On March 18 morning, I had my hemorrhoidectomy.

It is now March 20 afternoon. My butt feels stiff but slowly softening. I can urinate but since my butt feels stiff, I find like when I try to extract more urine, I hit a block of stiffness near the butt area.

I still have not been able to void even when I feel like the body is trying to. I see my butt crack is smaller than usual and there are ball like objects in the opening area.

I tried to put my finger into the crack and I feel stitches and tightness.

1) Should I try to force the stool out? 2) Should I modify my diet to juice so I do not have solid stool coming out this quickly?

The doctor has prescribed me with painkillers, anti-inflammatory and stool softener. I have only taken the anti-inflammatory and stool softener because I do not feel any pain yet.

3) Should I take the painkillers right now? 4) How does everyone think I will feel in one week time?

Look forward to everyone's advice on this.

Thank you