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re: [Are you threatening SH?]

No. You are by abusing their venue to make unfounded criminal accusations and suicide announcements. If he sues you, they could be dragged into it. I feel sorry for SH and am calling mods attention in case they are unaware of what you are subjecting them to.



I'm not subjecting anything nor abusing anything.
I just tell how it is. It is serious criminal abuse when plastic surgeon does things that were not agreed and that causes a tremendous amount of trouble. Or are you saying it is not?
How is it wrong to express it?

You did not answer the other questions.
Do you think I should suffer in silence and accept what they did wrong when I paid over 20K to them to do only the things I asked for?

They get your messages when you flag the posts....


Do you think what he did is right?
Eliminated my eye fats and buccal fats.
Took a lot of fat out from my lateral neck and face.
Violated my nosebone and eyebrowbone and foreheadbone.
Violated my neck that I have hard time breathing.
Somehow my body has violated areas too.


I think you should get your own domain name and blog and not subject other venue owners to be responsible for your content, much of it bordering on subjecting the website to legal problems.

Allege criminal abuse (unsubstantiated) and suicide threats on your OWN venue and stop subjecting Steady Health to possible legal repercussions due to YOU.



Do you really know what you are talking about meaning that are you a lawyer?
If you are then list the sections of law you think that states that it's illegal to say this truth online.
What is exactly bordering on subjecting the website to legal problems?

What you think is unsubstantiated? Why do you think this place keeps silent and holds back the OR personnel from speaking up?
Are you saying that surgery and procedures without consent are not criminal? What are they if they are not criminal?

Is this just yet another attempt to get reviews you don't like off from site like this.
Sure there is few sentences that can be a bit harsh. That's the language people use even when they are not upset...



When a patients gives no permission to bone altering or structural elimination other that stretched skin, then extras done are a crime.

Female with flattened brow bone and forehead looks disgusting. To steal someones structures and disguising it something else is disgusting.

I was abused big time summer 2016. My abuser is a free man because the system favours ill people like that.
When I pull my brow and skin slightly back the tremendous abuse he did against me shows clearly. Massive amount of loose skin that has no bone or fat support.
This man hated me so much that he did this massive crime against me.

And before getting this review deleted I wasn't the factual base told me why this truth can not be here. I read about laws and it clearly stated that this is a crime what was done to me. He did more tan I asked for and it was not just 1 thing, but several and not only on my face.

I am very afraid that what was that injection he gave me before the surgery and how they abused me while I was drugged out. They abused me, that is for sure. It might hurt the abuser to read this, but what he did was abuse and everyone deserves to know it.

I hope the truth online keeps him next years away from doing these crimes. Unfortunately the laws and the systems are so bad that wrongdoers just continue year after year.

I would have written great things about this doctor if he did what was agreed, but now that I looks so different because of the structural elimination he did and the massive problems it is going to cause I can not say anything good about him. I wish I had stayed away. Yelp has this truthful review that I somehow ignored because it I guess was about tummy tuck. But she really is telling the truth and I should have understood it.


It is men who in my ethnic background have low browbones. Female have higher that opens up the eyes not to have that hooding. Male have sadder looking eyesocket than female...
Marten created me this male look. I hate everything about what he did. They abused me with things I did not give consent to.

I asked a slight lift for my brows and lax skin elimination. I did not ask anything more complicated, but Marten tried to get in to there by telling me how youthful eye looks like and how it has hooding. It's was his idea. I did not agree. BUT how on earth he created these disgusting hoodings on my eyes that are gona droop even more in couple of years and make me need more plastic surgery. I did not want them. The way he created them was cruel. Defattening and bone elimination.

I have massive hollow under my eyes. When the skin relaxes my eyes will start to bulge out. Marten took my fats out from my eye area. That causes hollowing and very tired feeling in eyes. Like there is some c**p on eyes constantly.

Many little things he did that all ruined my looks. Nothing is good. The skin tightening that was the #1 problem he did so very overly aggressive that it is just terrible.

How is it possible that this guy has over 30 years of experience?


Everything on my face is wrong because he did not stick to what I requested.
He did much more and sticked his tools everywhere.
Under my eyes there are circles with 2-3 millimeter diameters where he sticked some tools in to violate my face. That and many other things he did during those long hours were never agreed.
He digged my face empty and now it is starting to show.
Everything extra he chose to do was against good plastic surgery and against me and my human rights.


This is a huge scam, tragedy, unethical, brutal crime against me as a person and as former feminine female.
Now I have huge defects left. I look like a manly gaunt weirdo.
I'd really like to know what was the reason for this?
I'm quite sure where the hate came from when I look at the defects...
But then it is based on all wrong things.
This man knew NOTHING about me. He is evil and very dangerous.

I will write several blogs about this for sure with pictures and everything and tell how it all went.
I need to do that that more facts are stated at the same place.

My eyes keep looking like east and west slightly because he carved especially my right better side to this veirdly gaunt and flat form. My jaw angle is 0,5-1cm higher on that side... lips keep being pale due to fatloss and circulation loss likewise my nose has circulaton loss and templess that he digged.
My eyelids are sucked empty and they are droopy because browbones were lowered by him to this manly low form.
Hope my words keep at least some safe..


I wonder why did I get fooled by this doctor. Now that I have reconsidered everything I can see he has barely no skills. Tat's my experience like everything I write

Today I looked at some facelift photos. Eg. Dr. Behmand in San Francisco and many more have achieved very good looking outcomes. Many of the pictures do not have a huge change, but a nice change to better. None of the ladies on their pages have canoe head or potato head.

When I look again at Martens photos I don't like them most at all. But because there was so many types of face shapes I thought he had skills. But I guess he has way to pick the procedure based on previous faces. For me he showed one canoe head and said my situation is similar. I did not understand that he was going to make me that kind of flat look.
I wish I had...

I don't think he was able to achieve this face without any structural eliminations. That was never agreed. I did not go to weight loss surgery. I can loose weight my self. That seemed like an issue to them... "You can tell people you have lost some weight." And he sucked my face empty... He writes on a book that there is no reason to loose weight to ideal weight before surgery. Well what he did to me indicates that yes there is, because when he eliminates the structures then face and body will not never be a match.

I would like to alter your looks then this is the guy to go to maybe, but if you want to rejuvenate your dropped face that has little lax skin then I can not recommend him. He just pulled everything on sides and eliminated important structures. That is not I wanted. If cheek fat pad has slid off the peak of the cheekbone and you want it back there and the doc instead of lifts it up, but pulls it to side, then there is a huge problem. Your face is dissorten in to a weird form and possibly no one can help you with that flattened canoe/potatoe/egg head.

When you look for a doc for your face, looks someone who has done faces that have shape and have shape after the surgery. If you see flat face that is even flatter after... that is not a good sign... Since most of the people have had some sort of eg. cheeks/sidecheeks.... If the patients do not have anu cheek fullness on after pics, do not boughter. The person is just face flattener.

Marten did something to my lips even I did not agree him to do anything, likewise to my nose, eyelids, lateral neck etc. Everything that made me look worse. He has pulled this face to so weird form that I sure need tons of botox and restylane. Botox that I wont smile because the weirdness and wrongly done everything shows and restylane for the hollows. BUT the thing is that I wont use those, ever. He fooled me big time and it's just insane.

I know many other doctors could have helped me. Somehow I was so very fool that I chose Marten. I wish I had found the truth about him earlier. He has done surgeries without consent before and he has many unhappy patients and he has several court cases.

I wake up every day and hope this awful feeling was gone. At least some of it. I wake up every morning hoping that I woke up to smile.... but he pulled my mouth so tight and downwards and even eliminated fats out from my mouth and mouth area that it's insane. I can clearly see the lines around mouth where he digged my lip structures out.

Who does this sort of things that Timothy J Marten did to me?
Is that what ABPS board certified plastic surgeons usually do?
ABPS for sure does not care about patient safety. It is ok for them if a plastic surgeon does procedures without consent to patients. How great is a board like this? Not at all....

Marten sucked so much fat out of my face that it is insane. He knows that he can get away from fat sucking because skin tightness hides it just about the right time.

Human monsters are real and some of them work in places they should not and no one does anything to make them get caught. Some of his staff knows he has hurt several people and they still support him.


How hard it is for a plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience to understand that when they do more than is asked for and needed, they most likely destroy that person....
No one can restore the eliminated vital structures. NO ONE.


When I go through the facelift pictures. None of them have worse looking lips, mouth area, nose... etc. None of them look worse....

They astroturfed this mans reputation to the level that I really thought that he was one of the best in USA, thus one of the best in the world. Face is not a place to get bargain. Face is something that sets unfortunately standards how person in sometimes treated....
I did not ask as invasive procedures as someone older than me would... I had no problems in several areas, but I had the 2 that made me go ahead and proceed.

In any circumstance this man had no right to do what he did. He destroyed me.
It was his duty to ask me to leave if he felt there was nothing he could do to help me.
I asked for less and he should understand it. He should not seek as many opportunities to sell me more when I did not ask for it.
He did very wrong in many ways and is still doing.

My face is getting worse every day. Soon I have no fat on my face because of what he did. He had no right to do what he did.

They abused me with things they were not allowed to do to me.
That is disgusting. They did it on purpose and planned it all before.


He amputated huge amount of my face.
To get my lower cheek area feel like normal I need to pull my mouth corner to half way towards ear. Then the structures feel ok and not like now that they are just too tight and I have hard time many ways on my face and throat.

He showed me that windtunnel pull in the morning of the surgery and had very evil look on his face. How could I have known what he really is then? It sure was scary, but I did not know that he can do all of that in front of the people... I'm quite sure most of the people were students.

This is torture what he did. And the people present at the OR are criminals too when they keep silent.
No one deserves this, NO ONE.
Why does he still have his licence?


A true ripoff for over 20K.
If all the plastic surgeon can do is to do weight loss surgery by eliminating structures and shrinking head and pulling everything too tight and to sides, it really is not worth it.
It will cause massive problems.

"We can do something about those lips." (I did not agree.) Well, now I wake up to this weird frown every day. And everything on my mouth is ruined. Especially the lower lip sides are carved empty. He talks about "KISSABLE" lips in somewhere. That is truly disgusting that he touched my lips. THAT is pervertic action. Sick. Disgusting.

A huge tragedy and a true life nightmare.
I can't recommend him to even to the most evil humanbeings on this earth. It is not worth anything to have still young face de-fattened and pulled to weird shape. Fat is vital for face. He carved most of it away from my face. He is extremely evil and dangerous human being for anyone who is unconscious. No one protects you at his facility when you are out.
You choose what you do, but there are a great amount of truly skilled individuals who also have a truly good heart doing better job than he does.


I asked for a bow lift that would not invade my hair.
He was sure I needed a temple lift.
That is complete BS. Why he wanted to do a temple lift? To invade my scull and structures as much as possible and destroy my browbones and forehead bone and its roundness?

This guy only knows what to do to complete disaster faces I guess..... Those people are happy about anything. But when it comes to a little change, he does not know anything.
And the aspect also that he is so very evil. That makes him destroy some of his patients. Cruel old evil monster.

I'm pretty sure that the freak outcomes online are his "work of art".