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I have a few questions regarding the presence of a hydrocele, particularly because some of you have been through an operation for it.  My questions are pre-surgery questions.  Briefly:  I've been to the ER several times for testicular pain, and a CT scan and ultrasound showed that I have a hydrocele.  However, I was told that it should be painless, that it is most common in children, and that it should resolve itself naturally.  I have been examined by a urologist who has refused to even look at the scans from the ER and has dismissed the hydrocele as a potential problem.  My condition has persisted for over a month, and I am age 36. I am seeking a second opinion, but my medical coverage is limited and I must wait for about 6 weeks to do so. So far, I've been treated w/ 3 different antibiotics for a suspected infection (despite the presence of the hydrocele), and they made no difference.  I've also had numerous physical exams of my testicles and prostate.  I even went through a cystoscopy, which is a procedure where a camera is inserted through the urethra/penis to examine the bladder (it makes me want to faint just thinking about it!).

My questions to you:  1) At what point does a doctor determine that surgery IS, in fact, necessary, especially since I've been told it is not common? 2)  What symptoms did you experience before your diagnosis was made, how was your diagnosis made, and at what point did doctors determine you needed surgery? I am thinking that I may need surgery, but I cannot get anyone to repeat a scan or take me seriously.  I have had testicular pain for over a month now, although some moments it's worse than others.  Any advice anyone has would be helpful and most appreciated.  Thanks, zbart


When I was diagnosed with one, the doc sent me for an ultrasound the same day to confirm and then I was scheduled and had surgery a week later.  Sounds like your doctor, either by choice or due to your insurance is giving you the run around.  It will likely keep growing til you get it fixed, so I would push to have the operation done soon