Before we begin reviewing fast similarities and differences in orgasm in men and women we must first we define orgasm permeated everyone's interest. Definition of orgasm or sexual peak:

Is the peak of pleasure escalating during sexual differ form this summit between men and women. Shaped orgasm in men: liken topping a mountain of fun bump husband during sexual intercourse and when he reaches the summit (ecstasy) occur several contractions quick and sequential in the penis and urethra and prostate accompanied fun private . these contractions cause sperm ejaculation immediately.- Form of orgasm in women: liken several consecutive plateaus in Height filed by the wife during sexual intercourse when reach the surface of one of these hills consecutive contractions occur in the cervix and external muscles of the vagina and accompanied by a particularly fun.These contractions and absorption of sperm function and facilitate the entry of the penis into the interior.They can stop at this point or relay ascent to a higher plateau, and so on. Conclusion:

1_ in a sexual encounter one-woman several exfoliates unlike the man who was only sexual ecstasy one.

2_ women never throw like a man when a sense of euphoria.

3_ premature ejaculation where injustice wife especially if it does not reach one of the peaks of ecstasy and also in the case of the wife's access to one of these summits husband should not be delayed to reach orgasm because this leads to vaginal dryness and exfoliation in the skin and then pain in intercourse.