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Hi, I have damaged my penis while stretching it (applying traction force). The damage was done while the penis was not erected.

The symptoms that I have suffered included a shrinkage to an abnormal small size, right after the injury, and erectile disfunction for 48 hours right after it. Also some sensation loss. I feel the sensation might have recovered now, but I cannot be sure it feels like before.

I have been to two urologists, and they both think that everything is fine with it. There seems to be no signs of damage to the vascular tissue (after ultra sound scans).

I have the following question: my penis gets erected now, but it has a different shape. It is slightly strangled at its base, and it looks a bit longer. However, it keeps the angle it used to have, and it is functional (I get orgasms with it, and can hold an erection, also, I get psychological stimulation - erections without actually touching the penis).

My concern is just how close to my previous state I might get. Every day seems to show signs of improvement, but I don't know when is this process going to stop.

To summarize, the main differences from my previous state are:

- The shape: there is a strangled base, as if the erectil tissue doesn't fill to the uttermost capacity. (might this indicate the presence of scarring, or damage to the tissue there, that could however not be detected by urologists?)

- The time: the penis gets erected at normal speed, but it tends to go flaccid faster than before (before it would take a minute or so before it starts going flaccid, now after 30 seconds it starts diving).

- It is not as hard as it used to be. It is more flexible.

- There is a lot of pre-seminal fluids.

- I don't experience morning erections anymore.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards,

Pal X.


I've experienced near the same thing. I should also specify that this injury occured post enlargement surgery where the ligaments were severed and reattached.

After 3 month I had built up to 10 lbs stretch in perpendicular to body (strait out).

One day, I noticed about 1/2 inch growth after a stretching period, and it all came at once! no pain yet.

The next day was bad. Same weight immediately cause a uncomfortable tugging sensation all along my perrineum or taint.

I have the same problems as palx above me does, and this is 10 years after the initial injury! It still fells as though the perrinial muscles have perminently bunched up around the perrinial juncture point. It even gave me some mild hemriods and anus spasms!

Is there any hope to recover? any suggestions, procedures, scans, etc.??

Thanks for helping me with this embarassing as hell problem...


Every now and then my penis also looks how PalX described his. It typically hangs full however. I believe I fractured (or sprained?) my penis years ago. When it happened I don't think the sheath surrounding the spongy material was torn to actually release the blood, and further believe that a ring of blood scared underneath the sheath along the fracture line and effectively formed a blood-restricting ring which when flaccid makes the penis appear skinny near the base and full near the tip, and when erect the ring becomes a firm smooth bump that encircling the entire penis in a ring (can be felt easily but not so easily seen... kind of looks like a muscular c@ck). My erections get really hard but also like PalX's they wear off quickly (perhaps 30 seconds after orgasm). I can get erections without touch. I've never been to a doctor but from what I've read they can correct it by inducing an erection, cutting right along the bump, digging out the gunky bloody scar stuff and seal it up. I honestly have grown quite comfortable with my "ring" and my girlfriend claims i give her 3 orgasms at least every time. I would much rather keep what I have than to undergo some risky uncommon surgery.

all the best to you and yours



hey im having the same problem ever recovered?


Pal X,

I have the same situation. I did subtle damage from using an extender. Now it doesn't gain full erection, and dives down fast. Unable to draw in blood and keep blood locked in. I can get up to 60% erection, orgasm, have sex. But it is not fully raging erection it was before.

Have you recovered from your trouble? How long did it take? What did you do to recover?