I have been reading about results from high WBC's. My husband has a high WBC at this time and a knot near his lymph node by his ear and pain in his right kidney area. CT Scan of the head and ultrasound of the kidney turned up normal. Preliminary blood tests show high WBC - hopefully it is just infection near the ear! The post about mono was interesting to me - I am now 45, but at the age of 27 I had a then 2 year old - felt tired all the time, somewhat "depressed", little bit of a sore throat and soreness under my arm in the arm pit area, SCARED ME TO DEATH as I had a friend diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia! Thought sure I had it too, with a 2 year old at home, I couldn't bear the thoughts of leaving him and my family! Went to the Dr - he said nothing was wrong - got worse, Severe headaches, severe aching, so tired I oculdn't walk to the bathroom and still tried to work and keep up with a 2 year old - Dr. said allergies - gave me an allergy shot - didn't help. I went for the 3rd time back to the DR. - ordered blood tests, took me 3 days to get up the courage just to go and have it done fearing the worse! Results came back SEVERE MONO - ended up in the ER that night with severe vomiting and SEVERE headache and SEVERE aching all over my body - even my toenails hurt!!!!! I was off work 6 weeks - took me over a year to recover, still 18 years later don't have the stamina I once had - KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND THINK POSITIVE - you will recover from MONO even when you think you are dying!!! Leukemia was what I was determined I had - thank goodness for Mono.!!!