Hi guys,

These are my main questions if you're not willing to read my life story:

1. How fast can I return to school (2, 3 hours a day) after a hemorrhoidectomy?

2. How long is the average total recovery time?

3. How long after is it safe to engage in anal intercourse?

4. .... please tell me recovery time won't take months, please please please please.


I'm really scared. I haven't panicked or been more scared in my life. I suppose I'll look back on this and laugh and crack hemorrhoid jokes (apparently everyone thinks they're just hilarious), but I'm panicking like there is no tomorrow. I finally visited my doctor today to ask for a referral to a gastroenterologist. He ended up giving me a referral to a rectal/colon surgeon. He thankfully didn't beat around the bush with cremes and pills. I haven't set up an appointment with the surgeon but it should take place sometime this week.

It started out about 4/5 months ago. I was extremely constipated and had a large and extremely painful BM. It caused immediate terrible pain. I didn't bother checking to see what was going on in a mirror, I just knew it hurt. I fell asleep that night, but my god did it hurt. After a month or so I noticed a little pea, very very small, pink thing (flesh, I guess) coming out. It freaked me out but I pushed it back in, it didn't hurt. I did it for two, three months. I don't know what I was thinking. That maybe it would go away? It didn't hurt after all. I should have had it taken care of and investigated it further then and there.

Anyway, recently I think it's mutated! Lol I think it got bigger (it's no longer like a dot like it used to be). Now it's... strange.

I can still push everything back in and have my butt look normal but I don't know if I have a prolapsed internal one plus external ones or just external or... I don't know. I'm scared because the options for external hemorrhoids seem to be so limited. It sounds like it's hermorrhoidectomy or these "home remedies" which frankly don't work. I want it gone!

I don't have a problem having the surgery at all. The end will justify whatever excruciating pain I face. (I want them gone!) However, I can't miss classes. I can miss a Friday (even a Thursday and Friday) and have the weekend and maybe even the following Monday but I can't be out of school for more than five days.

I want to know if it's possible attending class (two, two 1/2 hours a day) and going home and double over in pain. I'm so terrified that recovery will last for more than two weeks or three weeks. I don't have that kind of time. I have the GMAT to rigorously study for and grades to keep up. Not to mention a boyfriend. We've wanted to try anal sex for a while now. A month for total recovery, fine! But I keep hearing stories of people having complications and being in pain for months, even years.

I'm on these stupid liquid diets that don't work. Although I don't know what I'm expecting, hemorrhoids don't go away on their own with just simple dietary change.

I think I might also have a fissure. I don't know what is what. What's external, internal, or fissure. A part of me thinks it will be fine because I can push it in and it all looks fine but other times it looks like there are multiple ones. Which is strange because only two weeks ago was there only one!

How lucky would it be if I went in and all that's required is ligation? I wish.

Anyway, this is long and annoying. I'm sorry. I cried for the longest time today. I'm so terrified, I can't sleep, I can't do anything. f**k, please me someone?

I will continue to update as time progresses. Thank you!