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Looking for opinions on what my next step should be.


I've had blood in my stool for probably 20 years.  Occasionally a lot.  It's gotten much worse over the past 5 years or so to the point that when it's bad, I can just start bleeding and leaking through my pants while sitting at the dinner table.  For about the past 3 years, my internal hemorrhoids have been stage 3 - always hanging out, always at least a drop of blood on toilet paper, and sometimes draining into the toilet after a bowel movement...but I didn't know I could push them back in.  I went to a colorectal surgeon and he gave me a couple of creams to try and told me to manually reduce the hemorrhoids after using the bathroom.  I did that for about a month and all of a sudden, my hemorrhoids no longer pop out and I had no bleeding.  One complication - they found what they believe is a polyp and want to remove it surgically under anesthesia.  The plan was that while they were in there and I was under, they would do the THD surgery or the first of 3 bandings.  Given how bad my symptoms have been the past 3 years, I was ready to go for the THD surgery.  At this point though, it's been 3 months since I had any prolapse or blood on toilet paper and 2 months since I put on any creams.  I am scheduled to have the polyp removed in a couple of weeks and I need to tell them what else I want done - THD or banding...and at this point, since I've been symptom free for 3 months, doing nothing is an option.


Any thoughts on how I should approach this?  If I was still having symptoms I would jump at the THD.  Now that I've got no symptoms for months, I'm leaning towards banding (which will require 2 more outpatient visits), but starting to think that possibly I don't need to do anything?


Thanks in advance for your opinions and thoughts!




I can't offer advice on this but I would sure like to know how this goes if you don't mind updating us about it?