warm.

Took my temperature right before supper and it said 37.3-37.5 Celeius. I think maybe some of the infected stool got

into my blood at the anal opening and infected me. It is quite mild of a temperature but noticeable. I hope being in

bed and all warm should help my body deal with this. Today, I can cross my legs and sit on my butt without much

feeling. I guess that is a good sign.

Just before going to sleep I had the urge to urinate again and like last time passed blood clots and stool but not

as much as last time. It was easier to clean up. I think from now on during this recovery, I need to prepare to pass

stool and blood clot every time I urinate. I don't feel I need to pass that stuff before and during the feeling to


While washing my butt the last time, I felt my left hip area front area is feeling itchy again probably due to that

infection but I think it is under control.

I have also decided to stop completely the anti-inflammatory drug and the stool softener. It has been five days

already on 3/4 dose of the anti-inflammatory and there is no pain so I will start it up again if there is pain and

eat very high in fibre.

also feel slightly i want to vomit before going to sleep but a very mild feeling.

I went to the washroom for the forth time now but this time only liquid blood came out. I feel like my fear has

turned to voiding too much from constipating for too long!

Went to the washroom for the FIFTH! time today. This is getting to be too much since I need to sleep. It always

comes when I want to urinate. Just to be sure now, I sit on the toilet whenever I need to urinate so I do not get a

mess on my pants.

Since this morning, I have also been passing stool while sitting on the toilet by putting more force to one foot and

by leaning towards that direction. I hope that by doing this, I am able to put less pressure on the anus.

After my fifth bowel movement, I feel like my forehead has cool down and my body is warm again. I do not know if

this is related to the bowel movement or not. Then again, my temperature has been fluctuating today but not wildly. I

will take my temperature again tomorrow.

Just had a sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth BM overnight(11pm, 12am, 1, 2, 4, 6am were the times) into day 6 but

each had less and less stool coming out. My bed now smells like rotten blood now. I hate that smell and will get my

bed sheets changed some time in day 6. What a night!


Day 6:

Just kept having bowel movements every time I go urinate. I have decided to sit on the toilet whenever I need to go just in case. Since Day 2, I have been using homemade pads made from bounty wipe sheets wrapping 14 layers of toilet paper. That is much cheaper than getting a diaper or women's pad.

Today, I had 8 bowel movements so far. All very dark red blood and some clots. For breakfast, I had pineapple, pear, apple, milk, strawberry, 100% whole wheat bread, durian, banana, cantaloupe and orange.
The 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th , 8th one were less bloody, in fact, if you did not look carefully, you would not see any blood at all My stool is still very soft and breaks apart easily despite the fact that I have stopped using the stool softener yesterday morning. No pain so far even after not taking the anti-inflammatory medication. Just still this swollen uncomfortable feeling like after banding but worse.
Finally, on my 9th visit to the washroom, I was able to urinate without passing stool!! All this happened just in the morning!
I have lost count of how many times I went to the washroom after the 9th count but it was for either to urinate only or bowel movement. The bowel movements are small bits from the breakfast this morning. Stool that came out aren’t hard at all but it seems more difficult to come out. I have made it a priority to only allow the movement in my large intestine to move the stool and not my anus.
I continue to drink large quantities of water. Lunch was fruits from this morning and oatmeal.
I also took a picture of my anus so I can compare this from Day 1. It looks less green around the anus. There is some dark red and yellow vessel and spots. Some of the small balls that I saw on day 1 are redder now a little bit bigger. I hope this is normal. It also leaks some red blood out from time to time. Time will tell. Looking at people’s messages at it seems like the swelling I see outside of my anus is normal? Am I just recovering quickly or is this a complication?
After supper, my stool is bloody again. I can still see stool trying to come out of the anal opening after each bowel movement. This was frustrating because I worry about how sanitary it is to just leave stool kind of hanging at the “door”. I had to be in the washroom and go a couple of times. Eventually, there was less and less at the opening but still some left. I gave up and since the body is trying to pass it anyways so I figure that will come out when it wants to. Wish this is all over soon so I can move on to the next phase of this recovery. Starting this afternoon, I found that I sit more comfortable if I put most of my weight on the side of my butt where the bone is.
Overall, I think tonight is totally different than last night. Last night was the body wants to go whenever it wants without control. Tonight will be I know I want to go but do not know when and this may keep me up all night. I hope not.
I noticed there is swelling/inflammatory, I think it is because I stopped taking the anti-inflammatory medication. I am starting to take it again tonight but only one pill per day and see what happens.
At late night, I noticed my pad was very wet. So, naturally went to go change like usual. However, this time there was blood dipping once every second none stop for 45 mins while I was in the shower. I didn’t think this was right so I called 911 and to get me to the emergency room . I was there for a good 5 hours. The ER doctor said that just put more pads on it for now to stop the bleeding. Also, the healing process looks good on the outside. He said I can take the painkillers or anti-inflammatory if I feel any pain. They did a full blood test on me and they said looks fine. Anyways, will call the surgeon’s office tomorrow.


I have not been able to update because I was admitted to the hospital in the middle of Day 7. Here is a summary of day 7 to day 11. I will update again if there are any new updates.

Day 7:
I felt no swollen or frustrated feeling when I woke up. Of course I feel something when I touch the outside of the anus but it wasn’t even “painful”. Woke up in the morning to urinate and when it was about to finish I had a bowel movement while standing. It turns out I was passing stool and blood clots. I suspect the internal bleeding is still bleeding but it clots inside the anus and it passes out whenever stool comes out as well. Thankfully it wasn’t bleeding non-stop when I was sleeping for some reason.
I will not take any medication now. My stool is very soft like popcorn but not as big of course and I feel no pain or swollen feeling whatsoever, except for the bleeding.
Call the surgeon’s office first thing in the morning and since they weren’t opened yet and I needed some help with this I tried calling the hospital and ask for the surgeon on duty as recommended on their voicemail. I called the hospital and I get the run around. First, they said they will try to reach the doctor for me but then said he is in the operating room. Soon after, they said I can leave him a message at the operating room desk but when I got connected by phone there they said they do not take messages and I must call the surgeon’s office. Eventually, the office opened and I spoke with the secretary. She said bleeding is normal you can try to put some ice or sit on your butt with a pad in the anus to stem the bleeding. I finally, before she gave me this advice, found by accident a spot where I have randomly put the pad on the anus and by sitting on a chair which resulted in a final stoppage of bleeding. Now I sit on the chair until whenever the urge to have a bowel movement or urination. We will see what happens. The secretary also told me since you only had the surgery for 7 days that this is still pretty early going so it does take time for my body to heal.
Had another bowel movement and it started to bleed again. So do the same old then just sit down with a pad pressing on it and hopefully it would stop bleeding
Another bowel movement but this time not as messy but was still dripping. I am planning to sit on the ground with a plastic bag so not to dirty anything.
Phoned the health benefits company , head office to tell them I should be on that program. I am now just waiting for the forms from HR so that can be arranged for me.
Another bowel movement triggered by the feeling to urinate. Was bleeding again but was a quick clean up. Hope this is all over soon. My pulse was also at 105 when I measured it after I bleed. I also get zoned out a little when I stand up and walk around. I feel like if this surgery was all worth it now. I was healing so great before, why is this happening to me? My main big two problems now is the bleeding and passing stool when I only want to urinate. If those two are solved and there are no new problems then I can go back to work and life!
My doctor was paged by his secretary on my request in the morning and he called me back mid-afternoon. He said he will be away for a couple of days and after listening to my problems, he requested me go to the emergency room and ask me to page another doctor he knows. Got to the ER and waited an hour to see his resident. While I was waiting and seeing him, I was shaking uncontrollably, cold, eyes sometimes semi-blank out while standing and almost fainted. He, at the beginning, was pointing me in the direction of go home and put some pressure on it since he thinks I am not packing the area well enough. He showed me how to do it and asked me to sit down and see if it bleeds. While he was away doing something else, I had a controllable urge to pass stool. I was able to get to the washroom in time and passed blood and stool. Cleaned up and just in time to see the resident again. After coming back he decided to test my blood and found my hemoglobin is really low. He packed something into my butt to see if that stops the bleeding and admitted me to monitor my condition for the night. Waited in the ER, hungry and near fainting for 2 hours before getting a room. They wheelchaired me to the room where I was given saline and a blood test. I had something to eat and drink a lot of water. I was also told the reason why I have so many bowel movement is because the colon induces BM when it detects blood. I really felt like on that night that if no one helped me I would have died that day due to the incredible amount of blood I have lost not only on Day 7 but since day 1.

Day 8:
Woke up and with a rash on either side of my front hip areas as indicated previously. I think it is caused by sweat and compression underwear. The nurses are great and very accommodating. The doctor and his crew came to see me in the morning at 7:30am. They saw a bloody raw area on the outside of my anus. They also removed the packing in the butt and I had a bloodless bowel movement. After that, they put in a sponge to stop the bleeding instead but not before giving me 10 micrograms of morphine like substance by IV to ease the pain. They finally packed the outside to stop the bleeding they found there too. I rested mostly on my bed the whole day with some walking in the hospital for exercise. Needless to say, my butt feels extremely sore.

Day 9:
They tested my blood in the morning and removed all of my packing. They said I have achieved hemostatsis so I am not bleeding anymore. I had a small bowel movement and still no blood which was reassuring. When I have a bowel movement, I always let the colon do the job and never the anus to prevent ripping the tissue there again. They also found my hemoglobin has gone down even more to 71 so they gave me 300mg iron supplement pill to build it back up and decided to keep me there for another night. I looked up the normal level of hemoglobin is 140 for males and at 71 it means I have lost almost the equivalent of 7 normal women’s period in a week’s time. No wonder I felt like I was going to die.

Day 10:
Tested my blood in the morning and hemoglobin went up a little more which is a good sign. Still no bleeding from bowel movements and continue to take two more times the iron supplement. They said they were going to keep me another night but later decided not to because I looked fine. They said I can stop the iron supplement and just eat more red meat. I was discharged late afternoon and returned home by someone driving me home. I still need to lay on my side while I sit at the moment. Glad to be home and take a shower for the first time because I had only been using body wipes while in the hospital.

Day 11:
Still no blood in the bowel movement. Had to take milk of magnesia to help since the iron supplements were constipating me. My stool is really dark due to the iron. However, it is like mud because I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Still extremely swollen in the anus and I can see two skin tags hanging outside of my anus. No pain but extremely sore and definitely not able to drive at the moment. I walk like a penguin and cannot sit properly. Everything appears ok and probably perfect in 3 weeks time. Been also getting sitz bath every time I have a bowel movement basically to clean the area well. I do not dare to put my fingers outside of the anus because it hurts like hell and do not want to cause it to bleed again. Hair is starting to grow back in that area so it hurts like needles poking you all the time. I still wear a pad to catch any pinkish blood like liquid that oozes out from time to time. This is a normal sign and is reassuring. I will update again when there are any more improves.


Day 12-16:

I started to feel better with going from standing to sitting and vice versa. I seem to have much yellow pus coming out which prompted me to have more sitz bath which reduced the amount of yellow pus coming from one of the wounds outside the anus. The wound has been slowly changing from white, yellow and some redness like skin.

I can roll out of bed a little easier now and no pain while I urinate.

I hope it gets better from here since I need to go back to work in 2 weeks.

No pain so far and I find that if I use both arms to lift myself up a bit from the toilet seat while using my hands to pump my colon and/or push the colon instead of straining the anus, the stool comes out naturally. The joke now with my friends is when will I lay my golden egg since the stool is brownish/yellow in colour.

Hope all this helps someone out there.


Day 17:

I did more sitz bath and less yellow pus came out. My wound on the outside is still yellow but with some red skin like component now. I take a picture everyday to see how the healing is progressing. I normally wait until the body tells me it is time to pass stool now which would reduce the amount of straining in the anus.

I felt a little bit cold and feverish last night so I decided to take up eating raw crushed garlic to assist with the recovery since it has antibiotic and healing properties.

I also put some lubricating jelly and ultrasound gel on the wound after a sitz bath with sea salt since I read that wounds heal faster when it is clean and moist.

I have a bowel movement around once or twice a day now.

Surprisingly I still do not feel any pain which I hope continues. Currently, I do feel there is some stitches inside the anus and on the outside there is the wound and 2-3 swollen skin tags.


Day 18 to 19

I continue to do my sitz bath three times a day and I do not see any yellow pus. On day 19, I wanted to go to my family doctor to see if the healing process I am seeing is normal or not. So, I had my salty sitz bath but did not put any lubricating jelly on the wound so he can do his examination. When I got home, I found small amounts of yellow pus around the wound. I immediately did my sitz bath again and put the jelly back on the wound. No more pus results. I guess I am doing the right thing by helping with my body to repair the wound rather than having it do an extra step of disinfecting before going back to healing.

I pass stool average 3 times a day. I find that I really do not have control over when to pass stool. When it wants to come out, it comes out. I can sometimes do some up and down exercises on the toilet and/or use my hands to massage my large intestine. I do press on my anus gently but only for 1-2 seconds then relax.

The reason I went to the family doctor is for the past week I have noticed the painless yellow "scab" on the wound is developing some red small swollen looking half spheres on one side and it is growing. So, just in case I went to him to have a look. He said it was all right. He said in 2-3 weeks I should be in the final stage of healing and would be able to go anywhere. He even said eating raw crushed garlic is a good thing since it is a natural disinfectant and there are other benefits such as preventing cancer in particular stomach cancer and reduce the amount of bad bacteria in my gut. I eat 6 cloves of raw crushed garlic and let it sit for 10 mins before chewing it in my mouth to let all the juice out. My stomach sometimes does get warm but that is normal. The doctor said people do not eat it because it gives them bad breathe but it is good for you and you will live longer by eating it.

I find that the stool that comes out is soft except for the first bit that comes out and they are food I have eaten 24 hours ago.

That's it for now. Just try to keep the wound clean with salty sitz bath and put lubricating jelly on it and it should continue healing. I feel like it is healing when I feel a brief 1 second pull pain. I think that is when the blood vessels are forming. I will post more new experience as I encounter them. Hope everyone's recovery is like mine or even better.


Day 20 to 28

It is just getting better and better. I stopped applying gel after day 21 and no pus results which is a good sign. The skin tags are getting smaller but does give me some uncomfortable feeling when I flex the muscle there. The anus is getting more flexible now where I can see follow the skin tags into the anus. It looks like the 4 internal hemorrhoids I had become 2 big skin tags on the outside, may be there is more inside I could not see. I can touch the skin tags but feel uncomfortable when I squeeze on it. The skin tags are kind of spongy. I have one bowel movement per day now and again I drink alot of water right before I go and during the sitting session. I hardly flex the anus but the first bit of stool is always harder than the stuff in behind it. The first harder part would come out and everything else would come like an avalanche then I would see if there is any residue and get off the toilet immediately. Small jumping up and down the toilet also helps as well to give the colon some movement in addition to flexing or using the hand to guide the colon. I actually drove with minimal problems now but do need to shift around so not to put pressure on my butt for too long. If I sit, I would naturally want to walk for a little bit to avoid stressing the area to avoid needless uncomfortable feeling.  I will be back to work on day 30.

I do not need to walk like a penguin anymore which is good but I do still brace myself when I move from sitting to standing to not stress the affected area too much.

I think my next post will be my last post unless there are anything major that happens. I will see the doctor 2 weeks or so from now.

Overall, despite the post surgical bleeding I had I say the surgery was pretty good so far. Total cost of surgery without insurance I found was $16000. I would have never been able to pay for this without insurance.

Hope someone will read all my post one day and be able to make an informed decision on whether if they should go ahead with the surgery or not.


This will be my last post. One advice I have for people is after you feel the hemorrhoid surgerical wound has been full healed which means no more sore, pain and blood there, you should make sure you have at least once a day bowel movement. If that cannot be achieved or you feel a stenosis(narrowing of the surgerical area) is happening you should immediately buy a finger size anal sex toy(don't buy too big since you do not want to rip the tissue). No, you will not use it as a toy but to make sure the area heals properly so it will not narrow the pathway. Don't force it in, put it in as you feel right and use alot of lub. I just wear it at night time and on weekends and after 1 week of doing this I was about to void quite easily. This only helps on the onset of stenosis, not after the scar tissue has been fully settled in. Hope this helps anyone who has gone through what I have experienced. Overall, it took 4 months to become fully normal again after the surgery and I am glad I did this surgery even when I told myself it was a mistake during the healing process! Good luck to all of you!


Thank you for sharing your experience!!!!


Just a final thing before I really be quiet :) Please pass this post along to people in the forum and rate it if you found my day by day review of my experience is useful.

I was able to also see the final report from the specialist to my family doctor. It looks like I had FOUR grade 4 hemorrhoids which is the worse you can get. They were two on one side, one on the other and one U shape ring. On average, the half ellipical spheres were 7mm in radius! One closer to the opening where it pops up frequently and the other two were much higher up. The fourth one is a U shape ring around the opening which branches out of the one that keeps popping out. I guess I was a real experiment for those specialist...perhaps the industry term for me is I was one of those with real juicy hemorrhoids :P

Lastly, I feel sometimes the anus may have blood wanting to pool but it disappears. I think if I still had the hemorrhoids that that sensation would have triggered the hemorrhoid to ballon outwards. The feeling now is kind of like blood wants to come out but a wall is blocking it. Whereas before there was no wall and blood just gets trapped in these sacs/ballons we call hemorrhoids and has a difficult time of slowly exiting the ballons.



Omg!!! This is a HORROR story, wao too bad you had to go through all that... I am so glad I didn't found this post before my own hemorroidectomy... Which I just 10 days ago, thank god for my surgeon!!! I can pass stools since day 2 normally but not comfortably with a little pain of course due the recent procedure, and 7 days it started to swollen (like doctor said it will happen) but by ingesting lots of fiber I can pass a stool 2 or 3 times a day which helps the rectum heal... Now on day 10 I can go with strenght and less fear and even though is swollen I can walk and even drive plus my doctor asked my to see him on day 10 because he needed to confirm everything was ok with the work he did, I cannot believe your doctor asked you to see him 6 weeks after the procedure... All that bleeding, pain and LONG HEALING process... Uff its being one year glad you are better now, thanks for sharing.


Thank you for sharing your journey adviceforme. I've struggled with hemorrhoids for more than half of my life u. I was able to cure my hemorrhoids instantly by using it!


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