My wife is on day 5 after her hemmorrhoidectomy and has not had her first BM. Her abdomen has swollen substantially (from a 23" waist to a 28.5" waist) and is very hard. 

She has a codeine allergy, so the first few days of excruciating pain were complicated by massive nausea and vomiting. I finally got her down to the ER yesterday after 14 hours of not being able to tolerate even water (let alone the anti-nausea meds or pain killers), had her pumped full of fluids and put on a new pain med (hydrocodone instead of oxycodone). Xrays of her intestines showed that they were full, but not blocked.

Her Dr., who has been great (will call back within 3 minutes for off-hour concerns) still does not want her to take more than 2 Ducolax per day and no more than 2 oz of Milk of Magnesia per day.

Post operative instructions stated that we were to call the Dr. if there has been no BM in the first 5 days, but this may have been complicated by the nausea and vomiting.

She has been great about trying to get her fiber, fluids, taking sitz baths, and staying active, but she just won't eat any more solid foods as her abdomen is so packed.

Any suggestions on getting the first BM going? I am very concerned that this will not get better unless something else is done and soon.