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i have lumps appearing under the skin in my armpits and outside of vagina, they are extremely painful, but then after they get to a certain size they get smaller and then disappear, this occurs regularly and is not just prone to times of my periods.also have quite large lump in my breast, which doesnt go away


My friend has the same thing. What is it?


You may have Hydradenitis Suppurativa Cysts!

Please note, my Hydradenitis Suppurativa was very severe and probably not the norm! I don't want to frighten you, but if my cysts sound familiar I would talk to you doctor about it!

p.s. Any cysts in your breasts should be examined by a doctor! Since I am Cyst prone - I often have cysts in my breasts that come and go, there has not been any problems associated with them.

I have had this condition since I was 15 years old, I am now 42. I used to get Cysts the size of baseballs under my armpits. The life-long answer was an experimental surgery where all my hair follicles and sweat glands were removed. It was very painful and required 1 week hospitalization and drainage tube for several weeks. Only one arm could be operated on at a time and the surgery requires about 4 weeks recovery time. But I have to say I have never had a cysts in that area again.

I also had numerous cysts in the groin area (I'm a woman), week after week, month after month - arriving at the ER to have large cysts excised again in the middle of the night or go to my surgeon who surgically removed the root of the the core of the cyst in his office. After years of pain and frustration a Cosmetic Surgeon tried another experimental surgery scraping and removing all the hair follicles and old cyst cores out of the groin region. It required another 4-6 weeks recovery and wearing a special girdle so my stitches wouldn't bust! Today I get a cyst once or twice a year they are very small and barely need a small band-aid.

Lastly, I had a Pilanidal cyst for several years near the area of my butt-bone. It would become inflamed and infected; I could not sit or walk when it flared once a month or more. In 2006 a surgeon removed the Pilanidal cyst for good - from the inside of the Cyst's core and out! Another 4 weeks to recover and no more Pilanidal Cysts!

The pure and simple answer is to remove the core of the cyst completely otherwise it will just continue to come back! I spent years taking 2-3 Antibiotics at a time, weekly excisions of multiple cysts, supplements, vitamins, cortisone shots, vitamin B shots, etc...

The short-term pain from Major Hair Follicle and Sweat Gland Removal Surgery was less painful than years and years of chronic, recurring pain from multiple colonies of Hydradenitis Suppurativa Cysts!

I learned a few tricks along the way that helped me live with the pain, discomfort, embarrassment and scarring until they REMOVED ALL OF THE ROOTS:

SCRUB Daily with Anti-Bacterial Soap in Groin, Buttock & Armpit Areas

Do Not Consume Oily or Fried Foods
Do Not Shave Hair in Armpit or Groin Region
Do Not Wear any Nylons - use Thigh Highs
Do Not Wear Banded Underwear - Wear Boxers Only
Do Not Wear Tight Jeans, Pants or Nylon Bathing Suits
Loose a few pounds - less places for Cysts to hide
During major Hormonal or Pregnancy Changes, expect many more Cysts
Lots of SITS BATHS to Soften Cysts for Removal & Healing

Even if you don't have the same type of cysts or boils; some of the above 9 bits of tricks may help your cysts!


Thank you.Im deciding about going to the E.R for help because its a ping pong ball size under my arm..i just want it to go away but years ago they had to cut the same arm for the same reason and it did make a little scar its jusy really uncomfortable


I have just started getting these hard bumps size of a dime under my underarms and out side my vigina .
What would cause this ?


Very helpful information!