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I am a 20-year-old woman who has been dating a man for going on 8 months. We have sex frequently, I was a virgin before this and he has been tested multiple times. Recently I have been noticing a strong smell from my urine which is not connected with any pain, discomfort, discoloration, discharge, or sickness besides a sort of low level cold that I haven't been able to ditch for a while (it's flu season and the cold front just started to pop up in Arizona.) Is this something I should get checked up? I am a vegan/vegetarian meaning that while I'd like to be vegan, unfortunately my monetary situation is forcing me to eat vegetarian foods such as frozen meals that my mom purchased for me with lots of dairy in them. I know that certain foods can change the smell of one's urine, is it possible that the switching from vegan to vegetarian and back again is freaking out my system?

Thank you to everyone for their attention to this matter.


If you have had a change in the smell of your urine for more than a week than you need to see your physician. But yes, switching eating habits will change the way your urine smells and looks. It will go away soon, or you should see you doc