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Is it normal to experience tingling sensations in hands and arms the next day after drinking?

Answered by a doctor

I went out last night and drank some alcohol. I didn't get drunk but had about 350ml of wkd, some vodka with coke and a little frosty jacks. I felt completely fine until the next day because I have been experiencing tingling sensations in my hands and arms along with a numbness in my legs. I have...

by User avatar boe737353641

blackout after drinking for multiple days

(skip to paragraph 2 to skip introduction). so basically im a 21 year old male and i have been gradually increasing my drinking the last few months (about 5). it has now gotten to the point where i get back from my weekly 3 day job (fishing, and im sober for the most part). and then ill go home,...

by User avatar takenhomebystrangers

Long term effects of alcohol without a spleen?

What are the long term effects of drinking a lot of alcohol without a spleen for 11 years?

by User avatar Guest

I've been drinking a lot lately, but I'm not depressed, it just feels so good

I've been drinking a lot lately not depressed just feels good while doing it, more relaxed stress free, not an emotional problem.... does anyone here do do it too

by User avatar Sonic358536

Showing positive for alcohol on the UA from pain management, when I haven't drank.

How does my UA from pain management, come back positive for alcohol when I haven't drank? I do use homeopathic medications with grain alcohol in them. However pain management said that couldn't be it, and they discharged me. What is it then, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

by User avatar NicksMom358455

Drunk Legs? muscle spasms in my legs after I drank to the point of passing out

I've been a fairly heavy drinker for years - drinking until drunk twice a week for about 20. On Thursday, I drank to the point of passing out at home. Woke up with standard issue hangover. Crazy anxiety. Heart 90-100 beats per minute. Sweats... I'm better now. Blood pressure is fine. Pulse is...

by User avatar Sleepless

i have been sober for 45 days, but a minor amount of alcohol was found in my blood?

I had a drug/alcohol test done at 38 days sober from alcohol as well as a hair sample taken - the hair sample came back negative (which I have never been a drug user), but I was informed today by my social worker that there was minor amounts of alcohol detected in my blood.  I KNOW that my last...

by User avatar Becky

Each withdrawal after relapse is worse?

Just for some context to how much I have been drinking. So I have been drinking heavily for about 4 years. First it started with drinking on weekends, Friday and Saturday evenings, about 5 drinks max and at least 5 drinks during one of the weekdays. Sometimes I would have a couple drinking days...

by User avatar Guest

Throwing up after drinking, low BAC

Hi, not sure if anyone has any advice but here goes nothing. About Me I am a 23-year-old female, 125 lbs and 5 foot 4, I am Italian and Canadian descent. I have Celiac disease, low iron, and recently found our I am low in B12. I have been taking iron supplements for a long...

by User avatar Guest

Is my nausea caused by liver damage or is it just a sign I need to quit drinking?

Answered by a doctor

Been drinking every night for about 3 years now. For the past couple months I will randomnly get nauseous after consuming just a couple drinks. Face isn't flushed and it usually fades away after about 2-3 hours regardless if I continue drinking that night or stop. I haven't thrown up from the...

by User avatar ZachB123