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I told myself I would post something here regardless of my outcome. So here is a more positive story in light of all the negative ones.

A little background info first, I am a 33 year old female and have had hemorrhoids since before I can remember. In the last 3-4 year they got bad, they rarely caused me pain but they were very large, chronic internal grade 3 and prolapsed, they would come out of my rectum after every bowl movement. I would have to push them back inside, it was embarrassing, scary, uncomfortable, and sometimes there was a lot of blood.

Basically my doctor said that they had to be operated, and I knew they were never going to go away on their own, they have only gotten worse, so I made the appointment to have the surgery. I was terrified up until the day of the surgery after reading all the post, I almost cancelled.

First, I have to say I am an American living in Germany, and they take this thing a little more serious. I had a colonoscopy the day before the surgery, so I was completely cleaned out. The surgery was done by a surgical proctologist, he basically doesn't do anything else but look and operate on butts the whole day. Fun for him! He did it the Milligan-Morgan or Parks method, with a scalpel and the wound was left half open, half stitched. The doctor said it would take 6 weeks to completely heal.

Important: I recommend having it done by someone that has a lot of experience in the area!

I had to stay in the hospital for 5 days (Germany) which was good. I was given the best pain medications the first three days, and it was rough, but was bearable. I was told by my doctor not to eat for 5 days. So my diet consisted of fruit/vegetable juices and tea. I did not have my first bowl movement until 5 days after the surgery, which I think helped the area heal faster. It was not too painful, it was very soft, lots of blood. By day 4 I was already feeling much better and wanted to leave the hospital. Once I did slowly start eating again I was having 6 bowl movements per day, very soft (but no blood and not too much pain), but I could not hold them (pooped my pants, awesome).

The third week was really when I saw a huge improvement, I wanted to go out with friends. I was told by the doctor not to use toilet paper 2 weeks after surgery, so after every bowl movement I would jump in the shower and use the shower head to clean the area. I was able to sit down with no problem about 8 days after surgery. After week 3 was feeling much better, but, there was still minimal pain and pressure in the area. Week 4, working now, one bowl movement a day, no pain.


Here are steps that I took before and after the surgery.

-- I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, cut down on meat and cheese, add extra fiber to diet, exercise.

--I started taking, Zinc (was told that a Zinc deficiency could make you heal 40% slower), Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Turmeric, Coenzyme Q-10, about two weeks prior to the surgery and am still taking these.(check with your doctor before taking any vitamins before surgery)

-- after surgery, drink plenty of water, fruit juices, vegetable juice, also consider drinking coconut water, taking coconut oil, olive oil, and drinking aloe Vera juice. (doc said to stay away from citrus fruit after surgery.)

-- one week prior to the surgery and until healed I am taking Arnica and Apis mellifica, homeopathic medicine, 4 balls, 4 times a day, under the tongue. (of course check with your doctor or other a health professional before taking)

-- positive thinking and positive visualisation!

-- get up take small walks once a day.

What I would say to anyone reading this, try all alternative methods before getting the surgery, because regardless of the outcome there are always risks and side effects. I wish that I would have taken care of mine years ago before they got bad, then I could have avoided the surgery. But, I am happy that I had it finally done, I did not want to live with them any longer.

Anyone have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer!


It's nice to read something that is not a horror story.  I am having surgery on Monday and am terrified and have thought of cancelling too.  I have internal and external hemorrhoids.  It is a necessary operation for me, but am petrified.



Don't be scared, try and think positive. I am sure you will do fine. In a month or so when it is all over you will be glad you had it done.


Glad yours went nicely but its not like 99% of were in a hospital for 5 days?? I had an internal and external removed and it here large and was sent home 5 hours after surgery with a prescription for oxycodone.Im on day 6 post op and this hato been harder than anythi