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I am having pph surgery on friday.
they say my condition makes me a perfect candidate.
the medical profession though, never prepares you for the aftermath of surgery.

I am aware of difficulty urinating and all of the other basic post op effects.

What I have not heard about yet, and will ask on surgery day, is .....

what diet is required post op and for how long?

Can we drive? if so when?

they said i have the option to be admitted for a day and i think i am going to take it.

can't imagine having to sit around for a while being force fed water until I can urinate, only to have them put in a foley and send me home.

i was told an overnite foley is usually sufficient to get the bladder voiding.

still so many questions and so little time.



Good luck with your surgery today. Do not take the Percocet! As soon as you can take tylenol extra strength, religiously, every 4 hrs. the percocet will make you constipated and make things more painful when you try and have a bm, and it makes you feel worse than you are too.
Eat whole wheat bread and banana, or fiber one cereal with banana sliced on it for breakfast. I lived on this stuff and it worked, along with the metamucil and stool softeners.
I ate all high fiber products to help things along. If you want a less painful bm, drink 3 tblspoons of mineral oil at night, that helps with the bm's bigtime.
I hope you have your sitz bath ready, because you'll need it for the ease of discomfort, i sat in mine more than 10 times a day. Hot water was my friend, it promotes healing and helps with pain, and the hot water makes you want to pee anyway. I managed to pee 7 hrs after, they said if you get to 8 hours go back and get a catheter, i wanted to avoid that, and managed to.
Anxiety was something i was not expecting at all, so if you have the sweats and are slightly hysterical when you know you need to go, thats "normal", apparently. Dr did not mention that! I could have done with something to calm me, but went with it, i was pretty great after 10 days, pain was minimal.
They will give you cream to apply, i don't know how they expect anyone to put that nozzle on the tube up their butt, that's a no no. I was able to use that after 2-3 weeks. I applied with finger, (sounds gross) but believe me you will understand.
Post when you are feeling better.

PS Drink at least 64 oz juice, water every day, as much as you can, and i went driving after about a week. I did not want to go far, because i looked weird trying to walk normally. I went back to work after 2 weeks.