i ovulated on june 8th or 9th? i had the vaginal discharge and twinging both days. and that happens every month when i ovulate. my DH and i had sex the night before and that day. AF was due the 17th, following a 28 (usual for me) cycle. had twinges in my belly, sore breasts, excessively oily skin, fogginess, headache, backache...just about every symptom of pregnancy....and i dont know if this is related, but when i was pregnant with my son it was. every time i cough or move a certain way it feels like something is pinchin or pulling in my lower abdomen. but anywho, the tests kept coming out negative, but AF never showed. until the 24th and its really light and
"mucousy". changed from pink to brown. could prob keep the same tampon for two days if i wanted to its that light. lol but tampons only seem to have very little blood on them. well on the 25th i had a blood test done...negative! i was sure i was getting false negs on the hpts. i dont know what it is, but i just feel pregnant. i know it could be all in my head, but ive been getting dizzy spells and everyone keeps asking me if im pregnant. as im a lil bloated and my skin is just GLOWING. could my blood test have been wrong? should i get an u/s? ive heard of this happening to women before, i just dont want to sound like a crazy person. im on meds that can effect a baby so i dont wanna wait til its too late. any thoughts? really really restless too at night...cant sleep and diarhea every day. just to add a few more in there. when i do sleep i have extremely vivid dreams.