This has been troubling me since I was very young. From what I understand the regular flaccid penis should feel soft and usually hang downward regardless of which way it leans. Since I can remember my penis has never done this. When flaccid it is very tight and twisted in the shaft. They is virtually no sensation and erection can only be achieved through thought while laying on my right side. I guess this gives it better circulation. Occasionally if I drink large amounts of water throughout the day it will relax but still be fairly twisted to wear I can see the urethra on the left side when looking down rather than it being on the underside and causes discomfort do to the heaviness. The size when flaccid is vastly different then when erect. Goes from barely an inch of a tight shriveled shaft to about 7 1/2 inches and a much larger circumference. I understand flaccid and erect size don't always have too much correlation but this is a huge difference to have in the same organ. Once erect it functions normally although if I sit, lay down or lean the wrong way the erection is lost immediately. I have had check ups done stating my sperm count is normal though I do have varicocles in my left teste so I don't think this is the problem. Also when erect, the base on the right side feels somewhat loose so that I can lift my erect penis on that side thought this usually causes the erection to be lost as well. The fact that I am only 18 now and have been having this problem since my preteen years concerns me. It is very difficult to maintain any type of sexual relationship do to this problem and when I bring it to a doctors attention they all give me the "hm never seen that before" type of response and send me on my way. So I am hoping I can get some kind of answer as to if this is a common problem or not and if there is some way to fix it.