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August '08: Had occasional very slight nausea every few days, shrugged it off as nothing. Stools began to take on a green color.

September '08: Horrible debilitating attack of nausea, lower abominal pain, constipation, diarrhea (alternating), bloating, gas, no vomiting, I ended up missing a ton of school and lost about 20 pounds within the span of 2 weeks.

Went to the doctor several times, had blood tests, abdominal ultrasound, urine tests, stool culture, all negative for anything. Only irregularity was slightly elevated bilirubin. Doctors dismissed it as "IBS" and sent me home. They weren't concerned about stool color.

October '08: Finally a relief, though symptoms were not completely gone.

October '08 - February '09: I would be fine for between 1 and 3 weeks at a time followed by 4-5 days of horrible nausea, lack of appetite (though forced myself to eat). Stools still greenish, constipation sometimes. A high fiber diet helped to quell that somewhat.

Doctor mentioned that it may be stress/anxiety/depression related. I have been in college for two years now and it has been a difficult transition for me. I've been pretty lonely, though I never really thought it would manifest itself as anything.

I began seeing a therapist in January and she agreed that what I was experiencing may be related to anxiety, with her help I have been feeling mentally much better.

February '09: Woke up in the middle of the night with horrible burning pain in the middle of my abdomen, cold sweat, shaking, extremely nauseous. Took a dramamine tablet and the feeling passed in about an hour. Was very close to driving to the ER. Saw the doctor that day though, dismissed it as heartburn and sent me home saying to take Prilosec for two weeks. Stools still green color, again doctor was not concerned about it. More blood tests for liver function, amylase/lipase levels, sedimentation rate, inflammation, etc. All normal, slightly elevated calcium due most likely to some antacid tablets (Calcium carbonate).

Prilosec took away the heartburn, did nothing for nausea though. So far it had been the longest I'd ever had without bad symptoms ~3 and a half weeks.

February '09 - March '09: Began noticing a new symptom: pain in my upper right and central abdomen. It would come and go, it would be worst when I would just wake up in the morning and it would also sometimes come up after I would eat. I thought perhaps something related to gall bladder, but I could usually eat pretty fatty things and not suffer for it.

I notice the pain really only shows itself when i physically PUSH on my abdomen, it never really is painful just on its own. Occasionally the pain would travel up my back and at the base of my right shoulder blade. Occasional headaches accompany the symptoms, though I have never had any diarrhea from it. General gassiness and bloating have continued as well.

I have not been to see the doctor for these newer symptoms as I have a strong feeling that I may be creating all of this -- but I feel like I'm in a happier place these days and I have no clue why this KEEPS COMING BACK. I have noticed my stools are a little paler than they normally are recently as well.

Some background information::

-I sing quite a lot and occasionally on the side professionally, usually 8 hours a week, though over the last week I probably sang 16 hours and that may contribute to it a little considering a lot of use of the diaphragm might be pushing on my organs.

-These periods of 4-5 days have been triggered by a couple things I can put my finger on. A particularly bad hangover was followed by an attack, as well as many long nights in a row.

-I have tried various medications. Promethazine (Phenergan) has worked pretty well for the most part but I haven't had a prescription for that in over 2 months. Pepto Bismol works as well, but I didn't want to get into a habit of taking it all the time.

-Dramamine works somewhat for me as well, for a while I thought I was dependent on it (I was taking 1 50mg pill and sometimes 2 per day for approximately a month). My doctor says that it wasn't really harmful to me providing I didn't overdose on it. As an experiment I stopped taking it cold turkey for 2 days and experienced no symptoms of withdrawal so I can pretty safely eliminate that.

-I have tried alternative medicines - ginger works occasionally, an herb called Holy Basil has also been somewhat effective. I have taken Mastic Gum for stomach pain and I honestly haven't had much luck with it, doesn't seem to be working for me.

-I haven't had any fevers to speak of over the past 6 months.

-I have been tested for celiac, came back negative.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I have read countless posts of people saying they had been suffering for in some cases YEARS and I am incredibly frightful of never getting my life back in order. I'm only 21 years old and I can't believe that I've been healthy up to this point in my life and all of a sudden this rash of symptoms.

Thanks for holding out for this LONG post. :-)


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Was just having a quick look about your post on here. Hopefully now they have managed to find what is happening you. I too have had the same problems that you have explained here. Which encouraged me to read on. I'm 27 now and when I was 18 I too became poorly showing nearly ever sign you are/did. By the time I was 19 they managed to find out I had crohns disease. It had taken nearly a year. I had give from 14 stone to just under 8 stone. The most of it with in the last 2 month. I lost weight, sickness, no appetite, slept. Felt physically drain. I was give.lots of tablets to rule thing out but them after a year we discoverd I have CROHNS DISEASE. Not as bad as it sound and with help can be controlled. I am very poorly with it and can understand what you have gone though. Not sure if you can see my email on here or if the will delete it but its Feel free to message me anytime. Kind regards Kevin Trinder