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11 days ago i had unprotected intercourse with my boyfriend, we are trying for a baby! On the 17th April, i started to have cramps, and a very unusual period, My periods are quite regular, and are very heavy and last 4 to 5 days, but on the 17th my 'weird Period' only last 2 days, the first day was watery blood, and i cramped alot, and the second day it was brown discharge! then it went, but 2 days later i started to spot just a tiny bit, but then went again... Nothing since, but i have experienced cramping, backache, i have this light yellow colouring, but only when i wipe! I always wear a pad just in case, but nothing is showing on there! I also am feeling very tired, pee now and again, i feel bloated, i come over dizzy sometimes, and get hot! I am totally exhausted 8-|
I havent been to the doctors yet about this, and i havent done a HPT because i already did two and they were both negative! Could i of had implantation bleeding, because it was a very strange period for me, I am quite confused, i need some answers :-) please has anyone had this? and can you please give me some answers, i would appreciate it BIG time!! I am 26 :-)


Hi Apple,
I would say that you should probably wait until you miss your next period. I know... easier said than done. I am not sure that the HCG in the urine would show for you on a test until you are late. Now, even if you arent pregnant, you should start taking prenatal vitamins as they help get your body ready. They are best taken at night before you go to bed. Make sure that you get some stool softeners that a doctor or pharmacist say are ok in pregnancy, because sometimes constipation occurs.
Be sure to take good care of yourself.
Be sure to take the pregnancy test with the first morning urine also.