For three days now I have been dealing with a pain in my stumock - its just under my belly button and worse on the left side. I have been having frequent dizzy spells too but am hypoglycemic and unsure if the dizzyness is related to that or not. Im a 24 year old female with one child whos 5. I cant be pregnant - I have made no big diet changes - no changes in lifestyle - and havent suffered a injury recently. The pains started a few years ago and when they first started it was only during my period. Then they became more frequent. I suffer different things at different times. Sometimes I vomit, sometimes I get bad gas, sometimes I have severe diarehha, and sometimes I urinate frequently. The pain also extends into my lower back. Im drained of energy and sick of dealing with the pain. I have no insurance and am very low income so going to a doctor is something that out of my reach. The doctors offices require payment up front or at time of leaving. I already have past due bills I cant pay and worry about being sued so Im not willing to make any more huge doctor bills. The pain dont help my depression any and some nights its so bad I have to ask my husband to sleep on the couch. Any idea of what this could be? Just for the record I dont qualify for public insurance and there are no free clinics in my area. Talking with a doctor on the phone in the past lead me to believe I have cysts in my uterus but without the proper scans the doctor couldnt be sure. Also for the record we do have sliding fee clinics in my area but it only covers the sit down chat and I know I need scans, blood work, ect thats not covered and I cant afford to make payments on anything.