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Hi, I am a 20 year old man/boy university student and been a happy smoker/stoner, and I have been through anxiety, panic attacks and depersonalization too.

So here is my story, and at the end I will write down what helped me to recover from it.
I was a smoker for around 3 months, I always smoked from a bong, never lit a joint or blunt.
I smoked every weekend but sometimes 2x or 3x in a week, once I smoked 2 times in one day, but it went all right. Sometimes I drank alcohol but NEVER did anything except weed and alcohol and I never mixed these two things. And I would like to mention here, that I am a highly sensitive person, which means that maybe the weed affects me differently, but I never researched this kind of thing.

At the beginning my highs went all right, except the first trip, but you know what is the first trip, so I don’t count that.
After a while sometimes I started feeling something strange, some kind of stress while I was high and I read about it that “you need to slow down” or “build up a tolerance”, I didn’t believed in that.
Once I was smoking with my GF and we got high I hit the bong 2 times in 5 minutes and I started to feel that strange stress, but I decided to smoke more, and I noticed that after 5 hits I was not high, just a little bit,I was high but not very, I was nervous, but it was all right, I didn’t had a panic attack or anxiety, but I stopped smoking cause my GF was way more high.

The next day went alright, nothing special, I was completely all right, not a single sign what will come the second day.

The second I was anxious, I felt horrible like I had a fever or I was ill. And afternoon it get worse and worse, I started to get panic attacks like “I am going to die” or “I will be never the same”. It was the worst feeling of my life, you, who reading this, you know what is that feeling, or someone before me described it, so I don’t want to describe it again. And I knew that the weed was the same, because I bought from my dealer more and I smoked the rest of it without problems.

After day to day, my panic attacks get better and better, but never went away completely. Here I would like to mention that I completely stopped smoking weed. But I felt that I am not myself, hard to describe it, I felt that something was wrong, I felt that I am just inside my head, and the world around me “is just happening”. I had a fear that something was broken in my head.

And then I started to search on the web for this, like you did (that is why you are probably here, reading this) and I decided to write this down, because I know out there lots of people need help.

And after 2 weeks I get really better, if I would know what I know now I would be all right within a week, so I would like to write down how I get back to myself, maybe it will help someone out there searching for this kind of help.

For anxiety unfortunately I found nothing working for me… these things just happened with me and I was completely lost, the biggest fear was that I will stay in that state forever, it was hard not to think about those bad feelings.

But I started to work about myself when I was not anxious. I went out many times with my dog, it was very good for both of us.
I started a harder workout program, whenever I started feeling that I am anxious or I think about those bad feelings, I started to run up and down in staircase 10 times, after it I did 50 push-ups, and it helped me a lot. I started yoga, but it didn’t help for me, but once I read that it helped for someone so I mention it, maybe it will help for you.
After a while I found out that workout release serotonin, which helped me to feel more myself again.

I did research on the internet and found good things, I am not going to link them here, because on lots of site it is not allowed to share external links so I just copy things here which helped for me:

It’s the same story over and over again. Someone smoked marijuana with a group of friends and within 24 hours, usually sooner, they begin feeling unreal, depersonalized, foggy and detached. They are convinced that the marijuana had to have been laced with something that created this uncomfortable and distressing sensation. They worry that some sort of “damage” has taken place inside their brain. When they contact the people they partied with, they are amazed to learn everyone else is feeling fine. Now they become very confused, worried and fearful.
This is not an unusual course of events. I hear this story time again and again, in almost exactly the same detail. The individual is positive they have caused damage to themselves even though they are the only one experiencing these symptoms. They often resort to “doctor shopping” and taking medications which do little to resolve the problem. Frustration enters the picture as feelings of depersonalization/derealization often intensify.
There is a simple explanation for this chain of events. Once understood, recovery is not difficult. It requires a simple yet specific process.
Resolution of Depersonalization Due to Marijuana Use.

No matter what the trigger for these physical sensations, whether prescription medications, recreational drugs, alcohol abuse, or even prolonged stress/ illness, the effects of the initial event will eventually dissipate. Unfortunately, by this time, the mind has become fatigued by the habit of constant fearful worry. This continuous habit of introspection is accompanied by the release of adrenaline throughout the body, heightening already intrusive symptoms and further tiring an already exhausted mind. More fear is induced and the cycle of fear- adrenaline- fear begins. A habit is born and if not approached correctly, one becomes entrenched in trapped feelings and fears permanent damage. Nothing could be farther from the truth but one must learn how to interrupt these sensations in order to pick up the pieces and return to normal living.
Resolution of this sensation is not difficult. It is based upon a Two-Fold Approach:
(1) Understand your Brain- Learning how to refresh the fatigued mind. Thinking more productively. Through behavioral modification one is able to tame a mind that is overactive and unproductive.

The mind quickly wraps around whatever it is dealing with, to create a sense of closure, whether the facts are true or not. Therefore, if one has recently smoked marijuana and is feeling “strange” or “odd” afterward, the mind, by process of elimination, deduces that some damage must have occurred. Every free moment is spent in self-blame and fearful worry that permanent damage has occurred when nothing could be further from the truth.

The mind quickly becomes exhausted, due to the continuous loop of worried thoughts. A tired mind is far less resilient and naturally the longer this loop continues, the foggier the mind becomes. The person may even lose their appetite, develop insomnia and find it difficult to concentrate or socialize with friends and family. They might even take time off from work, in order to recuperate, when this is completely unnecessary.

Once they understand what this is, what it is not and what to do, they are home free. It is important to note that one is not ill, nor have they ever been, which is why medication is not required. In a reactive individual, medication often may exacerbate the problem. This is merely the product of a tired mind and nothing more. The marijuana may have been the trigger but it is not the only trigger.

(2) Food Therapy– Learning to use the correct foods, one already has in their own kitchen, to work for you rather than against you. Boosting Serotonin levels in the brain naturally and maintaining balanced blood sugar levels in the body to create a far less reactive mind and body. The correct foods will accelerate recovery when used in tandem with the proper behavioral modification techniques.
This two-fold approach is all that is required to overcome feelings of depersonalization, created by marijuana use, or any other trigger. It does not require a long or drawn out process at all. It does require that one follow the specific process, leading to rapid relief and permanent recovery.
After this I did another research what can boost serotonin in blood, because that really helped in my recovery.
Eat meals with lots of protein.
Include fermented foods and drinks in your diet.
Get plenty of Exercise
Spend time on the sun as much as possible
Reduce Stress (I know, as a university student, that this is not easy)
Eliminate sugar or at least drastically reduce sugar (every single webpage recommended it)
Focus on Emotional Healing (I know it is not easy, but try to think positive things, be optimistic)

In the first week I have been through hell, and I promised to myself that if I will ever find the recovery for this, then I will write down how I recovered from it, to help other people. After this I will post this on as many sites as many I can so maybe I can help someone.

After two weeks I got high and everything was alright.
If you had anxiety after weed, and after that you think that you are recovered, just think about smoking weed and getting high, if you get nervous from the thinking then don't smoke it, wait until the bad feeling went away or give it a try when you will be in another mental state.

So after my bad anxiety and panic attacks I was able to smoke weed without problem, hope I can help you.

And that is all I can tell you. These things helped me and I would like to help to other people with this post.
The last sentence from me to you: I know it is very hard now, you are here because you have these problems, and I believe that I can help you and you will be all right, just believe in yourself and be optimistic like I did, it was hard but I did it, and promise me one thing: don't you dare give up on yourself.


Thankyou very much for this. I know the feeling, it's like a living hell. My lowest point was when I felt I was getting no dopamine to my brain. But you have to keep going and push through it. To anyone out there suffering from Depersonalisation or paranoia from weed you can get better, It takes work though and taking the things in this post into account. I'm still suffering from a blank mind now but I no longer feel depressed, so that's a step in the right direction:) My anxiety has also decreased, thank God. You just gotta keep moving. Keep yourself moving and going. Write things out and do exercise. And please if you can help it, don't give in to medication. You have to listen to your mind and body, listen to your depression, not block it up and suppress it with meds. GL :)