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My mom has been very active until a month ago. She is 79, does not drink or smoke and has never complained
about anything in her life. A month ago she started having seizures ( 3 seconds long ) and tingling in her hands
as well as contraction of her fingers. It got worse, until she went into convulsions and ended up at the Hospital
at the ICU. They diagnosed her with Severe Hyponatremia ( Na = 109 ). She was given untiepyleptic medication
and her Sodium levels restored to normalcy ( almost...133 ). She was released after a week. We checked her sodium
after 5 days and things look OK ( still 133 ), but her 3 second long seizures have returned, and nobody knows why.
She has been prescribed KEPPRA (500 mg) 3 times a day, but the seizures have not gone away. Can anyone help?


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Do the doctors know what triggered the hyponatremia?

Keppra is an anticonvulsant, used in treating epilepsy? You say she was given other antiepilepsy meds? Are they suspecting that this is a form of epilepsy? Have they run any tests, hopefully at least a complete blood test and maybe an MRI? An ECG would not be out of line either as hyponatremia may be caused by congestive heart failure.

What other meds is your mother on or has she been on? Any blood pressure meds or liver meds?

Without tests it is hard to know if the hyponatremia is a symptom or the cause of these seizures.