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My Girlfriend is scared to death that she is pregnant... if she is, I want to be prepared for abortion as soon as possible because we are not old enough... or mature enough to have a child this early in life. I live in Michigan and am wondering if we can get an abortion without parental consent, how much it will cost, and where are nearby abortion clinics? I'm so scared right now I cant stand up and I want to be prepared for this situation before it happens. thanks.


Hi honey! 1st of all is this your name? Try and change it if it is OK?

Now I WILL help you both this is the information I need from her 1st then I can tell you if it's a possibility or not OK? You need EXACT dates - so tell her to think BIG TIME

1. When was her LAST period?
2. When did you have unprotected sex - date?
3. How many times have you had unprotected sex in the last 6 months?
4. What is her cycle  is is 28, 30, 31 .... days
5. For the last 6 months have her cycles been the same?
6. Has she missed a period or a late period or even a wonky period in the last 6 months
7. Has she been ill, stressed, too much exercise, put on or taken off TOO much weight?
8. When is her next period due?
9. Has she taken ANY tests - if so when and what did it say?
10. did you ejaculate into her - did you use protection at all or did you CHOOSE to TOTALLY have unprotected sex?

I will help you further - tell her she CAN'T say "Oh I don't know" this is VERY important


Alright this is what my girlfriend said, 

1. start:24th end:29th
2. july 3rd
3. 5
4.i  think 30...i never pay attention.
5. mostly
6. no
7. stressed, lost like 10 pounds.
8. tomorrow
9. no
10. no. we used pullout.

Is it possible that she could be pregnant? shes been really thirsty lately, had crampings once, and yesterday, a light brown color was in her discharge. She wouldn't have even noticed it if she hadn't used toilet paper. I'd like to thank you for responding and helping us through this scary situation. It means alot.


OK! With this information - great feedback - I am pretty sure you dodged a bullet! Due to the fact that she is 30 day cycles, that means - with the numbers you provided me - she would have been more fertile (ovulated) on the 10th of July or 11th - just depends so even taking into consideration that sperm can live for several days, it would still be a HUGE stretch for them to live that long and for an egg to arrive earlier than usual! So tell her to relax and the brown is old lining - so this means her period is coming on! Tell her to take a walk, or just do something healthy and relaxing and her period should come on tomorrow or the day after!

NOW I want you and she to repeat after me "Because of this AWFUL scare we will NEVER EVER EVER use the pullout method again, we will ALWAYS use a condom, and I WILL pull out and ejaculate INTO the condom at ALL times, I DO understand that even if i think my penis is dry I can NOT see sperm, and could have some on my penis, I also need to be aware that I CAN get my girlfriend pregnant at ANY time because if she is sick or stressed, her ovulation date might change - we never know - also it HAS been known for girls/women to get pregnant while on their periods (due to the same reasons) I honor my sexual health and that of my partners, we will NEVER get caught off guard I will ALWAYS carry a condom with me! ALSO Condoms expire, so the condom I've had in my wallet for months on end might actually be VERY old" Even if my girlfriend goes on the pill, I will STILL use a condom and the pullout and ejaculate into the condom - to make any chances of pregnancy ZERO!

Both of you have just dodged the BIGGEST bullet you could find! I understand about hormones, but you NEED to get read up on just how little it takes to get pregnant! There are 1 million sperm in each ejaculate - you can NOT see them or feel them! So you might have dried your penis with a hair dryer - doesn't make a difference, you do NOT know if there is sperm in your precum! NEITHER of you EVER take this for granted again OK? Because even though I am Pro Choice - having an abortion is NOT as simple and as easy as you may think it is! It can be DEVASTATING to the girl - physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and financially! So IF you are old enough for sex you are old enough to think with the head on your shoulders OK? It's ALL about respecting each other, yourselves and your futures - this is NOT an episode of Teen Mom, this is real life, where you have ZERO money and ZERO time for yourself or your friends, and you take the bus and the stroller EVERYWHERE! So think about 1 second of enjoyment compared to a life time of taking care of a child! OK? Let me know how she makes out OK? Good luck to both!