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First off, believe what they are telling you. This is "going to be extremely painful" as my doctor put it. I am 24 and have been living with hemorrhoids since I was 12. A little under a month ago they got so bad I was on bed rest for 5 days and couldnt think about doing anything but cry and sleep. My primary care referred to me a colorectal specialist(I recommend you get yourself one of these as they are professionals, usually try to have a light sense of humor about the situation and are specialists in this field). A week later I was checked into outpatient surgery to remove two giant external hemorrhoids(incision and cut away) and 3 internal hemorrhoids(laser burn out)(outpatient- which I dont recommend you do. Get the overnight stay. Just do it.) After coming out of anesthesia I felt really good. Prior to this day I had decided 1. I would go on a high(Im talking high) diet of metamucil, fiber one bars, beans, and lots of veggies for the whole week. 2. move to a liquid diet 2 days before the surgery 3. only water up to 12 hours and then the instructions of nothing for 8 hours prior to surgery. 4. i took a shower before the surgery and wore my pajamas to the hospital. 5. secured very caring and understanding handmaids to take care of me the days after(shout out to my little sister and my aunt and later my mother thank you i love you all).
Waking up from surgery I had to urinate so badly but couldnt(everything is very foggy here for awhile), and ended up passing one of the packing bandages they had placed in my rectum which I was told was a good thing by the nurse. I wanted to leave immediately for some reason and was allowed to do so. "The doctor was very very nice and prescribed Dilaudid for you." I was told as I was leaving. I went home ravenous and ate a whole can of chicken noodle soup minus the chicken and some crackers, was given my pain killers and put to bed. I woke up alot on and off as the demerol and anesthesia wore off and by morning I felt the urge to try to go to the bathroom. Just the pressure from sitting on the toilet made me go lightheaded and dizzy. The pain killers were wearing off. Something was wrong! This was hurting too bad! This was hurting SOOOO BADDDD. At this point I made my sister put me in the car and drive me to the ER where I was given a shot of morphine and really just told to wait it out. I was fine, the incision site was normal and this was just going to be hard for the next week or so. WEEK OR SO?? God, we really dont listen when someone tells us something is going to be extremely painful. My kind doctor gave me Oxycontin and i went home to bed. One the drug note, I would like to say something. No matter how good the drugs are they give you(I had 2 of the very very best) the best thing that helped was Ibuprofen. You could tell a significant difference in comfort after they start to kick in. Take 2 every 6 hours, trust me.
At this point it had been 3 days since I had a bowel movement and I was kinda starting to freak out. I was taking the laxative as directed(I like senokot over ducolax as I notice less gas(which is beyond painful and comes in random bursts of agonizing torment) and less bloating) but still nothing. I also was drinking metamucil each day(lucky me I allergic to oranges and have to have the regular tasting one.... %-) ) but still nothing. I restricted myself to a liquid and extremely soft food diet(one where no one thought tuna fish sandwiches were soft foods!!!) including canned soup, jello and.... thats it. Lots of water. Needless to say this went on(while still in so.. much... pain...) til day 5 when i threw caution to the wind, couldnt take it any longer and drank 3 tablespoons of mineral oil. That next day my colon was in so much pain that I strained(yes I know the evil word) and well mineral oil just makes everything alot smoother. Smoother I say, not less painful. The first 3 BM I had left me drained, pale, exhausted, lifeless and needing to be helped to bed where my body could recover from the traumatic experience it had just gone thru. Please if you go this route, continue to take the stool softeners. I cannot stress this enough. Day 7 I had a job interview and had to drive myself for the first time in a week and sit in a chair. Yes, sitting in a chair is not something you will be able to do with much ease. It was a very hard day, I had to explain why I was walking so slow, and pain was etched visibly across my face. I came home and immediately went to bed.
Today is day 10. Today is the first day I have not taken a narcotic pain killer. I got up and was active today, showered without wincing from having to move, was able to use steps without shuddering from pain, the limp is significantly improved, I ate a normal days worth of food, and am not using any padding. Hopefully tomorrow is better. Im still sore, still scared of pushing or anything that involves clenching(you would be surprised at the amount of normal everyday things that cause your anus to clench) and still am scared of going to the bathroom.
I will offer a couple tips.
1. buy jumbo pads and afix them a little lower back(sorry men, this probably wont help you). they help with seepage and blood but mostly they are an additional and much needed cushion for. I wore them for 9 days and while it felt like I was wearing a diaper it was much better than accidentally laying wrong and also gave me something to cup to apply pressure to when i needed it(so helpful to provide pressure to the area this way, very slight pressure mind you but oh so good)
2. stay with the liquid diet. please please please dont eat anything spicy. drink more water than you know what to do with. and acquire a wide variety of soup because that stuff gets boring. also no fatty stuff, no greasy fried stuff and nothing crunchy.
3. pillow between the legs.
4. make sure you are not sick in the slightest when you have the surgery. no colds, no sneezing, no coughing. I sneezed for the first time in yesterday(so that makes it day 9) and if i had during the initial stages i might have passed out haha.
5. get things to do in bed. tv, movies, magazines, texting, cards, etc. books, because of the dilaudid, were too hard to read due to dizziness and anything constructive with my hands wouldve been a waste as i was passing out randomly because of exhaustion.
6. invest in good toilet paper.
7. make sure you have someone or someones who love you at all times available in the house. you will not be able to get up and you will be horrible and whiny and completely out of it(i tried to get my aunt to leave, apparently, on the first night to have some guy i had recently started seeing come over, thank god she just gave me a pill and told me to go to sleep).
8. after a few days start light walking. it really helps. you will limp and preferably have someone with you just in case due to lightheadedness from meds.
9. realize and accept that you had surgery. albeit the kind of surgery is ridiculous and embarrassing, its still surgery. it still is traumatizing to your body and takes time to recover from but you will recover. there is an end to the pain and it will come.
10. finally trust your doctor. by this i mean do some research. is he the best in the field? is this his specialty? has he been recommended by others? are his office staff pleasant?(yes i said office staff. if they are nice it usually means the dr is nice and will be there for you and be considerate in the post op drug care). I had a colorectal specialist and if anyone i know ever has to have this done i would highly recommend him.
10 days seems like a lifetime on day 2 from the surgery but it does come. its going to be more painful than any hemorrhoid youve ever had and you will hate yourself for having the surgery and not just dealing with it. You will want to have a BM and then not want to and then not know what you want at all besides going to sleep right now and waking up in a week. it will be ok. you will be ok. I am a very young person to get this surgery, i have a low pain threshold, and had to have 5 removed. but im glad i did it. I will post in a few months on an update.
PS. I got the job on day 9.


I agree, I am from the Philippines and this is day 9 for me.  I opted to stay in the hospital 1 day before the surgery so I am prepared (physically) properly then stayed in the hospital 2 more days after the surgery.  I highly advise that you prepare yourself well physically before but would highly recommend that you prepare yourself mentally even more.  It is going to be very very painful once the anesthesia comes off.  I think I had 3 dozes of pain meds every 2 hours that night and only got some semblance of relief on the 3rd doze.  I had almost the exact same experience as Sarabee.  I teach at a University here and it was time to give mid term exams and I had no choice but to go to school on day 4 post op.  IT WAS A VERY BAD IDEA! I was nauseous and I had to hide from the students and I had to walk around the room.  My advice is to stay at home as long as your work can allow you so you take baby steps on your way to recovery.  What really helped me were the sitz bath sessions.  It relieves the pain and I believe it helps heal the wound.  I do it 3-4 times a day for 15-20 minutes at a time.  On days 2-5 of recovery, it would seem like the pain will never subside, but just follow what your doctor laid out for your recovery plan, take a high fiber diet (stay away from meats, rice, bananas), expect the clenching and brace yourself for clenches.  The clenches are painful and very irritating cause it's happens even on small movements.  Do not worry because it gets better. By day 6, I got to go to work already.  Pain on BM's would be a 6/10 by day 6 and the pain goes away after 5 - 10 minutes.  As of today, I am on day 9 and I can say I am about 60-70% recovered.  I hope to be fully recovered once I hit the 2 week mark.