Hi there,

Last Wednesday I fell down 3 steps and kinda left my right foot at the top, it twisted and I heard a snap, in fact the security guards in the building heard the snap too.

I went straight to the hospital as it was very, very painful, they xrayed it and told me there was no fracture or like.

Two days ago I received a telephone call from the hospital telling me that an xray specialist has had a look at the xrays and found a calcirific (or whatever it is) fracture and I have to go for a rescan. Asking the nurse about this, she advised that it simply meant an old fracture.

Anyway, it is now Tuesday and there is some bruising, and a band of swelling (not a massive amount) going left to right on top, midfoot. It isn't painful as such, and I can walk, however, if I try and circle my foot it does hurt a lot down the right hand side of the midfoot and some toes hurt, makin me cry out. If I rest my foot is aches, in fact there is a dull ache there all the time and I fequently get pins and needles in it.

As it is not complete agony I am happy enough to just leave it, but I was wondering if this was simply a sprain or if anyone has had a similar experience.

As you can imagine, the pins and needles can be quite annoying and would prefer not to have them.

Does anyone know what this is? Is there ay chance it could be a Lisfranc injury with no acute pain whilst bearing weight?