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hi there, i just had a question about Paxil... my doctor put me on Paxil in the spring of '06 after i began having intense and frequent anxiety attacks (in public and at home). i've noticed that the Paxil helped my anxiety, but did really nothing for my depression. i am a single mother and i have no one to share my responsibilities with and i get stressed very easily. i was just wondering if anyone knew of any other drug-treatment option i can discuss with my doctor.

also, i'd like to eventually stop taking antidepressants, has anyone had experience being weened off of them? in the past few weeks i haven't been taking my Paxil properly and this past weekend i found myself right back where i was when i started taking Paxil. i'm sick, wicked sick. so i've gotten myself back into my routine and can't wait to feel better...but am i going to have to take this forever??


Don't ever, ever just stop taking Paxil. Your body has learned to rely on the serotonin that Paxil helps your brain maintain. Ween yourself off slowly. It took my two weeks to ween off and for the first week I was a wreck. Try to find a substitution for your meds, like exercising, before you go off them. And remember, there is nothing wrong with taking the pills if they improve your quality of life and make you feel better


Hi there,

I had severe social anxiety half of my life now.Im 45 now and it
started during my early 20s.i began to seek professional help only
when I was around 30.My doctor prescribe me Aurorix
(Moclobemide) .It works well on treating my phobia as well as my
depression.My body didnt had a problem adjusting to its initial