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Do not never ever let him convince you to do something called temple lift if you need your yebrows to be lifted. My experience of a temple lift is that it's yet again his way of getting to dig your face more than is needed. As the swelling gets down the temples hurt more and more and your realise the destruction he did. His temple lift is for the ones who like the fake looking witch eyebrows and like that temples start hollowing very fast,

I have started to think that tim does these early facelifts to younger people that he can mess their faces in a way that people need more plastic surgery later and then they return to him with their hollowed faces to get fat injections...

No one in my family needs fat injections to their faces. I just looked from some organization web pages how over 60 year old received a skin only face lift. They looked good.
I don't know what Tim did but the upper face I wanted help with is flatter than ever... He digged my important structures away and left me with pain.
How is it possible that me who wanted much less done has these problems? because tim did overly aggressive approach, he did more than I asked for and he did ill actions on purpose.

WTF he shrunk my lips. My jaw feels as if it is i wrong position and lack at least 1cm of the angles.......

This guy is 100% guilty till he lets all of the OR staff tell what happened. He is guilty even after because of how he has handled this.
Disgusting pervert. Seriously not letting me talk with the OR staff is the same as he admitted violating my nipples, lips etc. He is such an evil old man.
Why does he have this hate towards some of the women? What did I do to him? Id like to know. Maybe it was my colleagues post that triggered his hate. Police can check it if he is the one stalking me....



How hard it is to understand that a plastic surgeon is not supposed to do anything to their patient without consent and they are supposed to turn the patient away if they feel they can not deliver what a patient asks for and that they want to do more than patient wants done???!!

Tim is a horrible abuser with the facts what he did to me. He admit some but I know he did those other things too. He did not like my nose, thus he reshaped it too. I loved my nose.
He did not like my big lower cheeks. I loved my lower cheeks.
I liked how I looked even someone else does not. I'm the one who wanted to fix what was broken and that was mainly stretched top skin and slightly dropped upper cheek. I liked the size of my face and forehead. I looked like a pleasant looking woman. But now my face looks slightly off from every aspect. Even my nose, my lips, my chin, my inner eyebrow, inner midface cheek, neck, lateral neck look different because Tim did more than I asked for. They feel more different because eg. he sucked my lips empty. That means my lips are going to age very fast. People in my family who are much older than I have better lips because Tim messed my lips.

I hate educated people who are overly confident about their abilities. Then when they do c**p job then they do not own up their actions. That's just wrong.

Tim is devil on earth and he just does not care.
People who support him support plastic surgery without consent.
That is just sick!
Anything can happen to a person while they are under anestesia in this sort of facility.
Unfortunately just now I have found out how Tim has done surgeries without consent throughout his career. Someone says he cut someones eyelids without consent. How sick is that? That is extremely sick.

My face is effed up. I hate what he did to my face fully. I hate what he did to my upper cheek that my face is completely flat and gets very dissorted when I open my mouth.
My rightside used to be fuller and better side and now it is worse.
I bet there was a student operating on my right side of my face and left temple.
The temple is done so badly that it angers me. They took all the little hairs out and put the line where thick hair and forehead skin meets. That looks unnnatural, On the other side they understood that the line needs to be below the thin hairs that never grow to full length because they hide the scar..........
I wonder what they are going to lie to police and the boards when I finally get enough strength to put this forward.

I hope the other haemed ones contact me too and tell your stories. It does not matter how much time has passed. This man is a criminal and we need to make an end of his arrogance and his purposefull harming of people. World never gets better if harmed people just suffer silently. Get your stories out and protect the other innocent people with those by letting tem know that you too were harmed on purpose by this horrible evil maniac.



I'm very sorry to read this.
Please find my contact details when you google:
timothy j marten jaw surgery forum

Click the link that says:
after his care the shape of my jaw is gone ...

Then you can find a link there to imgur.
My e-mal is there.

I'm not quite sure is here a possibility to do private messages.



It is your legal right to get the medical report. Still is after 3 years!!
When you ask for it they are supposed to send it to you within 10 days.
If they do not, they will be/should be in trouble.
Seems like they have had problems to send the medical report to several people.
Please file a report to California Medical Board.

My whole body has felt weird after I the surgery. I know for sure somone is a sexual abuser who violated my nipples etc. My nipples were important part of my emotion system. Now nipple looks darker. I have read that that happens in gynecomastia surgery. BUt what was done to me????? My nipple/areola region was weird after the surgery. Flat and grey and breasts were cold. Now they are weird too. Those people need to start talking. It feels like a horror house.

This how he treated you sounds awful. For me he acted differently most of the times I met him.
Now that I have met several plastic surgeons I must say that Tim and another guy he knows maybe were most unpleasant ones. Some of the plastic surgeons were very warm and understanding professionals and I wish I had met them before I met Tim.

The worst part of this horror is that the uncomfortable feeling does not go away and I can not do sports. I can feel Tim on my neck and face constantly. It's horrible. I cant tell him to FFFF OFF from my neck and face, because it's just the feeling that he created on me. It is unbearable to think that I'm going to feel him on my neck and face till the end of my days.
My aim was to get less done, thus more safe operation. But what did Tim do... opened up and digged my face as much as possible...

You said you had signed some papers. I have no clue of everything what I signed because there was such hurry to sign them and I was told I have all the time to study them after I have signed them.
That was possibly a sarcastic way of saying I'm a slow reader... when she used STUDY word... English is not my mother tongue... I speak 3 languages + get some of my stuff understood with few others. Even if my reading is slow with foreign language and word choices make me maybe sound like a dumbass in foreign language, that still should not affect the way I'm treated. They should understand that plastic surgery is a big decision to their patients and start behaving like that. BUT they are not professionals who treat everyone well. it should not matter what persons occupation is they should treat everyone the same way.
I really don't like to answer when these places ask details about my life. It is none of their business. I have my privacy and my occupation should not affect of the way they treat me.

I feel so disgusted to know that some disgusting pervert is getting away from their crime. They violated me like nothing happened. Disgusting.


Only someone violated by Dr Frankenstein can know how it feels. I went on a date with a guy I met online and during dinner he went to the bathroom and never came back. I texted why he did such a cruel thing and he said he doesn't want to date a woman with herpes. He thought the fat lumps in my lips from Dr Frankenstein were herpes cold sores. After that I knew I'd never be the same again. I read about a doctor in Texas who cuts out fat in lips but I can't afford it. I try to pretend happiness for my kids' sake but when they go to bed I cry in the shower until the water runs cold. I don't know what I did to make Dr Frankenstein hate me.


You are absolutely right.

I'm very sorry about this. Sounds awful!
One thing I can say is that the guy must have been a pretty ignorant.
The mouth herpes virus (also known as HHV-1 or HSV-1) is a very common virus in human from babies to elderlies. Around 85% of the adult population carries it. Some without knowing it...
I have it too and had it like 10 years ago last time. I was born with the virus I believe because I remember having it at very young age. Stress triggers it sometimes and some other things as a child.

Genital herpes has nothing to do with mouth herpes. Some very ignorant people believe so and it is disgusting.

I had pretty awful thoughts about why Marten did what he did to me. When I had micro needling the dermatologist doctor was very careful not to touch my mouth area. He said that it can trigger the mouth herpes, thus he went nowhere near it.
When I had operation with Marten. He had gone through the whole mouth area with something. My lips were so very swollen and it was hard to talk or eat. Tim sucked fats out from my mouth chin etc. Now my lips are half smaller than they used to be. I did not want him to touch there.
When I realised what he was I really understood that maybe he digged through my mouth/lip area to trigger the herpes. Not only those areas were digged, but elsewhere too where the lymphnodes are etc. What if he wanted get my whole body full of herpes??
It's scary.
In my country one guy got a very aggressive herpes virus infection and now his face looks like someone threw acid on his face. I don't believe Marten was so ignorant about what can happen with herpes. I believe everything he did to me was planned detailedly and that he could blame the conditions I have sometimes had. Luckily the herpes stayed away and I have not had it now. I am afraid though that how will these new empty lips react if I get one.

I wonder can you get those fats dissolved by massaging them?
I wonder also that how would cybella act on those lumps (I would never use cybella... sounds dangerous... but I'm just wondering because it can be injected on lateral neck to dissolve fat.)
What if you flex your lips and eat foods that fasten your metabolism. I read usually lips are a spot where it is hard to get the injected fat to stay. I hope your situation gets better.

I'm so angry. I was with my relatives today. I was lookin at their beautiful noses. They all have such nice noses that are full between their eyes too. Marten did something that he also planned during my consultation by drawing an hourglass to my nose. He denies it. How is my upper nose a lot thinner now and so different to my relatives, I also have flatter face than some of my relatives which used to have flatter face than me. How is that possible if Marten did not take anything out. My pretty headshape is gone. What I was born with was just perfect for me. And no one was supposed to alter that. Marten did and that is insane! He first took by high cheekbones off and then thinned my upper nose bone that my nose would not look so big after he had flattened my face sides. Because he flattened my cheeks also caused my mouth to drop. That lead maybe to the tragedy of him needing to empty my moutharea because it would have sagged even more than now maybe If he had only done what I asked for I'd be here promoting their business and this doctor big time. This decision to have this surgery was a huge choice. I regret it every day and I don't want anyone to be treated the way we were treated never ever again. I hope one day he regrets and makes an apology.

If you check how his face is when he was younger, you can see he had a flat male face and that is ok. BUT when he puts that same flatness on his female patients that is just cruel and makes him a Frankenstein.

I know that much more was done to me during those 6+ hours than 2 things because the surgery you had was 7 hours and you had many more things done than me and the Doe lady whose case is in court pages list that she had 7 things in 7 hours.
I hope the girls who were present when I was at the surgery write down everything they remember. I will take this to someplace. This is not ok. I deserve to know the truth, Marten refuses to tell it to me. Maybe it was his lawyer who adviced him to be silent after I showed in imgur how some people in San Francisco had been stalking my Some online. After that he has not answered me. It even tells the service provider...
I always believe that the ones who are guilty try to ignore and prevent to help the transparent truth to come out. I Marten blames me that because of my harsh word choises he won't let his staff to talk to me. He is trying to twist the situation that I'm being difficult because I was so very angry because of the no consented procedures he did and that is just normal.
I'm not a difficult person. I'm told I'm too nice many times.
I just don't like liars in especially in situation like this.
I told him that he can give all his employees that were present near me when I was passed out with their drugs a piece of envelope with stamp and my address and ask them to write me the details what they remember what happened and send them straight to me without Marten interupting.

Ofcourse Marten refused this because he has too much to hide. He does not want the people to tell me the truth. HONEST person NEVER acts like Marten. Marten is cruel liar.

I hope his employees know that they can get in trouble if they lie to protect marten. I hope his employees are not as cruel as him.



Medical abuse (surgery without consent etc.) brings up similar symptoms that is present in Rape_trauma_syndrome (wikipedia) especially when the abuse symptoms are on body parts that were not supposed to be touched such as lips and nipples etc.


No wonder I had the feeling as if truck had driven over me when I woke up from the surgery.
I still have many spots on my body that hurt when I touch them. My arms have signs they have messed them.
If they had to strap me up for the surgery I still would not have any signs on my body of it anymore. But since something illegal was done I still have the signs and several spots around my body hurt and has not recovered.
They used to me to something and it is serious abuse since I did not sign up for any sort of experiment!!!!!


How hard it is to understand.
If person says that their face has dropped a bit. That most likely means that the fat compartments have slid lowed a bit and skin stretched (+atrophy).
Facelift is supposed to restore their original position.

If a plastic surgeon like Tim pulls those fat compartments and skin to sides and reshapes them and takes out "extra" fats that face will not look like rejuvenated. It looks like as if someone shrunk the head and pulled everything on sides.

If a person never complained about fat on their face then a plastic surgeon is never supposed to take any fats out from that face. People know how to loose weight themselves. If a plastic surgeon takes facefats out then he ruins the who balance of that person most likely. My head and face is skinny and unbalanced now that Tim did not do what he promised but he did everyhting else.
Thank God I did not request fat injections because my face would look like that ladys face who they refer their patients to go to make up tutorial. She was very pretty before, but Marten did something weird to her face. Similar what he did to my face too... Maybe the other lady liked it and now Marten thinks other women want that sort of change to their face. It seems like he sometimes thinks as universal truths what his patients tell him and he does not understand that we all are unique and all of our problems are unique. If he does what someone else likes to his other patients face, then the hell gets loose.

I wonder if Marten messes the jaw tmj joint or something and that causes the weird look and feeling on jaw...? Who knows before the people who assist him speak up.

My he messed very important parts in my face. My cheekarea was full and nice and balanced before. Now its nothing like that. He ruined everything. He has no skills and he is completely evil.
He should have said that he cant help me. He lied and passive agressively tortured me.

6+ hours for those 2 things is just too much when these other ladies had 7 things done in 7 hours.


One of his patients in Realself. Jikai or something like that has written a question about her forehead in there. Some doctors have answered.

I did not have any injury to my forehead other that Timothy J Marten messing with it and I have those irregularities on my forehead now. Tim scraped or burred my scull so much that I have weird edges on spots where I never had them.

Some of the doctors writes about Scleroderma when answering to Jikais question.
Maybe Marten read this and found another Frankenstein method. He sucked a lot of fat out of my face and messed my body on several spots. True nightmare... that's what they are.

My forehead feels and looks like as if my edges of my forehead were taken away. My face is very irregularly shaped.


It's soon 4am here.
When I went to sleep I had difficulties with my throat and was hard to breath. I was thinking of my future. If I have marten on my mind the rest of my life due to this feeling that I can not breath due to him messing my neck fully it's going to be disgusting.

As I write this I can see tremendous amount of shades on my hands. Even my hands have been weird after the surgery at MCPS. They look much more aged. My friend noticed it too and said about them.

I woke up to a nightmare about him and the clinic. I went to toilet and looked at this face. Face looks like human face, however it is not my face. It is too skinny to be my face for these kilos. Its too flat and shapeles and the neck is too tight to be my face. Lips are too small, especially the lower lip and nose is not my nose. Why the fffffffffffff was he so evil towards me?

Which one of them is the sexual abuser??? It makes me gag to think how they disrespected my body. They are very cruel people who let this happen. Sick and evil. I hope one day this all comes to an end!


I hope that each one of them who chooses to lie will loose their licence.


If you don't have completely flat face to begin with then I can not recommend him.
When you see the official outcomes of his work, you never see how were they rejuvenated because no pictures are shown when the people were younger and their faces had not dropped.
If he told me during the consulation that my face is going to be shapeless and flat just like several of his outcome pictures look. Then I would have never chosen him.

He has those other pictures too where the people have more shape to their hear, but why so many look shapeless and why these unofficial pictures look horrible. It's ok if the women like it, but I personally think that they looked better before and that Tim ruined their looks by some weird actions.
Some of his employees should speak up and tell what he does during those long surgery hours.

I need to know what he did to my upper cheekbone and fats to be able to get my face back. This flat unfeminine Martenized look is disgusting.
Even Martens wife or whatever has oval epp/potato head with as little shape as possible, that does not mean all women should be like that. She might look gorgeous with that, however mimic that on a some other face, it'll be the most disgusting creation ever. All people are unigue. I might think that several things look beautiful on human faces. But even I say so I would never ever in a million years would want to have certain shape on my face.
How fffkgdhjks hard it is for Timothy to understand that all people are unique and everyone has different problems. Beauty is not universal. You can't say eg. that high arched eyebrown are feminine and that is the standard what people want. Many times those brows with high lift on temple look disgusting and angry.

My face was perfect when I layed down on the surgical table. the face settled on right position then. Cheeks looked nice ets. What does Marten? Something else tan I asked for.
He even abused my lips etc.
Either it's him the one who abused my body or someone else. But he sure is doing his best not to let the transparent truth out. It is sexual abuse despite of the person being a male or female who messed up my nipples. The torture was long and continued even during the evening.
I remember hearing surpriced voice when I was regaining my consciousness and someone was just hurting me. It was possibly tim. Someone assisted him.

He was avoidant when I first met him after the surgery. He had put my appointment with him very close to the surgery date, thus I'd be very swollen still. I believe that was his way of trying to avoid a situation where I was all ready noticing his ill work and him having to listen to my complaints. I trusted them and those signs went in and out of my head... even then I did make observations. He did not want to deal with me. When I was asking him about weird fold behind my ear he seemed cold and the way he acted was like don't even go there, so I did not want to boughter him more with questions. I thought eventually everything will be ok so better not boughter him. As the consultation time passed he relaxed a bit.
When I walked out from the consultation he walked the same way and told the front desk ladies that I won't yet book a consultation for later.I felt that encounter has some elefant in the room.
First I thought that did they have ok relationship with their employer, this doctor.
I was wondering that did they know something about my surgery that I did not.

Before that he had been talking me like to a child that will I come to see them again or something like that. I felt the way he talked partially to me was somewhat fake, but then I thought that whatever as long as he respected my will during surgery and nothing was done wrong and against my will etc.
I've been told I have sensitive intuition and when I feel somethings off then it many times is...



I think if a person has read all the warning about this man on the internet and still goes to him is a huge joke and sign some people are on the side of evil.
Some people won't believe until it happens to them.
If I had read this sort of review before choosing him I would never ever have chosen him.
Evil to one like this is just pure evil.

He can be as as****e as he likes, but once he crosser line and he chooses to to be physically violent against his patients, then he has turning back. People like that belong in jail.

My face gets worse every day. He made it assymmetrcal on purpose. He effed up my face because of his hate against me. He even shrunk my lips. My lower lip is now as small as my upper lip. I did not want him to do anything to my lips and most of the parts he did.
He id a true devil.

Even if he acts nicely to some, it's not his true character. His true character is shown to the ones who he violates and hates.


I cant believe how effed up that man and his practice MCPS is. That person who said he is a Frankenstein has it absolutely right.
I did not sign up for head shrinkage, fat elimination, face reshaping... But that's what I got.
The delicates nuances that I wanted to rejuvenate on my face are gone forever.
Let is only this gaunt witch face that will be gaunter as time passes and more fat will be gone and possibly swelling.
I never had holes under my eyes. Now I have because marten digged even my eye fats out.
He is a monster man. How can that sort of man practice any sort of medicine.
The system is very ill when things he does lead to no consequences.

It disgusts me how they did some sexual abuse against my body with some tools.
It disgusts me how evil they all are.
It disgusts how ill country is where this is possible.
I was betrayed in so many ways that it's just sick.
Fithy disgusting people all of those who know what happens.
I hope you get some illness and you need to regret every day of your life fro supporting to such devilmonsters actions.

What makes this situations so i'll is that this man is a doctor. His licence should be taken away because of what he does. Those are not humane mistakes. He does those on purpose.

Timothy J Marten was not supposed to do most of the things to me which he did. He tried to sell me new things in the morning of surgery. I did not want him, however he wrote to the papers "as much as possible".... I never requested as much as possible. I talked about little bit.
Less is more when there is any possibility to effffff things up.
I requested less and got huge amount of ill work done on my face. He disrespected me so much that it is insane. He digged my neck and.

I feel I have been surgically raped and disrespected fully.
It is insane that these sick people just continue.
They are all insane. Who works for a monster?
Someone who has no sense of right or wrong?
Someone who cant get a job elsewhere?