vaginal itching, burning, swelling and skin peel

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vcard 6/12/06 4:19 PM

HELP!!!!!! i has sex with a guy on the 24 of may. then on the 30th of may i masturbated. the following morning, i noticed that my clitoris and surrounding 'lips' were very irritated. it was almost unbearable itching, and burning. the smell of my vaginal area changed for one day. the following days were the worst. i stopped scratching and used baby oil with aloe and Vitamin E to help soothe the itching. it helped a little. then i soaked in a salty bath solution to ease the buring and itchin also. after that, my clitoris stopped itching, but my lips still are irritated. i kno the boy couldnt have given me anything, b/c he was a virgin ( i kno this for sure). but i dunno wat this could be. then i noticed a little skin peeling around the vaginal area, just below the lips and on the sides. last night, i couldnt bear the itching sensation while in the shower. i had to scratch and when i did, my lips began to swell and you could see my pores swelling also. i am going to stop puttin baby oil down there (to see if this worsens or gets better) but i dont kno what it is. can anyone help me? PLEASE!!!!
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Guest 6/23/06 10:53 PM

You need to see a doctor quick. You are merely making matters worse.

Guest 7/1/06 8:31 AM

There is noooo way to know if a guy is a virgin. Sometimes even if a guy loves you from the bottom of his heart he will say anything. Something had to have happened. Thats doesnt factor out that he could have caught something from oral sex. I don't care what a man says always use a condom. Love your self first, don't put any man in charge of your life.

Guest 7/6/06 11:54 AM

sounds to me that although he might have been a virgin, it sounds like he was extremely dirty down there and he gave you some kind of infection from his filth. go see a doctor, that is the only way to get rid of it.
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muffinsploz 11/6/06 6:46 PM

these are all simply symptoms of vaginitis or another kind of infection. It is best to see a doctor so it doesn't evolve into something worse. It is curable by medication, and not something to be too alarmed about. It is more common that you may realize.

it doesn't mean that you have an STD or that someone was filthy.
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yourmom 1/10/07 2:57 PM

sounds like u have a vaginal yeast infection see a gynocologist as soon as possible he/she will prescribe medication for it that will clear it up

Guest 1/18/07 3:06 AM

I also have had the same issue.
However, I have not had sex recently.

I found using Aqurius Cream and just keeping that area clean helped alot.

Guest 4/2/07 3:00 PM

This sounds like a yeast infection or vaginal thrush.
I have this same problem and havent had sex in 6 months...soo.

What helps me is to first put on some antibacterial cream, if I don't have any I make a garlic tampon. Peel the garlic, put tiny little cuts in it and wrap it in cheese cloth/gauze tie it with a piece of string. Put it in your vagina like a regular tampon - with the string outside.

If I catch it on time I do this once, leave it in about 6 hours. This kills most good and bad bacteria. Then I make a plain yogurt tampon. Soke a tampon in plain yogurt and then insert. Also spread some plain yogurt around vagina entrance. Yogurt has live active bacteria - the good kind.

Good luck :$ - I hate this soo much and because I live in a very humid and hot place I get them a lot.
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~Danni~ 8/22/08 3:11 AM

I have irritation and itching and am a little nervous to say i have found that the yogurt tampon and garlic tampon have worked quite well other then the fact that the garlic tampon burned a little...i just had sex for the first time with a guy thats not sooo...ummm....trustworthy...hes kinda a guy that gets around and im a little scared that it could be something else but it doesnt really seem like ill keep trying garlic, yogurt and just drinking plain has halped so far... ! ? :$

Guest 9/9/08 5:57 PM

Well iv been in a realtionship for 6 years and suffered from cystises! spelt wrong, but anywho lately we haad sex and i started having a burningproblem and couldnt pee, I then started to bleed so had to phone the doctor when they give me ciprofloxacin, it helped alot but the next day my boyfriend says he was now suffering!

I was itching and he was itching, i also looked an recently seen my skin was peeling between the lips and i was like wtf is this!

what could i possibley have? And now its bugging me i see a spot near the hmmmm (not even say it) :-(

My boyfriend thinks i have gonnehea, but how could i he hasnt slept with anyone neither have i! :O i have just put this to curious of bateria problems!

Hopefully someone might have an idea, i really dont wanna go to the doctors

Guest 11/18/08 10:52 AM

i read all these reply's and it seems as if condoms are not even in the equation. do you want your genitals to fall off? use a condom, dont do oral unless you have an establish monogamous relationship AND you have both TESTED NEGATIVE on STD exams after 3 months of being exclusively together. Doesnt sound sexy? do falling swelling, bubbling genitals sound sexy to you? Okay... how about an unwanted pregnancy or plain HIV. Just checking.

Guest 1/3/09 10:51 PM

This is very common in many women if not everyone, they just don't want to admit it. It is completely normal. It is caused when the vagina is not moist enough for the penis to go in smoothly, in this case causes the skin to tear and stretch which causes the broken skin. The itching is most likely caused from the discharge irritating the freshly broken skin around vagina. This is eventually heal itself, but it the matters become too unbearable, you can clean the area very well with the right type of soap that doesn't cause irritation (take an oatmeal bath), then get a tiny bit of neosporin on the tip of your finger and rub on the itching and burning places. Be careful to not get this inside the vagina or anywhere near the urethra, if this does happen, wash away immediately. If the neosporin comes in contact with either of these places it can cause the itching and burning to spread up the urethral tube and cause a bladder infection, which is 10 times as worse as the burning and itching you may be feeling at this moment...


Guest 4/15/09 11:51 AM

try this, this is what i was told to do by my dr when i was out of the country and got this. sit in a shallow basin or tub and fill with just enough warm water to cover your self. add in 1 cup salt to the tub (less for the basin). insert 2 fingers or bear down to allow some water in then remove your fingers/relax and sit there for 10-15 min. do this twice a day. don't use your towel to dry yourself there, use toilet paper. the itching will stop immediately! do this for 3 days or so and use a vinegar and water douche once.

Guest 4/23/09 4:41 PM

Okk so im 14 and i had sex with this 17 yr old a while ago and like a week after we had sex my genital area got all irritated and was peeling. im to embarrassed to tell my mom and i dont want to go to the doctor. is there anything i can do at home or an over the counter cream i can use. and if so what stores to find them at. ? ! :$

Thanks a bunch;
Samma %-)

Guest 7/20/09 6:03 AM

I had that prob whe I first had sex with my bf. But mine was because he used a condom. Turns out I had a latex alergie so idk if this helps anyone?
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