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I had a hemorrhoidectomy on Friday March 9th, 3 large internal hemorrhoids and 1 external was removed with, cut out and stiched closed (not sure on the exact nomenclature). This will be a pretty long post but worth reading if your thinking about the surgery.

I had read many posts on this site concerning the procedure and recovery and got pretty scared before hand. I wanted to relay a postive story since it seems like most of the people who post either have had a horrible time after and only a few good ones. I figure this is typical as it seems that most people that have a decent experience dont bother reading sites like this. It was nice to see the negative comments as it did give me some pointers on how best to avoid certain recovery issues.

I had to have the surgery as mine were bleeding so bad that I was severly anemic. I first bled when I was 14 (42 now). They seemed to be a minor issue till about 7 years ago and I was having heavy bleeding when wiping, i'm not talking about spotting but dripping and sometimes streaming blood. I went to the ER after this went on for about a year, I was found to have just below 50% blood volume and was in ICU for 3 days with a 3 pint blood transfusion (that got me to around 80%). Doc did they colonoscopy, the only issue I had was internal hemorrhoids. The doc wanted fiber supplements and stool softeners first to avoid surgery since he said it was excruciating (not gonna lie, it was). Kind of scared me off for several years. I still had bleeding on and off for the next several years (would bleed heavily one week and then be fine for a few weeks, then the cycle would start all over). I eventually went to using flushable wipes only, as they were less abbrasive on the internels when they would prolapse out and did help a some. Started to have to push them back in to prevent discharge after BM's (was going around 4 times a day). Got blood tested again in April and found to be just around 55% blood volume again, severly anemic, found out how bad anemia is for your heart and desided I had to take the plunge.

New Doc didnt think my internals were casuing my anemia as only like 3% are bad enough to cause anemia. Scheduled the surgery as soon as possible. they ended up doing an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy an hour before the hemorrhoidectomy to make sure there were no other issues casuing the blood loss. They found no other issues at all and at least didnt find anything else wrong at all. All 3 procedures took a total of about 2 1/2 hours. went in at noon and discharged at just after 5:00 pm the same day.  

Next post  (reply) will be about the recovery and what I did to date (its been just over 3 weeks). Sorry if this is too long but would rather you all have as much info to help make a determination on your problem resolution. I hope this will help someone out there either way.

If you are considering the surgery it will possibly be worth reading my next post as a few of the things I did may help (may not) but we are all different and will heal / recover different.



On to my post surgey and recovery issues. 3 very large Internals and 1 External removed

Doc did tell me that it would be a 6-8 week recovery (could go back to work earlier but probably would not want to). Also that it would be a very painful and long recovery but at about the two week mark I should be over the pain hump and it would get better much quicker after two weeks. He also left in the Foley Catheter for 3 days as it helps reduce the intial pain caused by the bladder pushing on the area immediatly after. He also said that at the two week follow-up appointment that 60% of the people said htey would not do it again or wished they didnt have it done at all. But by week 6-8 100% changed thier tune and were glad they did it. So there is light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to make it there.

Surgery on March 9th (afternoon). Went home around 5 or 6 pm same night. I should also indicate that I thought I had a pretty high pain tolerance (have lived with years of neck pain casued by 2 herniated discs). I have to say that I'm not so sure now, how true that was.

Day 1: Waking in recovery, I was in a lot of pain and actually teared up some. Walked out to the car and had a horrible ride home, seat laid down and I was on my side. Teared up getting out and walking into the house with help from my son. Layed on my side on the couch, drank only a Ginger Ale and water first night and had chicken noodle soup. I was given Vicodin 5 / 500 (every 3-4 hours) and 800mg Ibuprofin (every 12 hours). Also a pill to help with the catheter (turned pee orange but did help a lot with the discomfort related to the cath). Had some spare Vicodins from a previous neck flair up (thank god I did) I had to double up Vicodin dosage as the 5  / 500 just was not cutting it. Was very concerned about the constipation factor of the pain meds and made sure I took Colace stool softener twice daily as well as eating Fiber one cereal, High fiber Oatmeal and also took two Fiber Choice chewables twice daily. Cant stress enough Fiber, Fiber and more Fiber and tons of water throughout the day.

Took Hot bath soaks (about 20 min) with Epsom salts about every 2 hours. Didnt get much sleep, no more than about an hour at a stretch. had to empty leg cath bag about evey hour. Did a little walking around the house mostly laid on my side. Was in an extreme amount of pain as expected.

Day 2: Woke up in tears it hurt so bad. Took pain meds on time all day long. Started eating regular meals that day, Fiber cereal, Fiber oatmeal and stool softeners ( spread out not at same sitting). Pretty painful all day and night. Got about 3 hours of sleep during the 24 hrs. Gotta say Catheter was almost as annoying as the rectum area. You feel like you have to go non stop even though its flowing in the bag automatically. Any movement of the bag at the line and the head of the penis is very uncomfortable. Hated the Catheter beyond description. Hot baths and bandage change every 3 hours or so. Beleive it or not but make the water as hot as you can stand. It does help with pain (temporary) and with swelling of the area.

Day 3: Pretty much the same as Day 2. I finally had my first BM that night (Sunday). Was'nt much quantity but was painful and oddly relieving at the same time. Not as painful as I had expected from reading posts here. May have been due to my high fiber intake and stool softeners? My BM routine was the same for the first two weeks. BM, use only some form of flushable wipes no paper. Pat area do not wipe, go straight to hot shower to soap and rinse area, back to hot bath with Epsom salts for at least 20-30 min. Started having at least 2 BM's a day, they did start getting easier after about the 3rd of 4th one. I was prett surprised when i felt the rectal area as I was patting with the wipes. It felt like there were new smaller hemorrhoids and bumps and a few stiches, painful to touch but you need to clean so ya have to live with it. Apparently pretty normal (they did start reducing in size and going away after about 5 days).

Day 4: Getting a little better every day now (not much but noticeable). Yay Catheter removed (finally), removal didnt hurt as bad as I expected. I did pain med up before going to appointment though. Other than that was pretty much same as day before, Started using Maxipads today instead of bandages. Stilll taking hot baths every few hours, still taking pain meds on time everytime, stopped doubling up everytime and only in morning and before bed. One thing about Cath removal, its like my system forgot how to pee (lasted for about 3 days before started normalizing). Would stand for 20 min and not able to get started. Read that it was easier in a warm bath worked and then found another golden nugget, push in your belly Button to help get started (worked as well, could have just been in my head though, not sure).

Days 5-14: Getting better each day, started taking short walks  and tired of laying around. Still cant sit for more than a few min at most. Rectal area swelling and drainage getting much better each day to almost none existent by day 14. Started skipping pain meds a little at a time during daytime.  Pain meds down to about every twelve hours now. Have always been paranoid about getting addidcted so I tend to start backing off as early as I can stand too. Dropped stool softner to once a day around Day 8 but maintained Fiber-One Cereal in morning, Fiber Choice (X2) in afternoon and High Fiber Oatmeal just before bed. and lots and lots of water. Had follow up appointment Day 14, Doc was pleased with progress and said the area looks pretty goos and on track. I am already glad i did it as pain is pretty light at the the two week area. clean up after BM's really different as there is nothing protuding anymore. The new hemorrhoid feeling bumps are pretty much gone now as well as the stiches. Apparently there will be some small skin tag type ridges that should become pretty unnoticeable in another month or so. Doc said your the lucky one if you dont get them at all. Starting to itch pretty bad at times (healing).

Week 3: Itching (no pun intenended lol) to go back to work. Things going back to normal, Still some discomfort but tolerable. Sitting getting better. No disharge really, but still soaking after BM's. Stopped taking Stool softner but still taking Fiber supplements. BM's twice daily.

Im not gonna lie it was extremely painful the first week for sure. Kind of makes you want to die at times. But it started to get more tolerable after about a week. Stay up with the pain meds for the first two weeks probably. So far no real bad complications (keeping fingers crossed). Guess I may have been really lucky or had a really good Doc (or both). Glad I did it as I have not bled like before at all. Looking forward to not bleeding during BM's now. Getting more energy since i'm not bleeding anymore.

I would not recommend this if you dont really need it though as it will be one of the most unpleasant things you can ever have done. Those of you that have lived with either painful or bleeding hemorrhoids for years will be glad you have it done if it goes well.

I hope this may help, and good luck. If I get any questions I will try to come back and answer (wont be as long as these posts).




My husband is considering this. Just so I know- did you do this surgery in March 2012? And how are you feeling now?


Yes I did it in March 2012. I am feeling fine now, was back to work full time in about 4 weeks. The doctor had said 6-8 weeks but I think that was his long estimate. He could probably go back sooner if he really had to and had pain meds. It will also depend on if he needs externals and internals removed. Just externals it would probably take less time to heal. I had both removed.


Thanks for sharing a positive story. I am trying to focus on the positive stories!  I have 2 surgery consultations and feel I have no other choice at this point. I have had a flare up for 2 weeks now that has kept me out of work and unable to do much by lay down. It's pretty bad. The pain now is getting me to the point of just being ready to get it over with! I am scared of the surgery but trying not to focus too much on all the horror stories.


Wow first truly positive story I've read. I was surprised that your bowel movements were pretty regular. Even with the hems, I was able to pass them at least every 3 days at a significant size no matter what I ate. Didn't drink much water either. Now I can barely past any stool or when I do it is barely any and it's soooo painful. My doc is saying I'm fine because he could insert his thumb in my rectum at my 2.5 check up. approaching 4 weeks and it is extremely hard to pass a stool. My opening is much smaller it seems. I can't sit on my bottom and I'm trying not to stress myself out like I had for the first two weeks. I drink so much water, eat a lot of fruits and vegs. I've had meat once and take stool bm for 5 days. idk what else to do. I'm glad your experience went well for I would not wish this on my worst enemy.


Though this post is several years old, I wish to add my success story after finding steadyhealth

I had 5 very large Internal prolapsed and 3 External removed. I developed the haemorriods during my pregnancies. They got real bad, that I had to have them surgically pushed back in. So I did an idea of the recovery pain. I was informed that I needed surgery but it would be best to wait till we had finished having all our children. I am glad I did or else I would not have had any more.

Though I had an idea of the pain to come, I still did not expect the intensity or length of time it would last. There was no discussing of a pain plan before the surgery. I had no idea of sitz baths or soaking the tub till I found this site.

To my understanding, the type of haemorroidectomy I received resulted in my receiving a tubular desolvable stitching internally and then more desolvable stitches on the external haemorroids.

The first 4 days were complete hell. The main pain came from the extreme swelling and pulling on the outer stitchers. The pain was so intense that I went to ED to see how I could manage the pain better. I was sent home after the use of a local anesthetics and an ice pack. And was told to use a haemorriod cream to help relieve the pain (that was a joke, it made the whole area sting)

After returning home, I got on the net to see if there was anything else I could do to ease the pain till the swelling went down. I found this site. After browsing a few posts, I change my medication to nurofen plus.

First Two Days Panodol Plus - metamucil - Lactocur (15ml morning & night) - Fish Oil tablets (morning & Night) - Magnesium - vitiman c. Hot Showers (to clean)

Day 3-4. Nurofen Plus & panodol - metamucil - Lactocur (15ml morning & night) - Fish Oil tablets (morning & Night) - Magnesium - vitiman c. Hot Showers (to clean) - Epson salt baths0.

On day 4, I returned to the hospital as the swelling had not reduce. BM were still hurt badly and the the pain was still intense, that I started to think maybe I had an infection. I was told that it was healing nicely and the swelling was quite normal and was prescribed Xylocain 5%. This was a god send for me. The turning point to my recoveryBy day 6 the swelling had begun to reduce

My day consisted of applying Xylocain first thing in the morning before my bowl movement. Taking the Nurofen Plus. Have BM, Rinse off, soak in a epson salt bath (do pelvic floor excercises in the bath), followed by an ice pack. Walk around the house, then going back to lying down. I was having 3 BM a day due to the lactocur as it hurt too much having a formed stool. I could not sit I continued this until my check up at the end of week 2.

The doctor advised me that it was time to stop taking the Lactocur to start having formed stools again to get my colon operating correctly. Though a little apprehensive I did as instructed. I used the Xylocain for a further 3 days on the external stitching before a BM

It's now been 3 weeks. I still have issues with the external stitches and have swelling after a BM but the ache does not last too long. I have only had a slight bleed due to pulling of the external stitches. I am only using nurofen and have done all week. About day 12 I was able to sit on soft cusioning and drive the car. I am only walking around the house, doing housework but am not lifting anything except my new baby girl. I am waiting till my next doctors apointment to see if I can increase my walking beyond the house but will be taking it easy until week 8 to make sure it's all healed. My success I believe is due to not straining when having a BM. Long deep breaths during a BMMaking sure I am eating enough fibre and drinking 3 ltrs of water a day.Not wiping in the first two weeksTaking the vitiman c and fish oil.Magnesium baths and icepacks.Pelvic Floor excercisesXylocain (local anesthetic)The support of my family and friends in the first two weeks.No infections.










UPDATE: It's now 6 weeks post op.
The pain and discomfort stopped around 4 weeks when the external stiches disintegrated and broke away.
I still swell slightly after a BM. The doctors had said that is could take up to 6 months for this to settle down, so I am still using wet wipes.
I was given the all clear to begin exercising at my 4 week check up, especially pelvic floor and core exercises


I thought I share my story as well: I had external (all around) and internal hemerhoids (don't know how many) removed with stitches ... I recently learned that another method of hemerhoidectomy that uses staples which is a lot less painful and takes less time to heal; please make sure your surgeon uses staples instead of stitches as I regret not knowing this earlier... The first few days were relatively ok as I alternated between taking Advil 400 mg and tramacet every 4 hours; however by the 4th day I still had not had a BM. Two doses of Milk of magnesia didn't help either so I called the doc on the 5th day and he suggested I get an enema... I couldn't do it myself as I had no idea where my new hole was. I embarrassingly decided to ask my mom (who happens to be a nurse) for help and she wasn't able to as I was screaming in pain whenever she touched anything down there... I ended going to the ER. There a doc gave me the most painful horrid rectal exam followed by two enemas. I am a 34 year old man but I was crying like a baby as she put her finger followed by enema tips in my wounded sphincter. That pain will be remembered for life as it changed me as a man.... Anyway I finally had my first BM.... Day 6 was full of painful BMs (around 4 or 5) as the laxitives I had taken finally kicked in... Day 7 the BMs were less painful so I thought I had passed the tough part; boy was I wrong... On day 8 I take my usual morning sitz bath but I see the tub quickly turned red with blood. I was bleeding perfusely without a BM.... I go back to the ER and this time I get admitted as one of my internal stitches had come lose. They didn't intervene and just let me bleed all day.... The bleeding finally stopped after 20 hours and for the next few days I was passing pounds of clotted blood that had filled my colon. I was in the hospital for 4 days. I couldn't use a bath tub in the hospital but atleast I could get a shot of morphine right after each BM/blood... Anyway the BM pain subsided substantially after my release from the hospital (day 12). I was able to sit for more than hour on Day15 and drive on day it's day 22 and I have virtually no pain. However I have swelling like skin tags. My biggest problem is that after every BM it swells up down there and I have to lie down for 2 hours to get the swelling to settle. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, When can I expect not to have swelling after BMs? Thank you for reading! I would appreciate any feedback


Just as an update. Now 2 months after surgery I have no pain or bleeding. I am finally hemmerrhoid free :)

But now I have a differnt problem known as "proctalgia fugax". It was likely caused my the surgery. basically every 2 to 3 weeks, suddenly in the middle of night I get a terrible cramp in my sphincter that lasts for about 20 minutes. It is extremely painful but there is no way to stop it as it only lasts 20 minutes.


My partner is on day 3 after op. His first bm was earlier and he has been in sheer agony since. Reading your post has given me hope for him so thanks


Thank you for sharing your experience. I am scheduled for surgery this month and terrified. Your story helps shed some light in a personal "been there, done that" way. All the best to you.


I had a hemorrhoidectomy for 2 external hemorrhoids on 11/7/16. The doctor opted to not suture the surgery site and instead left it open. I wanted to chime in with my experience.

I read all the horror stories prior to surgery and while I was terrified to have it done, I felt like the stories helped me better prepare. Prior to surgery, I went bonkers and bought everything I thought I could possibly need to survive what I anticipated would be impending hell. The items I'm so glad I purchased that my doctor didn't recommend included:

1. A portable bidet
2. Tendher perineal ice packs
3. Extra absorbent maxi pads
4. Granny panties that I didn't care if they got trashed with blood
5. Tucks pads (to wipe your butt once the pain of touching it doesn't send you into a tailspin)

Things I wish I hadn't purchased:

1. A sitz bath (stick with a bath tub, way more comfortable)
2. A squatty potty (this thing just added to the insane pressure on my butt, OUCH)
3. Betadine (someone recommended this for the sitz bath/bidet but I ended up not needing it)
4. Recticare (recommended by many but with an open wound it didn't seem like the best idea so I didn't end up using it)

Of course, be sure to buy plenty of gauze, get your pain meds filled prior to your surgery, ask for anti-nausea meds so you don't feel like you are going to barf when you take your extra strong pain meds, and anything else your doctor tells you to take.

I'll try to keep the rest short and sweet. I went on the BRAT diet (not recommended by my doctor but glad I did this) 3 days before surgery and stayed on it for almost a week after. For the most part, the pain was extremely manageable/tolerable for me. I used the ice packs 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off for the first few days to keep swelling down (again, not recommended by my doctor but I think this really helped). Was basically on bed rest for the first week and a half to help keep the swelling down as well. Take your pain meds on time, get some Zophran to help with nausea, but start trying to wean yourself off of pain meds as soon as you can because they can constipate you.

The worst parts were the gas and BMs. The first day I had BMs, my doctor had me take too much milk of magnesia and I ended up having 20 bouts of diarrhea in a 12 hour time span. If I had to imagine what hell is like, this was worse than hell. As in on the floor, feeling like I was going to black out or die, worst pain imagineable hell. The only thing that helped with that was using the portable bidet to run cool (not warm or hot) water over the area as the BM was happening then sitting in a cold sitz bath after to cool the area down. The gas was hellacious too. As in you gotta hold on to something until it passes otherwise you might go flying through the roof in pain.

I'm now about 10 months post surgery and still have some tags. Headed back in to the doctor soon to get his opinion on handling them. For the most part, taking a dump isn't so bad, but there are times where it's pretty painful and just feels like I don't have the elasticity I once had. Overall I'm happy I had the surgery, but I don't feel like I'm 100%.