Hello Everybody,

From the last 1 year, I have this feeling like their is something get stuck into my throat. when I eat food and other things, It go away totally but later or after couple of minutes it come back again. This feeling is so wierd. I am from India but living in Netherlands. I went to India to doctor and he checked it very carefully, he found nothing wrong. Everything was fine according to him. I came back to netherlands but the weird feeling was still thier. Again I went to India and this time my doctor performs Endoscopy test. He insert a camera into my mouth and checked everything. voice box, larynx, phyrnx foos pipe and even stomach. eevrything was all aright. he told me that its just a feeling but their is nothign worng. Then he performed CT scan for the whole neck to examine that if their is any kind of lump or bulky mass. Again everything was alright. I cam back to Netherlands again and the feeling went away for 1 month but again it come back now. Now I get sick of it because their is nothing wrong in my throat as I all passed all the diccicult and expenisve test. Is their is anyone who can help me out with this.

Thanks in advance