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Breaking up with alcoholic boyfriend... abusive...needing support

Answered by a doctor

Sounds so horrendous... so easy to do..breaking up with someone who is an alcoholic..but truth is, when you meet someone, fall madly in love and then realize, months later that they are an alcoholic and that their abusive ways (verbal and emotional) that erupt over time are part of the package. My...

by User avatar smartcenter136880

am i an alcoholic? I crave alcohol and can't control how much I drink

I started drinking a year ago at 18, at first i only drank 2-4 to get drunk and i never blacked out. Now i need at least 6-8 to feel a buzz, i crave alcohol, try to include alcohol in normal activities, i cant control how much i drink (example: i was only supposed to drink 2 and ended up drinking 10...

by User avatar Hankob364716

I black out almost everytime I drink. I am not an alcoholic.

I am a female and I'm 19 years old. I'm 5'2" and about 145 lbs. For some reason I just decided to look into this. To start off, I'm not the normal college kid that goes out and drinks every night or crazy parties on weekends. I run a kitchen in Minneapolis and graduated from culinary school, so I...

by User avatar Guest

i always fear ive done something wrong after drinking

Answered by a doctor

Every time I drink alcohol I always wake up and fear that I have done and said something horrible. My friends all say that I am quite and a good drunk and always asure me that i did nothing wrong. Even when I dont do anything wrong I convince myself that I did. I make up things in my head and then I...

by User avatar hairstylist1987270102

I've started throwing up every morning after drinking and black out almost every time I drink

I'm 19 years old in college and never drank in high school. I started drinking about a year ago during the beginning of my freshman year, but only started to drink more heavily about 6 months ago. At first I got the normal hangovers, but then when I increased consumption and started drinking every...

by User avatar katrina

Pancreatitis and Alcohol Addiction

Hi there, I am a male who is 46 years old and I am an alcoholic. I have many problems with pancreatitis. What should I do? I don't want to quit drinking. Tell me that I don't have to. Does anyone have similar problems? If there is, could you tell me what to do? Thank you all in advance.

by User avatar lauritz25835

Night after the hangover day weird symptoms - disorientation, confusion, delirium

Answered by a doctor

Hello everyone, I'm 29 yo male, heavy drinker when it's party time (every weekend or every two weekends) but don't drink at all during the week, since I was around 17 yo. I've experienced all sorts of hangovers, some stronger than others, but recently I felt something that never happened before and...

by User avatar Guest

anxiety after drinking alcohol

Answered by a doctor

Hi, First of all I am NOT an alcholic.This is somthing diffrent.I have always had it ,.When i was younger and my friends had normal hangovers ,I had terror ,fear horror ,problems were exagerated im my mind.Iwould worry needlessly over little things but they would be huge to me(only for 3 -4 days...

by User avatar Guest

Abdominal Pain After Drinking Alcohol

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I feel abdominal pain every time after drinking alcohol. I usually drink beer. I also feel an urge to urinate and it hurts when I do. What is wrong with me? Should I quit drinking beer.

by User avatar Guest

I can’t seem to tolerate even a sip of alcohol anymore without an awful feeling in my head

if anyone out there has suffered this please please let me know. I’m 55 now and up until I was 50ish I used to enjoy a couple of drinks in the evening, never beer, always a mixed drink. Now when I have my 1st sip of a drink my head feels full, foggy and it seems to also affect my...

by User avatar Guest