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I gave my boyfriend oral sex when he arrived home on a weekend vocation from college. The problem is after he ejaculated in my mouth I kissed him on the lips like 4 minutes afterwards, . A few minutes after that we washed our hands but he started to give me oral sex. Could I get pregnant from this? I am really not sure what to do in this situation. I do not really know if pregnancy is possible because he did not ejaculate inside me but he did give me oral sex and that is what concerns me. but he did insert his tongue a little.


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Hi dear. I am happy that you are searching answers in such renowned forum and I am sure you will get better answers.   In the vast, vast majority of cases, it is impossible to become pregnant due to swallowed semen. There is no path inside the body from the stomach to the uterus; there is no way that sperm can get from inside the stomach to where they need to go to cause pregnancy. Plus, acid inside the stomach will kill any sperm quite quickly, even if there were a path. So, you can swallow as much semen as you want with no risk of getting pregnant. But, as previously mentioned, life finds a way. If a path from the stomach to the uterus is created, perhaps by a stab wound and there is no stomach acid, as in the case of a person who hasn’t eaten for a long time, then there is a minuscule chance of pregnancy. I hope the information I provided will be helpful to all. Best wishes for your future to get a healthy child. Be safe and stay blessed.