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Tim Marten in San Francisco ruined my friends face and body by doing several unagreed procedures. She gad only excess skin that had to be removed due to skin injury. She agreed to have temple lift and facial skin lift with Dr. Marten. Timothy Maryen agreed to deliver this.

Surgery however turned in to worst nightmare. Instead of doing what was agreed Timothy Marten botched my friend doing aleast these unagreed procedures:

- liposuctioned fat out of her face. She had skin injury and she had finally been able to grow fatvto her face. Now this man sucked her fat out ancaused her face to look gaunt and ill

-Marten sucked her lip fat out from her already small lips without permission. Now her lips are in constant pain

-Marten botched her nose without permission and her nose is in constant pain 

- Marten Timothy J. also reshaped her jawbone and ig is now disgustingly skinny

-Marten carved her neck so skinny that it hurts and looks disgusting. She has hard time breathing and her tonsils have shrunk

-Timothy Marten or someone in the staff broke her nipless and breasts in a way that they do not react to menstrual cycle or have erogenous sensation.

Her labia majora looks like it has been sucked out of gat too Timothy J Marten hides facts and operating report is missing information. Timothy Marten did all of this to my friend on purpose and to hurt her. She was a pretty girl who just needed little help. She did not deserve this.

Be carefull and stay away from this doctor eho runs Marten clinic of plastic surgery kn San Francisco. He has ruined many lifes snd he gets the bad reviews deleted somehow. He is not as talented all the fake reviews say. He us just someone who has an enthusiasm for this.... He uses his patients to experiment...

He also injected fat on my friends nose without permission. It was possibly to hide the destruction he did to her nose bone. Her eyes are in constant pain due to him messing with that area of the nose.  Be careful and safe. Choose another doctor.


I'm very sorry this has happened.
Doctors like this should be jailed.
That won't happen if harmed people do not unite. There are several harmed and many who have been even killed due to doctors wrongfull actions.


I have followed this man on internet several years because I was considering him. I have read many reviews where patient complains about the bad outcome. Somehow dr Timothy J Marten is able to hide these reviews.
There were reviews which stated that there has been several lawsuits against him. But those have disappeared too.
No wonder if there are lawsuits if he does these sick abusive acts towards his patients while they are under anestesia.


How can somone like this be a doctor! This is terrible!

Too many doctors who violate their patients on purpose. Who can you trust if not your doctor?


"ratemds" is biased web page. They have deleted true reviews of this doctor that tell how bad he really is.
If you get a botched outcome from him you can possibly sue ratemds and other biased sites!



Only a quilty person hides facts.
Timothy J Marten is quilty. Otherwise he would let the harmed person talk with operating room staff.

This is insane what he has done!!!


I have been asking him tens of times to tell me where he took pieces of ny bones out si that I can get them implanted back. He is so very evil that he does not respond to that or any orher questiona.
He just makes up these things such as that I mught have an astma that none of the cinplications came from his surgery. He says pictures dobt shiw the truth.
Yes they do. He us just si stupid that he thinks he can alter persons jawbones and other areas too just the way he likes. He has no eye foe personal beauty.
I'm not a person who is in to peoples looks. Bit I find it very beautiful that people are all unique creations. That should not be nessed with.
I had skin injury that I seeked helo from Dr Tim Marten. I did nit need any bone alteration or anything. But what he dud was shave my jaw etc. and ruined my unique looks. I look like someone else now. Even 1mm alteration of bone is criminal.

I never was someone who concidered my self as beautiful. Inside yes, but outside my looks was something I liked but dud nit think about the beauty part. Well many places I went I used to get compliments how beautiful I was. I felt that was embarassing because tgere was so many other things to talk about and notice. Well then i got my skin injury and my face dropped. Tim was supposed to only fix that. But thus maniac ruined my beautiful bonestructure and my side profile looked like a mans side profile. Luckily the fat he illegally put on my nose went off. But still the nose bone he shaved off or jaw bone he shaved off fo nit groe back. My feminine nice side profile is ruined because of this man.

When I read about facelifts on internet and what he teaches too I see he did everything opposite than tried to restote my youthfull looks. He trued to make me as many age related problems as possible. He wanted to destroy my feelings and sexual sensation. He is very happy because he succeeded in that. He is an ill man who abused me very badly.

I did nit deserve this. I'm a kind of person who belongs to the ones what world needs. I care more than just my own bellybutton. I would have never ever signed up for plastic surgery if the injury was not that bad.
Now i have so little mass on my face that thus what Tim did can not be fixed. No one can rebuild my jaw because there is no room. My skinnis too tight and I feel Timothy constantly choking me.

People. I dont write this because I want to be mean to Tim. I write this that I possibly save peoples lifes and happiness. You never know who is his next victim. I hope after spreading awareness there us no next victim.

I was supposed to put up a charity related company now that I had everything fixed on my life. I graduated from one of the best universities in the world and I was supposed to get my sad looking face fixed. I was supposed to regain my confidence.... But no Timothy chose otherwise. Timothy chose that i need to suffer more that I dont deserve to look like my self anymore and dont deserve that I enjoy intimacy with my future husband. He destroyed me in many ways. Yet there he goes around and lectures about his techniques how to restore peoples looks.
I have severe depression. I have begged help from him for many months so that he would tell me exactly what was done and that way someone else could help me to restore my looks. He just lies and lies.
I come from a culture where we face what we have done even it was not succesfull. This man makes me trow up. He must be very ill because he is able to harm people like he did hatm me.



Never seen such a  doctor who does not ask permission to do something to patient that alters their appearance fully.
This man has no eye for personal beauty. he can make people very ugly. The ones with happy outcomes are lucky. This man things one type of surgery fits all.

You Timothy ruined my life. I asked for minimal procedure. You ruined everything good and pretty in me. You took away even part of my emotions because you digged and messed the sensory nerves on my face and body.

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I am scheduled to have a surgery with Dr Marten. Would you be willing to speak to me over the telephone or in person? I would appreciate it.


We can talk over e-mail at least. However it is complicated here to share the contact details.
Any suggestions?


How do you make this world a better place?
One act of kindness at a time.
Now the best act would be that no one would go to have an operations with Timothy J Marten md .
How do we stop evil? By refusing to support evil.

This what happened was not humane error, it was an organized act of evil what he did.
There are plenty of better plastic surgeons out there who have a truly good heart and skills.
This place, Marten Clinic of Plastic Surgery (MCPS), run by Tim Marten is not a place to go to see Tim.
He has harmed several. Please do not let yourself to be harmed.
Lets stop the evil in this world by showing solidarity to the ones who have been harmed on purpose by some evil people or companies which in this case is Tim. That has got to stop and we consumers can stop this sort of people or companies by choosing a better place to have our procedures done.

Of course it is your choice to do whatever. But if you are smart enough and care for your self and others, you do not choose to support this man and his plastic surgery business and his violating explorations of unconscious people who are unaware of his acts.


This pure insanity what happened there.

I have had this awful discomfort on my eyes and it feels there is something that does not belong in to my eyes. The other day I touched my upper eyelids and felt that underneath there is something very irregular. My eyes have been somehow slightly different after the operation. I decided to see that what it looks like underneath the upper eyelid. Well according to anatomical pictures there should not be anything on/in the lid. When I pulled my lid and turned it a bit I could see there is white little thicker that spaghetti strings just beneath the skin on both eyelids. I'm going to see an eye specialist to ask what it is. As my eyes have been very healthy before my visit to Marten Clinic of Plastic Surgery I do believe at this point that that stuff is from his fat injection. I did not want fat injections and so far it is confirmed by him that he had injected fat on my upper nose. (Unfortunately he did ruin my nose other ways too)

Then I have been writing about the labia majora changes. I have not been sexually active but I have taken care of my ladyparts by shaving some of the hairs away to be able to keep it fresh better during menstrual period etc. My menstrual period started just before my visit to Marten Clinic of Plastic Surgery and I took care of the hairs just before that. My ladyparts and everything near there like bowel hole area were just neat and fine. I have not had babies or nothing could have streached that area and I am healthy so there is no other possibility that my parts there suddenly loose volume over night.

I see systematic pattern here. Erogenous zones such as: lips, breasts, nipples, labia/vagina area, earlobes have all been messed with some liposuction canula. I have been confirmed that lips do not swell as much as they did during my operation with Tim Marten if they are not messed with, neither nothing happens to breasts or the lady parts.
On face there is systematic pattern too. I know Tim did a huge job, but he did everything in a way that would harm me sooner or later.

The situation is sad. I would very much like to know why he hated me so extremely much that he did all of this to me? I know I looked quite ill and sad. I thought plastic surgeons would like to help that kind of people to rejuvenate themselves. I just don't know. I have tried to ask Tim why, but he says he took care of me like he would have taken care of his family member. No he did not...

This is insane not getting the true information. I know this happened all. These changes do not occur otherwise. I have seen doctors and gotten confirmation for some of the defect already. I need to see some more. Timothy was smart to use micro sized tools so after 6 months it is hard to detect the marks. But the atrophy caused by all the liposuctioning etc. is there. I do not have pictures of my vagina before because never thought I'd have to document all my bodyparts before having a surgery with him.

People, if you are going to have a surgery with Tim. Here are my suggestions:
- ask him to list everything that he is going to do to you while you are under anestesia
- ask for exact times how long those procedures take and confirm these with another doctor (Timothy says is microstitching techniques take longer than other... I'd say that is his BS...)
- do NOT have the operation at his facility - anything can happen there
- go to the hospital to have it done where everything needs to be reported
- ask if the procedure can be documented with videocamera
- try to get someone to look after you while you are under anestesia, so that no one touches you inappropriately nor does procedures that are not agreed
- ask all of the operating room staff contact details
- do not let their assigned caretaker take care of you while you are under anestesia. You need someone whom you can trust and who does not harm you.
-Ask for the complete set of operating report before you have the surgery and ask to have it straight away when your surgery is done...

I'm going to start a blog soon about this and put pictures and everything, so that everyone can really see what he has done to me. Sometimes it is though hard to document all the lumps and bumps that show in certain lighting. Those irregularities really show how he harmed my by reshaping areas that we never agreed to have work done.

Be safe people. There are many doctors that are better than him. His before/after pictures might look good, but those are HIS pictures. I have not really seen good looking pictures of his work online that are not his pictures. There are only these reviews that claim how he is the best of the best and how he is the Michael Angelo of plastic surgery and things like that... Do not believe those before you see their pictures. One ex patient of Tim who has pictures online says that they look like someone in their 30s after his surgery... Well if you would ask me, I'd say that persons face yells plastic surgery and that person looks like someone in their 50s to 60s.


And don't forget to document every bodypart from many angles. you need that if he does something wrong to you. Take it woth good ligting and also with little shady lighting so that you see the shades that are on your face etc.


Daily mail has this article about sick mutilator doctor who was abke to.practice for 20 years before jis licence was taken away.
The article name is: "Woman tells of horror mutilation by 'love doctor' who surgically removed and relocated her genitalia when she went for routine procedur"

Accordong to who and other offices female sexual organ abuse is a crime in even it is done in small scale. Dr Timothy J Marten md in San Francisco California hopefully in the end gets what he deserves.
He mutilated me but he tried to do it in away that he can not get caught.
Inserting millimeter microliposuction canula is lovely tool for him since with it he can destroy a lot with minor signs....


Yelp is another website you can possibly sue if you are harmed by dr Timothy J Marten md because Yelp has deleted review of this doctor and facility without any good reason. According to internet Yelp exists rather for the companies than for the consumers.

Plastic surgery is very sensitive bisiness area. People need to know the bad reviews too in order to make the decision. To hide facts in this business area is extremely unethical. Peoples lives can be in danger.
In this case they are. Tim did not do a humane error, he did an organized crime confirmed by other plastic surgeons.
Tim is unstable due to this fact. You can not know when he harms you. I believe he wont harm you if you show to have a high place in society... He is a "marten".... marten people are like that. They are opportunists that constantly sniff around "what's it to me and my bellybutton" that kind of people do not care about anyone else.

It's none of plastic surgeons business to know your occupation or marital status. But unfortunately in some cases the quality of the service lowers tremendously if you write to the papers trashdriver instead of prime minister. Timothy J Marten is like that. He is true human trash.